Netanyahu Spokesman Says War May Break Out Between Israel And Gaza As Early As Tonight

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Just to make the clusterflock complete the following news from BBC Newsfile crosses the tape: "The Ma'an News Agency website in Arabic at 1631 gmt on 7 April posts the following "urgent" caption: "[Ofir] Gendelman [spokesman for the office of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu] Tells Ma'an: I do not rule out the possibility that Israel will wage war on Gaza tonight." Or, more metaphorically, the proverbial flame in a fireworks store. Surely this last straw will send the S&P limit [up|down] until someone has the brilliant idea that Bernanke can print his way out of that one as well.

More as we see it.

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These people don't trade oil futures, right?



The They's picture

no... but maybe they trade concentration camp futures

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They like to bomb their Gaza Concentration Camp...past, present, and no doubt future.

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Just like if Cuba bombed Florida, we would be thugs by bombing Cuba, right?

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NATO/UN/Rothschild/Vatican have been funding, arming, training and creating Hamas, Hezbolla, PLO, and the rest of the anti-Israel organizations.

It is in their best interest to reap the benefits of the British partition made in the ME: all out war.

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Do not forget Iran.

They funded them in Iraq, and in Trashcanistan, and most assuredly Gaza.

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Anyone who is a zionist, supports zionism, supports Israel, thinks Israel has a right to exist, or even has sympathy for Israel, is too stupid to be alive and must die immediately, for the good of the rest of us.

May I suggest cyanide pills?  Or perhaps a nice slow demise, like rat poison in your Coca Cola.

I am Chumbawama, and I will be the end of you.

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Before entering Middle East threads, the Bearing recommends the below supplies to help come out alive:

-- AK or AR, with at least 4 clips loaded

-- a pistol 9 mm or bigger, with 4 clips loaded

-- body armor to taste

-- an empty stomach 

-- a willingness to be in a high junk environment

-- a warning not to mess with Chumbawamba

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If we had herded them all out of Florida and into Cuba first, then yup we'd be thugs

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TEST: Compare the difference between the Nazi wall in Warsaw during WWII and today's Gaza wall in Israel.

"We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population." -- David Ben-Gurion, May 1948, to the General Staff.

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Why was that statement made?.May 1948

Could it be they were fighting for their very survival?.

Israel owned that land, and much more, close to 4000 yrs ago.

By eliminating the "sites" that occupied that area, there were no Palestinians there then.

chumbawamba's picture

See?  You've just laid you complete stupidity for all to bear witness.  I cringe whenever I see your moniker on the screen, because I know that anything I dare to read that follows will likely send my intelligence into convulsions.  Here is one such example.

Could it be that the Arabs today, who have actually lived on that land for 4000 years and are not just claiming title, are "fighting for their very survival"?  When you're up against advanced missiles, jet fighters, attack helicopters, tanks, the world's 6th most powerful military backed by the world's top military power and the most powerful in all of recorded history, what do you call that?

An idiot like you?  You'd call that an unfair advantage and you'd opt to send more arms and money to Israel.

Gee, some distant relative of mine owned that land 4,001 years ago.  I want it for myself, mother fucker!

Go fuck yourself.  In the ass.  With a sledgehammer.  Broad side up.  No lube.  Fast.  And hard.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Your hateful rantings are precisely why some of us who don't want to be lumped in with the likes of you when we mention ZeroHedge need to speak up.  Thank you, DosZap, and the others in this thread who managed to convey that hitting a SCHOOL BUS with a rocket is not tolerable, no matter what one's opinion of the Arab-Israeli conflict is.

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But it's okay for you to disguise your hatred for Muslims by supporting the total and utter suppression and terrorizing of Palestinians.. Ohhh you are such a scholar and a gentlemen.  At least  in the eyes of those without 2 brain cells to rub together and are completely conditioned by Zionist propaganda from birth.. Some of us here read more than the NY Times.. And do not watch any MSM on TV.. Your comments appeal to ignorant fools and other racist Zionists like yourself..

oygevalt's picture

If your takeaway from my comment was that I hate Muslims and am racist, it says more about your reading comprehension than it does about what I wrote.  I said that bombing a school bus cannot be construed as tolerable behavior.  Apparently, you disagree.

chumbawamba's picture

Sure, I would agree.  I think we can also agree that land theft, imprisonment and torture of children, collective punishment, killing of unarmed civilians, and house demolitions, among other similar atrocities, are also deplorable and should be condemned.

