New General Strike Paralyzes Greece As 100,000 Protesters Take To Athens Streets

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Perhaps it is time for Eurostat to adjust its Greek economic numbers. According to a back of the envelope analysis, roughly 5% of GDP in 2010 was lost to a string of increasingly more potent general strikes, and another 10% due to downstream effects. A new one is in process currently, which will be particularly crippling as workers in the transportation industry have called for a near week-long shut down of the capital. For those travelling to the city (not sure how as all flights into the city have been cancelled), here is revised operational schedule of various means of transportation: Buses and trolleys will operate from 9 am to 9pm; The metro (all lines) will run from 10am to 6pm;  Taxis will not operate between 10am and 2pm. And courtesy of "From The Greek Streets", below is a live update of events from Athens as they transpire in real time.

Live Feed from General Strike in Greece December 15th-Unrest in the Streets

2.30pm-Tens of thousands of people have entered the demonstration for
the general strike today, with some prediction estimating the
demonstration in Athens being up to 100, 000 people. Clashes with police
have begun already in the early afternoon in Athens and Thessoloniki,
with protesters throwing molotovs at police in front of Parliament in
Syntagma square in Athens, a riot police bus burned near Parliament, and
a goverrnment building as well as hotels attacked with molotovs.

-Most recent reports say that around 2.30om the police managed to
split and scatter the demonstration at the GSEE after there were
clashes in front of Polytechnio. Some people went to the GSEE union
headquarters where there were more people, but here arrived more police
who scattered people with beatings and teargas. Unconfirmed reports
say that people moved into the Polytechnio, Exarcia, and Plaza Victoria
recently. There are reports of riots in and around Exarcia and that it
is impossible to enter the neighborhood.

-There is a confirmed report that a police riot squad bus was burned
sometime around 1.30 directly in front of the national garden next to

-In front of the museum Polytechnio there is a confirmed report that a
Delta force of about 7 police on motorcycles were attacked by
protesters when they police motorcycles drove into the demonstration.
They were thrown from their motorcycles and the motorcycles were
attacked, as well as the policemen.

-The entrance of the Minister of Economics building was burned after a
molotov attack in the beggining of the demonstration. From here the
majority of the demonstration headed to the parliament after the police
split the demonstration.

-The police split the demonstration again at the Parliament using
tear gas and beatings. However, people returned to the Parliament anyway
and regrouped, and this is when the riot police bus was burned.

-Reports say that all the luxurious cars in front of the Grand
Bretagne and the Saint George hotels directly in front of Parliament
have been burned in the past few hours. Also there are reports that
protesters attacked with fire the entrances to these hotels, and that
there in  damage to the buildings. These are the most luxurious hotels
in the capital.

-There is a report that the ex-minister of the New Democracy Party has been beaten by protesters..

There is an unknown number of arrests. One person in Syntagma has
been injured after being run over by a police motorcycle by either DIAS
or DELTA police, he has been hospitalized. Reports say that there is a
massive amount of teargas being deployed by the police in Syntagma.

In Thessoloniki the demonstration was reported to be massive and “passionate”. At least 20 arrests have been reported there.

In Athens the general strike demonstration began at 11 with a gathering at the archeological museum.

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This news assures that commodity prices are going to get slammed hard and consumer discretionary names like COH and JWN are going to go up even faster. That is the way it has been working lately.

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'Consumer discretionary' hmmm you and HarryWanker always saying that, sure youre not really the same person?

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NFLX is up too, and you are only paying $178.99 for a company worth $3.37, that was worth $5.65 this time last year.

Arius's picture

 how this will effect chinese stocks? lol

PM slammed..yeah as long as chinese keep you happy while picking up your gold

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I'd be fleeing TO precious metals and commodities in a situation like this...

American Dreams's picture

Please enlighten us as the WHY you think there is a connection.  I can't wait for your more than plausable reason..... Bahhh not sure why I even bothered.


know your enemy


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Right, because the Greeks are the well known center of the world manufacturing complex, and also among the worlds leading consumers.

Get a real job before you bankrupt yourself.

doomandbloom's picture

As long as we have shortage of resources....there will always be pyramid structures....and ponzi's in the name of establishing order.


we need a completely new energy source...or we could become 'breatharian'( living on light )

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Hot air seems to be in plentiful supply from governments and central banks. Maybe we could do something with that.

