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If one central bank ramps up the wannabe Zimbabwe stock market to infinity and absolutely nobody is there to hear the sonic boom, did the central bank really pull a Gideon Gono?





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Is something unusual about this?

Edit: Nevermind.  Christ I need a nap.

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Not unusual but I think he is just making the joke if the stock market ramps up with no particpants (low volume) does anyone even care?

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Therefore if there is increased volume the market will crash.

The opposite has proven to be true.

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Correct.  It has been true for months.  The only high volume episodes occur when people are selling.  In fact, you see it every morning.  The Street sells in the first hour...and the terminators take over from there...overwhelming with speed what they cannot overcome in volume.

It is a chart of just how broken the market is.  It is a chart of the NYSEs [lack of] credibility.  It is a chart that reveals how deeply corrupt the Wall Street syndicate is as they tell YOU daily to buy the market...because they need you to step up and buy their shares of Apple.

It is a chart of the new American Banker/Marxist party's handiwork.

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I wish we could come up with a phrase that actually fits the plutoligarchial description. the ABA is a bit more like Mussolini or Morgan than poor Karl. Corpses are only willing to participate in fascism because it would be the only example that guarantees their profits and destruction of the labor force they require.

I can't think of anything repulsive enough.

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The snapback lives on.

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In the meantime, containment at reactor #2 has been lost, and dumb-ass, criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers are all LONG ALREADY...which is what else the chart shows.  And they don't have shit for incoming cash from Average Joe...because they already fleeced him.

So as the nightmare of radiation clouds further paralyzing supply chains in Japan becomes realized, there will be no one to buy all the bullshit equity positions that have been taken on by what we now call the ultra dumb money, the hockey helmet wearing crowd, the supposed Harvard geniuses that have been cashing checks that the world economy clearly cannot cover...Wall Street.



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What will happen when C does its 1 for 10 split and the robots don't have their favorite squeeze toy to play with any more?

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well lessee, if they have all the money in the world, and can buy any number of stocks available, seems to me they can rig the game fvkin

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Great assessment Cdad - however, please be careful or Jim Cramer is gonna kick you A$$ for the NYSE's lack of credibility issue - that is the first rule of Cramerica, Never talk about NYSE credibility...isn't it time for the ligtening round?

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Teflon slick bad news wont stick

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True. Plus, the Gideon Gono reference was classic.

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Does anybody know what that chart is about?


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The top one is NYSE volume. The bottom is self explanatory.

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Ben traded Hal 2 shares market up 80 points

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I don't know what any of these charts are about. Little squiggly lines going up and down all over the place, and abbreviations at the top. About the only ones I understand are Mr. Karl Denningers at Market Ticker and even he has these blue ones with the stuff all over it. Jesse's Cafe Americain has some really pretty ones, with little curvy stuff, but I don't understand those either. I am an INTP, but I am better at poetry. Although I have read a Economy Book, Econned by Yves Smith.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

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Don't worry, be happy. Everything is under control.

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Its hard to be happy because I understand the big numbers and stuff like solvency versus liquidity. I can even figure out taxes and things and accounting. But I just swear some of these charts are like Greek or something, plus they are usually too small to read. Plus, the numbers on the side are usually not the same unit from chart to chart, so how steep something is is kinda up to the charter. 

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

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Just think of it as shiny, wiggly decorative hieroglyphics objectifying obfuscatory lack of knowledge and unjustifiable inglorious compensation.  Think of it as part of the codex, theology and deism of modern nonsensical financial sophistry.  Of another form of taxation levied upon serfdom by the modern theologians, lawgivers and lawgivers financial enablers.  Neither criticize nor attempt comprehension, for therein results in the king's men's suppression of the meek.  Think of the CNBS's as the King's silicone enhanced criers, shouting the King's news to the helpless oppressed masses of the New Babylon.  The peasantry of the New Versailles need not understand the language of the Gods, for they cannot comprehend such excesses, best worship-fully and jealously aspired from afar.  Do not lay down with them, for they are pigs who shall trample you underfoot, those that reside within the drained swap amongst the hallowed structures surrounding the tall flag bejeweled obelisk.  Pablum before principles wrapped in veils of altruism.  
Fear not.
War is Peace,
Ignorance is Knowledge,
Freedom is Slavery.