I am going to wait here for you to condemn those regular practices of Israel.

Let's have it.

I am Chumbawamba.


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Oh really?  I seem to remember comments of yours from not long ago indicating that Israel (and by obvious extension, Jews) should go up in a mushroom cloud. 

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It's just a matter of time with the way they have shat all over the planet.  In the old days a few shylocks from the diaspora would cut their beards and venture out to town with their usury and porn.  The rest of the Jews back in the ghetto enjoyed the new wealth flowing in from their chutzpah endowed leaders/bankers.

We have the same exact thing here on a global level.  Israel is the worlds ghetto.  You don't have to be a genius to figure out what comes next. 

Global pogrom.

oygevalt's picture

Reply to prevent an edit...

Holodomor2012's picture

You know who invented the word racism.  It was the Jew, Trotsky.  It meant anti-semitic before the word anti-semitism was invented.  After inventing that word he quickly outlawed anti-semitism.

The Jewish Cheka would snatch people out of their beds if they were known 'racists'.

Jews have been clamping down on free speech for 100 years.  Do you deny this?

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Don't bother, oygevalt.  I've already tried to debate with these people and all you get back is ad hominems and straw men.  No sense in arguing with neanderthals - they think they always win by telling you to go f--k yourself.  Now that's a solid argument.

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Fuck you, Sgt. Hasbara.  If you want to put up a fucking argument I can work with then let's hear it.  Otherwise, shut your zionist shit trap and go fucking wail at a wall.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

The problem seems to be that you can't actually work with an argument; you can only work with obscenities and hate.  I'm sorry to see that you need that spelled out.

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They certainly are not good spokesmen but that does not change the fact that the Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is pretty horrible.  From the Israeli perspective they are just doing the same thing we did with the American Indians but the existence of television makes it that much harder for them to get it done with and mythologize the whole event.  The evidence is pretty clear.  But anyway I can't condone the behavior no matter who did it nor when.  Romans to barbarians, Spanish to hispaniola, Americans to indians, Germans to jews, Japanese to chinese, Jews to palestinians, and countless others.  It's all equally reprehensible.  But even given all that the vigor with which post Holocaust Jewery took to the slaughter less than 50 years after it happened to them is truly remarkable.  I guess Rabbi Hillel was just an old shmo in their opinion after all.             

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Netanyahu needs the Gaza war to show that West Bank Palestinians should not be talking to those Hamas “terrorists.”  It fits exactly with AIPAC’s new talking points to prevent peace at all costs with the Palestinians: “ Israel can’t talk peace now because the West Bank and Gaza have been talking to each other about a unified state and that means: ‘There’s no qualified party to talk peace with.’”

This, from M. L. Rosenberg this week in “Time Is Not Israel’s Partner in Crime”:

“An Israeli government that actually wants peace with the Palestinians would encourage Abbas' efforts toward Palestinian unity, without which there will never be peace. Israel need not endorse Abbas' efforts; it should simply wait and see what comes out of Fatah-Hamas talks.

“Opponents of peace (actually, opponents of Israel returning any territory) point to Hamas as the big obstacle. And it is, so long as it either engages in violence or tolerates it. But the fact is that far more Gazans die at the hands of Israel than the other way around.

“Reports from Gaza indicate that Hamas now fears that the cycle of violence will get out of control, leading to another Israeli invasion and the horrific loss of Palestinian lives (in 2008-9, the Israeli invasion led to 1,400 Palestinian dead - mostly civilians - compared to fewer than a dozen Israeli soldiers).”

So this is the path of Likud, the path of AIPAC and the path of the U.S. Congress.  If this is the path of the American people, we will have followed Netanyahu into Hell.


chumbawamba's picture

Nothing new.  This is the same tactic that's been employed since 1948, just in the 87th variation.