SheepDog-One's picture

Damn straight, tap into all the hot air and bullshit that flows from the Gooberment and media and central banksters....all the potential energy the world would ever need.

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And unlike fossil fuels it's something we'll never run out of :-)  World's energy problem solved

Drachma's picture


With all due respect, have you given any serious critical thought to what you are saying?

Since you seem to believe, like most armchair geologists, in the unproven and completely inconsistent theory of the biotic origin of hydrocarbon fuels, (maybe because we were told as children in our textbook published by Exxon that oil comes only from dead dinosaurs), could you please explain to me how there can be literally lakes of methane and other hydrocarbons (i.e. 'fossil-fuels') on Saturn's moon Titan? (See NASA).

Also please explain how the biotic theory accounts for bitumens found in Precambrian granites?

While you're at it please explain why the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 2004 reported that "oil is not a fossil-fuel" and that it is continuously being created deep inside the Earth's mantle?

How is it that we are finding oil at 40,000+ feet below the earth's surface, far below where any sedimentary organic deposits can be found?

"In 1970 the Russians started drilling Kola SG-3, an exploration well which finally reached a staggering world record depth of 40,230 feet. Since then, Russian oil majors including Yukos have quietly drilled more than 310 successful super-deep oil wells, and put them into production. Last Year Russia overtook Saudi Arabia as the world's biggest single oil producer, and is now set to completely dominate global oil production and sales for the next century."

"Dudley Herschbach, a Baird Research Professor of Science and the recipient of the 1986 Nobel Prize for chemistry conducted the original experiments to prove how methane is created in the Earth, said that new findings corroborate that many of the Earth's oil reservoirs refill as they're pumped out (See Shell's experience with their once thought empty oil fields that are now full again). Herschbach said his observations support the view that petroleum may be continually generated."

Keep in mind that the only "evidence" used to support the biotic theory of oil's origin is that scientists in the early 20th century found organic microbial matter mixed in with oil. That's it. There is no scientific proof, and as we know that many lithospheric microorganisms feed on hydrocarbons as a source of energy, it only makes sense that we would find organic microbial matter in oil. It does not prove that they are the source of the hydrocarbons.

The earth is not running out of oil, it is awash in oil. It is however running out of functioning refineries thanks to the machinations of the cartel. I do not deny that some oil can come from organic residues, under optimal anaerobic conditions, but there is much more to earth's hydrocarbon reserves than what you are told in Grade school.

The "Peak Oil" paradigm was created and promoted by the oil magnates from the start, without any scientific evidence.





AnAnonymous's picture

The "Peak Oil" paradigm was created and promoted by the oil magnates from the start, without any scientific evidence.


This point is totally false.

Following the coal experiment and the danger of coupling an economy to this kind of energy sources, when oil was introduced, some people tried from the very start, to diversify the energy sources.

Big oil, from the very start, played the opposite card. Their best interest was to make oil prevalent in as many sectors as they could.

Big oil promoted the idea that oil was plentiful. Their version was strengthened by the rate of discovery of oil fields that added to the inventory, weakening anyone underlining the risks of coupling to a resource that could dwindle fast.

This lasted up to the 1960s when major discoveries ceased.

Drachma's picture

Sorry if my honest opinion offends you. Maybe I'll strike that last comment for your sake as I can not back it up. Got a little emotional. Any thoughts on the origins of oil?

Drachma's picture

My other question would be, do you have any idea why major oil discoveries ceased? Are you saying that they ceased because comapnies could not find oil reserves? It certainly did not cease for the Russians in the 1970s who overtook Saudi Arabia's production in 2005, with no end in sight.

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Man, reading this is like reading about France circa 1789... hold on to your hats boys!

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those damn greeks...dont they realize that serfdom and servitude to the bankers is good for them...

Arius's picture

kaiser - i am smarter than you - larry S. over 1100, 1200,1300, 1400 going....going

bring back that guy...where did he go...

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Jeez, are the morts getting restless? 

Meanwhile, the only thing showing on the US MSM is the weird story of the nut in Florida who killed himself at the school board meeting . . . after painting the Vendetta symbol on a wall. 

How long before other nuts discredit Fight Club and Matrix fans?

