Mutiny On The Acropolis: Greek Protesters Seize Finance Ministry

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Someone keep an eye on Waddell and Reed at all times. Repeat: all times. Because once they, and the market, and the Troica realize that the passage of Bailout 2 will lead to a revolution, it will get very, very interesting.

From Press TV:

Protesters belonging to the left-wing
The All-Workers Militant Front (PAME) union unfolded a giant banner from
the roof of the finance ministry building on the central Syntagma
square, calling for a nationwide strike against the new austerity
measures that the government agreed to take in return for the new
bailout package.

"From dawn today forces of PAME have symbolically occupied the
finance ministry, calling on workers to rise, organize their struggle
and prevent the government's barbarous and anti-popular measures from
passing," the front said, AFP reported.

Angry citizens in the country have now, for a tenth consecutive day,
held anti-government demonstrations against the austerity measures.

Protesters have set up a camp in the central square of the capital,
in a move modeled after the Spanish M-15 movement and the uprisings in
the Middle East and North Africa.

The new bailout plan will mean harsher austerity measures, as it is
aimed at reducing the 2011 budget deficit by EUR 6.5 billion. PAME said
the new plan would “turn workers into slaves.”

The plan, however, is set to be approved by EU finance ministers on
June 20. Additionally, the government will also commence its EUR 50
billion privatization program.

Greece received a EUR 110 billion EU-IMF bailout loan last year, as
it faced a massive debt crisis, but did not manage to resolve its
financial problems.

Since last year, Greece has witnessed massive anti-government
protests which turned violent at times and left scores of protesters and
security forces dead or injured.

A poll conducted recently found that the
majority of Greeks no longer have confidence their government can pull
the country out of its national debt.

h/t Econometrist