Must See: TEPCO Releases Video From Unmanned Helicopter Drones Above Fukushima As Robots Are Finally Used In Restoration Effort

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On Friday, April 15, TEPCO released what is the most conclusive video of the devastation at Fukushima. After watching these three clips we fail to see how even the most optimistic of individuals see the situation as resolving with anything but entombment, which however judging by the urgency in Japan's actions will be the first even on the 2015. In other Fukushima news, we learn that after declining for a few days, the seawater around the reactor has once again seen a surge in radioactivity (Kyodo), that fuel rods have melted through not one, not two, but all three active reactors at Fukushima, but not to panic: all is well as long as these are cooled down, by the same water that will eventually seep into the ocean of into the groundwater considering the cooling system is destroyed beyond repair (Japan Times), that TEPCO itself, following weeks of denials, will not only be nationalized but most likely bankrupted eventually as a push to complete the liberalization of Japan's power industry (Asahi), but this won't happen before TEPCO drags down the Nikkei: Reuters reports that as part of funding its reconstruction efforts, the virtually insolvent utility will be forced to liquidate up to its entire stake ($2.2 billion) in telecom giant KDDI, potentially setting off a selling waterfall across various asset classes. Elsewhere, now that Japan will have no choice but to contend with rolling blackouts indefinitely, the country's energy needs will be increasingly reliant on Russia's goodwill, which now is the white knight "energetic" protector of not only Europe, but Japan (Yomiuri). Lastly, also from Yomiuri is this brief summary of just how majorly impacted Q2 GDP will be (read inventory liquidations following supply chain disruptions) following the Japan earthquake.

And exactly a month after we asked why on earth is Fukushima not "crawling with iRobots armed with cameras", the powers that be finally enacted this most glaringly obvious fix to prevent the gratuitous waste of human life.

Source: Martyn Williams

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Buy The Fukushima Dip!

the mad hatter's picture

horyy shiit!

and i thought that the US was in a clusterfuck.

TerraHertz's picture

So many lives gone.

Violent opening act.

Rad's eternal dirge.


Carve on those ruins

Here lies Industrial Man,

Where Fission killed Pride.


Tsunami today,

Meteor strike tomorrow.

Now do you see why?

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It's the same sh*t in both places.  I don't see anyone in Japan going to jail for massively overstating security, or endangering the nation.

Back in the day there would be dozens of noble acts of seppuku.  

Today?  Well, we had at least one CEO cry... and the media offered up some soft platitudes to make him feel better.   Poor widdle failed CEO, dealing with all that stwess.   

Not only is management still alive.   And not only is managment not imprisoned.  And not only is management not under arrest, legal scrutiny or being subject to daily public humiliation:   They still have their jobs.   Because in Japan, firing someone is "like... a really big deal".

No one is afraid.  Like the banking collapse, Fukushima will happen again before you know it.

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What a crying shame for the Japanese.  Funny how but a few weeks ago some shills were on Jim Puplava's show at basically saying how Fukushima was, paraphrasing, "nothing to worry about" and "oh, this isn't the same as Chernobyl by a long shot".

Sushi, anyone?

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"Can we just get the electricity hooked up, we'll be right to go"?

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did they keep the receipt on that power cord???

Bubbles...bubbles everywhere's picture what's next? How are they going to stop that freaking SMOKE that is still coming out one month after the earthquake?

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TEPCO says can fix in 6-9 months. Whew! That was close.

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Meanwhile, Hitachi says it will take at least 10 years for the spent fuel rods to be cooled down enough to be put into casks and removed from the site.

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But just think of all the face they saved by not coming forward earlier and embarrassing themselves by admitting things were out of control. That has to be worth something!

dark pools of soros's picture

they can always go back and do a last quarter recalc later

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Which means the radiation spill will continue for that period, at the least.

And, as they still have problems targeting the floating point correctly, I guess it will be for 9 years.

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Concerning monitoring data from UC Berkeley Dept of Nuclear Engineering. Note especially the rising Cesium concentrations. While technically below EPA maximums, the trend is clear and releases continue:

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"Please note that though all I-131 activities have increased due to this revision, the levels are still very low -- one would have to consume at least 1,900 liters of milk to receive the same radiation dose as a cross-country airplane trip."

Isn't that an apples vs oranges comparison?

If you fly at high altitude, you get a dose of gamma rays. All done.

If you drink the milk, you have radioactive particles lodged inside your body, emitting radiation until they're all out of radiation to emit?

moneymutt's picture

good point, I wonder what nuke experts have to say about that

MSimon's picture

I think the man has a point. I can't quantify it.

401DK's picture

Yes, they are called internal emitters (injested or inhaled radionuclides). The danger lies in the reverse square law. This is usually referred to as why distance makes the danger exponentially less. The reverse is unfortunately true as well (ie intracellular radiation is mighty close to your DNA). Let alone the Cs-137 has a 30 y half life (although it si reportedly purged from the body earlier than that). Levels clearly rising in each successive sample of Bay Area organic milk in the UCB data series.

401DK's picture

Sorry. Above link was for Cesium data in milk. The UCB site has other food and water radioisotope levels for those so inclined to research. Another great site to keep track of events despite minimal MSM coverage is:

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I love how the sell side came out talking about the great buying opportunities in Japan following this earthquake. Now you are stuck with a radioactive pile of shit, not unlike the people who bought MBS. Irony!

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wow ! ...... love this posting !   thank you, Tyler, for the great embedded YOUTUBE clips .

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But Karl tells us it's all under control, we're in the denouement of cleanup now. Who are we to question one of the world's great authorities on practically any subject matter?