They claim they want peace but they complain that "there's no partner on the other side".  So the Palestinians take it on the chin and hold their fire.  An uneasy peace settles.  Time passes.  Peace talks, if they get started at all, stall.  Then Israel decides it needs to carry out an "operation", a Palestinian is killed (usually a child), the Palestinians retaliate, the Israelies then claim to "retaliate" to the retaliation, the Jew York Times publishes an article talking about the Palestinian "aggression" and the Israelie "retaliation", and then maybe around the 13th or 14th paragraph they finally mention that it was Israelie forces that invaded this or that village and killed a kid or a mother or perhaps a few cousins and provoked the violence.  If the editor is feeling generous.

Rinse, repeat, throw in accusations of "anti-semitism", violate several more UNSC resolutions, raze another Palestinian village to make way for Israeli settlers from Russia, or Ecuador, or Guatemala (lost tribes of Israel, no doubt), and then complain that "The Jews are no safe anywhere so we have to fight for our lives here, in this hornet nest that we kicked and then decided to move into."

I mean, it's comical.  It's fucking hysterically funny.  All those people dying every day is just a fucking hoot, all because people delude themselves into believing such a poorly constructed fairy tale.

If we treated cancer the way we do Israel then everyone would be required to get infected and walk around with a special nutrient that must be taken at regular intervals to feed it.  That's effectively what American taxpayers are: we are cancer hosts, merely vessels for parasites to live in and suck us dry until we die.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

Well, if you believe cancer is the result of an infection...

chumbawamba's picture

Like I said above, you fucking jackal: either put up an argument or go slinking away like the coward you are.

Your syphillitic propaganda doesn't work here.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

Um, did you not say that cancer was the result of an infection?  Speaks to general knowledge, cognitive abilities... all those things you'd want someone with whom you're trying to have a serious conversation to possess.

Protonrick's picture

Yeah, too bad the Palestinians aren't Arabs.

Too bad they were forced to speak Arabic by conquering merciless tribal hordes.


Curious how their greatest defender was a Kurd named Saladin; a guy who didn't even speak Arabic.


Too bad they are being played as pawns by power brokers across the region who feel the need to keep their heels on their own people's necks.  

How are they pawns?  Kept in squalor while their leaders live in luxury.  Trained to be suicide bombers while their leaders live in luxury.   Blaming someone else while their leaders live in luxury.

You know, the usual.  But more so.


PS. Your potty mouth is not impressive.

chumbawamba's picture

Everyone, please observe: the above is what passes for erudition in the Israeli/zionist circles.  This guy, believe it or not, is the epitome of zionist knowledge and learning.

A confusing jumble of half-truths, outright lies, stories, fables, conjecture, revisionist history, illogic, whining, all stuffed into a giant turd and delivered with a conceit that grinds on your nerves like fingernails on a blackboard.

This is the best they can do.

I am Chumbawamba.

oygevalt's picture

Whereas your learned replies encourage people to commit anatomically impossible acts with sledgehammers, and include racist slurs.  If you're the best of the haters, maybe I'm not so worried after all.

Protonrick's picture

No, I am done.

I shall no longer dishonor myself in this or any other discourse with crazy degenerates. 

chumbawamba's picture

You're done?  What exactly did you do?  Cut a fart, stink up the room, declare yourself victorious, then exit?

I spit on you and the last 5 of your degenerations.

I am Chumbawamba.

Gashole's picture

The best we can do is a people that succeed out of proportion to its numbers in every discipline: business, medicine, law, the arts, number of Nobel prizes, etc. despite being hated through the centuries  The best we can do is a nation surrounded by enemies who outnumber it 100:1 that thrives.  Jewish success really burns our ass doesn't it?  What's the matter? afraid we might really be better than you?  Zionism rocks.

covert's picture

the jews will win. jews do, but, muslims don't.


chumbawamba's picture

Six feet wasn't enough to bury the stench of zionism, so Israel was handed another shovel and told to dig deeper.

I am Chumbawamba.

DosZap's picture


What exactly is your definition of Zionism?.

This is mine.

If the shoe were on your foot, what would you do, a Jim Jones?,if you were a Zionist.