Arbecht macht frei

Don't leave before the miracle occurs.

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Hmmmm, Hieroglyphics are like the stuff in The Coming Forth by Day of Osiris Jones, which just NOBODY my age has ever heard of. Plus, even old people in their 40s and 50's and 60's haven't ever heard of it. I must have a old soul, or it's that my father has the book and showed me it.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

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Introversion. Intuitiveness, Thinking and perception. If I were in your shoes I'd protect every one you got, not make more, and don't use shiny metal or CNBC to do it.


For those less evolved. Ransack old farm homes under the guise of copper. but hoping to find an old marketing sign. Yucky stuff this Keysianess. And if John Chambers (cisco) thinks he is better at solid state electronics than I am, he can come and get me with his "expatriated" tax dollars. There are only 60 minutes in a severt/watt.

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i dont know either but it sure makes me horny!

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Do you like drinking water?

Do you admire The Japanese People?

If so, then we have some excellent Japanese bottled water that you will want to buy! Yes, straight from the purest source in Japan, the mythical Fukushima Daiichi Luminous Spring! This water is so pure, so untouched, that it is bottled by men wearing special suits to prevent any of it touching their skin! You can't get purer than that!

So Pure, this water doubles as a lighting source! Packaged in an environmentally undegradeable bottle of leaded glass, five of these placed around the room will provide light for the next 24,000 years!

So Pure, any food placed in its vicinity will stay fresh for an estimated 40.333 years.

Brought to you by TEPCO (waste disposal division). Please specify preferred colour - Cesium Blue or Iodine Yellow

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If Bernanke can make the volume hit 0 shares traded we could have some serious momentum behind this rally.

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Did you say Gideon Gono?  Bernanke's model central banker?  What could go wrong?!!?!

I do love how Gono is feeling completely justified in his money printing scheme now that the countries wagging their fingers at him are joining in on the fun.

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For those like me who did not know...

Gideon Gono (born November 29, 1959) is the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and former CEO of the Jewel Bank, formerly known as the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe.[1][2] Rapid expansion of the money supply on his watch has been blamed for contributing to Zimbabwe's hyperinflation.[3]
For his part in the hyperinflation, Gono was awarded an Ig Nobel parody prize in 2009 for "giving people a simple, everyday way to cope with a wide range of numbers by having his bank print notes with denominations ranging from one cent to one hundred trillion dollars".[4]

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I bought me some of those $100 Trillion notes on Ebay for souvenirs for $3 a piece. I might start sending one every day to Bernanke just as a reminder..

Kat's picture

Please don't.  He'll take is encouragement.  It's already his goal.

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"Mr. Bernanke, there is a package for you."


"Oh good, Timmah sent over samples of the new notes.. hey wait.. these say Zimbabwe! fuck it."

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I think he would like nothing better than to print in larger denominations but knows if he ever does gold would skyrocket.

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Envelopes: Rising

Stamps: Rising

Service at Post Office: Shittier than ever

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I thought envelopes were still stationary and stamps were sticky. Hahahahahahaha

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I can't even do the math to figure your exchange rate on that deal.

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I bought two for $2.00 a piece. See my investment is already paying off!

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I know right, everytime I try to do the math on a calculator, I keep getting a whole pile of ZERO's running across the screen with a BernankEE on the bitch.  LOL

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Gideon Gono (born November 29, 1959) is the current Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe...

I knew who he was. But I had no idea he was still on the job. Amazing.

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watcha mean?  The Zimbabweans are the leaders in the money printing game.  Zimbabwe is winning!!!  The Zimbabweans have more money than ever.  WOOOHOOO!!

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watcha mean?  The Zimbabweans are the leaders in the money printing game.  Zimbabwe is winning!!!  The Zimbabweans have more money than ever.  WOOOHOOO!!

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Love to watch the random spikes taking the ES up 2 points in 10 seconds throughout the day.

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Great another up day-- wow I feel so much better about the greater problems that society face.

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Dropped 75% in less than 12 months! yuppee Hope springs eternal.

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Next thing you know he will be taking away property and giving it to the banks .

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Hah, a Zen koan. Deep. Surprised me positively ;)

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Brings new meaning to "Christmas in July..."

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If the Dow did this; what would the dollar be worth?

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In other news, selling stocks and bonds has been made ILLEGAL.

Just give it a few weeks.