New Global Effort To Patch European Insolvency Holes Buys One More Day

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I think governments are well aware of the situation.

"They" aren't going to let Europe "die" alone.

We'll have hell on Earth sooner or later, if the financial system doesn't change.

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Why would the financial system change, considering it's been so good to the people in control of it?

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how do you say house of cards in portuguese? 

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Please edit your comment and also ask how do you say in spanish, italian...

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castello di carte Italian

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it can be done, but on a sunny day in the quiet hills of the south-west Algarve, with solar panels having fully charged the batteries; & the solar shower up to temperature; & a glass of red in my hand, who cares? :) - (please give generously; it's not our fault that the dozen or so (interlinked & oh so kind to each other) mafia families that have bled this small country dry since joining the EU, are still very much in charge; together with their dictatorial arrogant public sector operatives that us peasants pay for). 

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No Tyler, it buys at least 3 days.

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Actually it looks like the ECB has found a friend in its purchases of Portuguese government debt. I will let the excellent notayesmanseconomics take up the story.

The Portuguese government is not answering questions on the subject but Bloomberg helpfully tells us there is some one billion Euros of this in issue. Everyone will suspect China bought this bond but whilst we are waiting for more information let me give you a suggestion why Portugal has made a move even Greece rejected. The lack of a coupon means that she will have no interest payments to make which helps her deficit numbers.


If you cant sell your debt then do it privately at a price you do not announce!

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Vendor financing. That always works.

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This is so unfair. Isn't there a third world country we can buy. How come the Asians get good fire sales?

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Third world countries are sold out. The US bought them all with debt.

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Someone forgot to buy spanish bonds, yields are soaring.

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WTF? How can Japan the most bankrupt nation in an increasingly bankrupt world "buy" anything?

Isn't this like bernie madoff bailing out Enron?

What a f*cking chirade

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I buy your debt, you buy mine. Apparently, you can walk a long way with that.

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From what I can find, Japan is going to buy EFSF debt.  Why is this a big deal?  Even the most bearish people (me included) have not argued that EFSF wouldn't be able to sell AAA rated paper that the ECB would finance!  It might shave a few bps off the EFSF funding rate, but this is not real news, its a no brainer, and don't chase the rally sparked by Japan buying AAA quasi government debt.

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Is this madness never ending?

They buy one day, then a year and this has been going on for decades now.

Perhaps they found the Perpetual Ponzi Machine.

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how much longer can this contin ue?

its like they are defeating nature and mathamatics themselves

I am pig sick of it


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if the big bernank wants a weak dollar in return to get a strong euro   ... why don't the big bernank buy some of the yellow stuff .... that will make the correlations go bonkers

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looks like krakatoa may be about to blow its load

but its opk the coffee will be ok