Nassim Taleb: "The Fed's Business Is Price Instability"

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What will you have wished you had done before you die?

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If we are talking women? I guess I would have to say 'filled  more input gaps'

Economy? Bought more gold at $325.00



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Behead a central banker with an axe.

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you may get your chance shortly...

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Off with their heads! They're not using them, anyway.

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Aren't you supposed to use a leaded shaft or wooden stake to the heart?

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I would like to see a 10% flash crash without recovery in the face of Benron Bermonkey and the F'n POMO coattail pseudo bulls.  Wishful thinking, I know.

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sorry to take the first spot for someting unrelated but does anyone have any answer to why Mish's Blog site is removed?

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ok, quick sideline to Mish...

Investor for 17 years, runs his on fund for 12 years, blogs for 3 years, disappears without warning... my suspicion... HACKED

All your bloggers are belong to us, make your time...


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That seems to be the most likely explanation! Amazing!

But do you think they hacked him, then deleted his blog? Is that what you think is likely to have occurred? If so, then he will probably be back within a few days?

He must be pissed as hell!

...or is all this even more sinister? I don't know!

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Hackers would have had to hack Google itself. Good luck with that theory. His site is back up in any event.

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He had some harsh words for Google and their double dutch irish tax evasion sandwiches.  Not a good idea when you are using the Google Blogger platform for your blog.

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I was thinking the same things when I saw his site down.

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my guess is he's a bit busy and forgotten to pay for something:-)


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his blog just came back online about 5 minutes ago

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I'm sure that if his site comes back up Mish will find a way to blame it on the public unions.

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AAPL flash crash

did you get some at 212

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Was there really an AAPL flash crash?? I just brought up the tick chart and don't see it.

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Bought all I could at 215. Am now retiring to Tahiti. lol

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stockcharts show it.  My broker showed it to $212.52.  But in thlae st 5 minutes, it looks like it was edited and the quote no longer shows it.  COVER UP!!!

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Goog Finance is showing 212 in the range. Heh. Someone's got some 'splain'n to do.

At times like this I like to post a link to my "flash crash" story. It's fictional but I want you to think about Fortran (the one with boobs) swinging the market 20% on either side of the average to make a buck, nuking the HFT algos, branching and then setting fire to the GS co-lo, and the Exchange keeping the whole thing under their hat. No flash crash here folks. Oh hum just another day.

Fun times. Fun times.

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Fortran is quite the babe, even with the blue skin.

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paging Mr. Sack

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Harry whats up with SSO ?

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I'm long at 43.62. It'll be fine. If not, I'll take a my loss. I trade with very tight stops on these leveraged ETFs. Should turn this afternoon.

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Just bust'n, thanks for heads up though a good etf for pomo days ....

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Obviously brilliant but needs a speech coach!

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I am thrilled you changed your avatar.

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The one with Bawney Fwank weirds me out. Sharp fellow, that poster, but his/her avatar is creepy....

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Would you mind if I "borrowed" your old avatar for a bit?

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Tell your tits to stop staring at me.

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Just like a ketchup bottle that you pour and nothing comes out. And then you make a statement like Bernanke saying you have evidence that this is working, that there is no risks, and then suddenly, just like an out of money option, the whole ketchup coats your French fries, everything, the whole table, your face, everything.”

I like this guy!  Way to go, fat tails!

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Please some  flair nature boy.........Wooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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Please provide advance notice of such graphic posts, I just lost my lunch.'s picture

s i m p l y  gross, william

get that ape a wax job.

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Just a thought. Is Taleb by any chance Bernanke's Evil twin brother, parted at birth. I mean, the resemblance is striking.


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I noticed that as well ;-)

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There must be a story here!

Jewish mother - Arab father kinda Nemesis for life.

Look at their background, it's uncanny

The suspense is a killer, the plot ultimately leading to the conflict of all conflicts.




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"Jewish mother - Arab father"

Source please?

From Wiki:


"His political Greek Orthodox Levantine family saw its prominence and wealth reduced by the Lebanese Civil War which began in 1975.


On his mother's side, his grandfather Fouad Nicolas Ghosn and his great-grandfather Nicolas Ghosn were both deputy prime ministers of Lebanon. His paternal grandfather was a supreme court judge;"

Doesn't sound too jewish or arab to me ... more like pure Lebanese Christian.

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Vaguely right, but I'm sure Taleb would prefer "phoenician".  His roots and understanding of the culture go back to the misty dawn of civilization.

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I always thought that about Krugman and BB..