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J'accuse!  Yet, you're alive and the other guy is daid -- guess you're NOT into grafitti! :>D

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Quick, turn on CNBC!!!  That way you can lull yourself into complacency with storys of the "First Chevy Volt Delivery" to some shlub in NJ.  Now THAT's news!

Wait, now it's Bob PissOnYou saying how things are crazy bullish!

More_sellers_than_buyers's picture

I can't even watch CNBC anymore! what a crew! I want to shoot the TV like Elvis after 15 minutes of the mind numbing blather thats on it.  BTW is it just me , or does Gary Kominsky remind you of that guy you had in your class in college that used to raise his hand to ask questions he allready knew the answer to just to here himself talk. 

westboundnup's picture

Did a spit-take when the host asked "Are you suprised that we didn't see the worst-case scenario in commercial property?"

jus_lite_reading's picture

Yes, this is so important to the world- the first CHEVY VOLT! LMAO!


I think WIKIleaks will expose that CNBS was the "Blue Horseshoe" of Whore Street! Rally the markets MF'ers!

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Hm...Unrestrained merry making, tis the season. Coming to a town near you!

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TIC report shows that China and Japan continue to wolf down U.S. Treasuries with a vengeance. U.S. Dollar is skying on this news. Poor gold cannot get a break today.

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Yea right theyre soppin up our worthless treasuries like crazy sure tell us some more fantasies.

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Sometimes I wonder what idividuals would become if society fell. My guess is you'd make a very successful looter.


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Why do you even type crap like this - the dollar has gained all of .08%


You are in rare form today HarryRobo


know your enemy

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Really?  This is the analysis of the TIC report that I just read

"Strong foreign demand for both government agency bonds and equities is largely offset by slowing foreign demand for Treasuries. Net foreign purchases of long term U.S. securities totaled $27.6 billion in October for the lowest inflow since January"

Nobody's 'Wolfing down' Treasuries except the Fed.

Crisismode's picture


Just love it when people post what was actually stated in reports that Robo/Harry quote to suit their own bullshit agendas.

Hey Robo, the TRUTH kinda hurts, doesn't it?

CD's picture

Interesting speculation on what China (and possibly Japan) are DOING with those treasuries they are scooping up (h/t T. Ferguson),_The_Game_is_Over.html

Confused Indian's picture

Are we too cynical or governments totally blind or mean?


I mean how can the Govts from Europes and US just worry about the markets pumping them any how, and let everything fail.



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Just as long as you know the govts do not give 1 shit about 'the people' and in fact wish you were dead, youre way more enlightened than most.

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The American Civil Liberties Union is suing to compel Uncle Sam “to disclose the legal standard it uses to place U.S. citizens on government kill lists.” The Obama administration has responded by invoking the doctrine of state secrets, effectively claiming that national security demands that these policies be kept hidden. By hiding behind state secrets, the feds don’t even have to explain why the law doesn’t apply to their actions.


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greeks will prolly drink couple bottles of ouzo, then filled them up with napalm and start rioting, destroying monuments etc...I bet we will dive hard to night

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I hope they burn Leo K's vespa.

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ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!! A PINK VESPA, with OBAMA stickers all over it, and a picture of Hairy Wanker in the window, no doubt.

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I think he had to sell it for some fallafel.

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US should have a national log now, printed on all dollars as well


"Buy the Dip"

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This news is way out of proportion to the size of the Greek economy. If Greece was a state in the United States, it would have an economy about the size of Connecticut. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

fiatspyder's picture

Neither was Sarajevo in 1914.

Arius's picture

but the war wasnt about sarayevo was it?

fiatspyder's picture

In a way it was.  Austria trying to hold together a fraying empire on the verge of collapse.  Sound familiar?


OTOH it was also just a big family feud among the blood relatives ruling UK, Germany, Russia etc. that took 10 million lives to settle.

Internet Tough Guy's picture

It might be a big deal to other countries in their monetary union. You know, the ones buying their debt.

ZackAttack's picture

And Ireland's about on a scale with Indiana. So, they're both too small to matter; therefore, no need for a bailout. I agree completely.

unununium's picture

Ah but that's no limit to the amount of derivative bets that can be placed on said economy.

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Wait,Wait let me guess.. Futures are green.