Neil Barofsky Repeat Testimony

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If you missed Fed, Wall Street and CNBC public enemy #1 yesterday, here is your chance to see him live again. Neil Barofksy, the scourge of all crony bankers (crony is redundant in the last phrase) and "honest answer-conflicted" Fractional Reserve Banking system executives, will be testifying at 2:00 PM before the House Committee on Fin Services. The hearing will consist of two panels, with Herb Allison dominating the first one, and sure to provide extensive entertainment as per usual.

Panel One

  • Mr. Herbert M. Allison, Jr., Assistant Secretary for Financial Stability, U.S. Department of the Treasury

Panel Two

  • Mr. Neil Barofsky, Special Inspector General for the Troubled Asset Relief Program
  • Professor Elizabeth Warren, Chair, Congressional Oversight Panel
  • Mr. Thomas J. McCool, Director of the Center for Economics, Government Accountability Office

The live webcast can be accessed here. Hopefully Congress has learned to keep any 19 year old interns who like discussing their SMS texting skills and personal lives away from the microphones during break interruptions.

And here are Neil's prepared remarks.


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Charlie ASS Bagarino rips Zero Hedge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That midget can only hide behind a screen surrounded by his groupie big boobed girlies on CNBC. Oh how secure he must feel.

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Could have sworn that Michelle Caruso-Cabrera and Charlie "Gasbag" Gasparino just mentioned your name a few minutes ago.

I wasn't paying close enough attention, you might check into it.

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Gasbag just called you out, watching CNBC, powerlunch. Called you a moronic blogger..etc. ect. Michelle participated.

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Ohio Democratic Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants to know: “If [the Troubled Asset Relief Program] isn’t about keeping people in their homes or providing credit to businesses, what is it for?”

This guy can't be that damn stupid.

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Instead of "Gasbag". His moniker should be "Gaspass". Think about it.

Or "His name is Robert Paulson."

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 TD, the video of Barofsky on CNBC yesterday was amazing. They questioned why he was disclosing his full estimate of TARPesque costs to Congress. This was the last straw for me and CNBC... Carl Quintanilla should have been fired for those questions. 

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Love the carbon bullet proof vest image. Hehehe. But seriously, what's in it for Barofsky? Why is he going commando? Controlled "self-damage" directed by the banker elite? Better to have one of your own shoot the arrows? 

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Did CG call TD a digital dickweed or is that term reserved for DK only. Funny how 5 little bloggers with .00001 the audience of CNBS can get under the skin of the big boys. Sounds like a serius case of penis envy to me. 

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“As the recession’s gotten worse in the last six months or so, we’re seeing increased vacancy, declining rents, falling prices -- and so, more pressure on commercial real estate,” Bernanke said yesterday."

As the recession's "gotten worse" in the last six months...

Bernanke said it!!!

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The complete and utter nonsense out of this clown Herb is some of the biggest nonsense spam I've ever heard.  


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Herb is a smooth and faster on his feet than tiny tim--perfect front man.

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Niel looks like hell---wonder what hell he has been enduring.

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they don't want transparency because htye don't want it to get out that our tax dollar is being used to prop the stock markets.

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Found a great video on banking corruption.. first part is interesting.. the it goes on to create an ideal world.. w/o a monetary system!  It's called the Venus Project".. anyone care to comment?

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Great catch on that site - the 2nd video is required viewing for all I would say.  Although I would argue that their solution is much weaker than the Creature From Jekyll Island's.


Tyler, could you make that 13 year-old video a MUST WATCH for the weekend?


In the meantime, that homepage:


(I think we need to invest in Tin, with the gaining popularity of this site and subsequent rise in commentators pronouncing the Shadow Private Banking Cabal).