Nobody special's picture

The day Karl was deserving of attention has long past.  He's a shill.


Karl was one of the first to say the BP disaster was overplayed, yet here we are nearly a year later with the site closed to scientists, research being 'influenced', and medical outcomes being suppressed.  A quick YouTube search about the plight of those near the gulf is heartbreaking.  This thing didn't end because media got a new story.  Just wait until hurricane season this year.  It'll be back in full force.

Karl claims Fukushima is over, while TEPCO states the release of radiation could exceed the amount released in Chernobyl (a bold reality, when you consider their current claim that they've only reached 10% now).  If we're only at an admitted 10% of what TEPCO says could still happen, how can this be the 'cleanup stage?'  That's preposterous.


I'm embarrassed to have ever given Karl any amount of my attention.  He becomes the 'instant expert' when MSM needs an alternate outlet.  He spouts enough to secure the downward trajectory (which drives the One World Government goals) and downplays that which would challenge conspiracy plans.  Either he's been bought, or he's always been a shill.

Banjo's picture

Nobody special: I agree and have a unique disdain for Denninger. One of my main gripes is his Soviet style censorship of subject area he personally does not approve of. E.g. Gold and precious metals investing as an example.

Im certain to him the conversation feels great but it's just ends up being a convention of the like minded.

cxl9's picture

And what's up with him using the blog as a vehicle for his crusade against the local public school board? The guy's a jerk-off. Just pull your kid out and put her in private school and quit wasting everyone else's time!

hannah's picture

i dont know if he is an shill or has ADD but he thinks our gov is a crock yet quotes tepco's temp numbers as gospel ...? if you challenge him, he just bans you but all you need to do is start a new i.d. (and he is an IT expert?).

karl trys to be 'alternative' enough to get on tv as the 'normal' blogger....15 minutes of fame and all.

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morgan stanley defaults on tokyo real estate loan and hits the bricks..its called radioactive jingle mail..... ......

hey douchinger , since you think everything is ok in japan, why not go there and prove it to us.......por favor?????

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Reuters routes to every goddamn thing on the planet. I won't even temporarily allow that story.

bob_dabolina's picture

When the bankers are gone, it's time to move on

redpill's picture

The date stamp on that one video is 3-18.  Is the lag time on Tepco information releases now up to almost a month?

Lord Welligton's picture

"On Friday, April 15, TEPCO released what is the most conclusive video of the devastation at Fukushima."


So who took the decision to withhold the video?

Surely not just TEPCO.


StychoKiller's picture

Perhaps it took longer than expected to edit out all the frames with bright blue flashes in them...

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japanese will move the capital soon because of earthquake worries. oh really. i don't suppose any radioactivity has anything to do with this move does it?

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Two other big picture notes, easy to search out the links:  Kan's government is increasingly likely to fall because of this, and the Germans have re-adopted their old total nuclear phaseout policy again.  For now.

Watch the fate of Fukushima City and how the air deposition around Tokyo grows for the broader immediate impact.  Water into the ocean is the stopgap.  It should take up most of the cesium and strontium; we'll see.

This black swan has ripples....

High Plains Drifter's picture

yes the germans have said it is finished.  a while ago a large crowd gathered in the black forest in the middle of the night. it was cold and raining. they stood on rail road tracks. a train came. it slowed down and stopped. its cargo was radioactive waste. the people refused to budge. they sent in the police. they police could not make them move. the train shipment was halted and it was sent back. a small victory for humanity perhaps. how nice it must be to be a people all pulling and acting as one with a purpose.

A Man without Qualities's picture

As I understand it, the shipment eventually got through, via a different route, but I can tell you, the protests scared the hell out of the government.  The anti-nuclear group literally wore out the 17,000 police sent to bring them to order, partly because they did not violently resist, but rather sat, moved, sat again, chained themselves, kept the police chasing after them for days.  The police eventually pulled back when they could not bring in any more to help.  I suspect part of the problem was the popularity of the greens means this is not some lunatic fringe and that they couldn't start bashing in hippies or this would undermine the spirit of modern Germany.,,6198103,00.html

There's a lot of discussion in Germany as to why people are so willing to challenge authority and to protest about things, even if in far off lands, when the compliant Japanese just do what they are told.  Some people dismiss is as German "angst", but I see it as a mark of a modern civilized nation.

RichardP's picture

Material was from France, to be stored in northern Germany.  So says the link given in the post above.

cossack55's picture

I understand the ocean can "take up" the bad stuff. However, where will the ocean "deposit it" that has me worried. Hopefully, 50/50 GS and JPM.

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Sure, sure, just dump it in the ocean. Per the mouthpiece of sauron: Radioactivity up in seawater near Japan nuke plant Read more:

the government said Saturday that radioactivity in the seawater has risen again in recent days. The level of radioactive iodine-131 spiked to 6,500 times the legal limit, according to samples taken Friday, up from 1,100 times the limit in samples taken the day before. Levels of cesium-134 and cesium-137 rose nearly fourfold.


High Plains Drifter's picture

when these explosions took place, i don't suppose any bits and pieces of spent fuel rods were thrown all over hell's half acre , were they?

kaiserhoff's picture

Suspicious minds.

Call A&Q Fire and Water restoration specialists.  We're rednecks.  We're crackers.  Hell, we can fix anything.  Ever clean up after a fuckin' lama?  We did.  It was awesome!


redpill's picture

Come to think of it, I don't think they ever released the video of the reactor 4 building blowing up, did they?

davepowers's picture


and various bits and pieces of main stream media in the US kept repeating the 'fire damaged two side panels' on #4 story for weeks, long after actual photos of the true damage came out.