New Record Nominal Gold Highs in USD, GBP and EUR

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New Record Nominal Gold Highs in USD, GBP and EUR on Moody’s Ireland Downgrade, FOMC Hint of QE3 and Increasing Risk of Economic Meltdown

Gold for immediate delivery rose to new record nominal highs of 987.58 British pounds and 1575.18 U.S. dollars in London this morning. New record nominal highs were seen for gold in euros (1,123.50 euros per ounce), pounds and dollars yesterday.

Gold rose soon after FOMC minutes showed that the Federal Reserve is considering further quantitative easing or QE3 and after Moody’s downgraded Ireland’s debt to junk status. The very poor trade deficit numbers in the U.S. yesterday ($50.2 billion in May) and the UK this morning (£8.5 billion in May) is also supporting gold today.


The Moody’s downgrade of Ireland was expected but the timing was very bad given the increasing turmoil in Eurozone bond markets and deepening risk of contagion due to bond risk in Spain and Italy, the world’s third largest debtor after Japan and the U.S.

While Italian and Spanish bond yields have fallen today, the Irish 10 year yield rose to new euro era record highs at 13.74%.

While UK inflation figures yesterday were slightly better than expected, today’s unemployment figures were worse than expected. Jobless claims rose at their fastest pace since May 2009, showing the UK recovery is faltering and jobs are being lost as the deepest government budget cuts since World War II take hold.

The FOMC’s hinting of further QE3 is of course gold bullish. Although, it is likely to be packaged with some new fangled meaningless acronym. The fragile nature of the U.S. recovery has long meant that the threat of quantitative easing, or money printing and debt monetization, coming to an end was unlikely.

While the Federal Reserve may be planning significant debt monetization in order to inflate away their massive debts ($14.495 trillion national debt and unfunded liabilities of between $60 trillion and $100 trillion) some of their larger creditors such as China and Russia have communicated to the Federal Reserve that the U.S. should not debase their dollar holdings.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said yesterday that the United States is acting like a hooligan. Putin lampooned the Federal Reserve's $600 billion bond-buying spree for flooding the world with cheap dollars.
"They turn on the printing presses and fling them (dollars) over the entire world to resolve their immediate tasks. They say monopolies are bad but only if they are foreign -- their own are good. So they use their monopoly on printing money to the full.”

Meanwhile, the increasingly powerful Chinese credit rating agency, Dagong has suggested that they will downgrade the U.S. regardless of whether the US Congress reaches an agreement on raising its statutory debt limit.

Guan Jianzhong, chairman and CEO of Dagong, said that the downgrading is really just "a matter of time and extent".
Gold’s record highs in major currencies is a sign that the risk of contagion in global financial markets is deepening.

A U.S. sovereign down grade could be the catalyst for contagion.

Contagion in bond markets, financial markets and banking systems would almost certainly lead to contagion in currency markets as fiat currencies are debased en masse in order to prevent a deflationary collapse.

Governments internationally remain in denial about the scale of the crisis and the ramifications.

The ramifications are that some western countries are now facing the risk of an Argentina style economic meltdown.

Exaggerated threats of ATMs not functioning have been used by bankers to justify massive taxpayer bailouts of insolvent banks.

The unfortunate reality is that the massive bank bailouts now mean that cash not coming out of ATM machines may soon be the least of our worries.

Contagion and economic meltdown in western countries would involve runs on banks (insolvent banks backed or “guaranteed” by insolvent states), “bank holidays”, freezing of bank accounts and deposit withdrawal restrictions.

This was seen in Argentina in 2001. Capital controls and exchange controls would also be likely.

In such a scenario, keeping the majority of one’s wealth in savings or deposit accounts in banks or other institutions – whether that be pound, dollar, euro deposits (or deposits in another depreciating fiat currency such as the yen or Swiss franc) is not prudent.

Given the global and systemic nature of the crisis and the huge challenges facing the U.S., the UK, Eurozone countries and Japan – all banks internationally would be vulnerable.
National bankruptcies in western countries would also see insolvent governments unable to pay public sector wages (nurses, police, teachers etc ) or pay for public services. Pensions and social welfare payments could not be paid either.

Social unrest would inevitably ensue.

Gold is essential financial insurance and will protect people from these worst case scenarios – as it has done throughout history.

International equities and international bonds (high credit, low duration) will also offer protection. Provided they are owned in a liquid manner and are held with safe custodians and counterparties. Liquidity and counter party risk will be of paramount importance.

These real risks mean that continuing talk of gold being ‘risky’ and a ‘bubble’ remains uninformed. Some non gold experts have been saying this for more than 3 years - when gold ‘peaked’ at $850/oz in March, 2008.

Uninformed comment by vested interests and others who continue to not know their financial, economic and monetary history is unfortunate. It discourages people from protecting themselves and their families from the coming financial and economic difficulties.

We do not think an economic meltdown is inevitable. Indeed, there remain options which would greatly ameliorate this worse case scenario. However, as ever, it is important to acknowledge this risk and prepare ones finances by becoming properly diversified and owning gold.

Denial and false hope will ensure even greater financial and economic pain.

As ever it remains prudent to hope for the best but be prepared for less benign scenarios.


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SheepDog-One's picture

Credit rating hit already priced into mark-to-full-retard 100 P/E stocks. Party on, no end to the new economic system of print as you go.

<sarc off>

66Sexy's picture

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell is just proof Dem's and Repub's are both batting for the same team.


AUD's picture

I think reaching 1000 in Pounds Sterling will be a day to remember. The Old Lady might just be losing her grip, after only what, about 400 years?

Long-John-Silver's picture

This was seen in Argentina in 2001.

Welcome to global fiat currency meltdown Bitchez!

TooBearish's picture

Sell - BLythe gunna hammer it for Ben


SheepDog-One's picture

Thats the awesome part...doesnt matter HOW much they try to 'hammer it', in the end, they lose, 100% guaranteed. You cant print endless fiat, and also suppress PM's. Reality is about to appear like a tsunami, prepare for it.

Bastiat's picture

Yep. Confidence in the USD eroding.   Lots of money running to gold from Euro these days too.  No one can stop an international demand surge--this isn't some levered up hedge-toad driven action.

Zero Govt's picture

someone get a message to Benny: "Duck"

SheepDog-One's picture

'Dagong likely to downgrade US credit rating EVEN IF debt ceiling is raised'. Huh? That kind of logic could only come from the mind of a western maniacal monetizer.

SheepDog-One's picture

'Debt cuts most severe since WW2' yea thats because WW3 is here.

bigwavedave's picture

just watch them engineer another blow off top like they did in silver. bitchez

SheepDog-One's picture

Fine with me, let them keep monetizing and holding down PM's, thats a retard battle guaranteed to lose. I'm patient, and called their game long ago at $400 so they cant ever hurt me.

bigwavedave's picture

just sayin'. for the record im long land and ag production on the paradise island of bali. Care to join me?

AUD's picture

Where you there in 1997-98?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I´m running around the same field as you guys, SheepDog and Bastait, although my average cost basis is perhaps $1100 - $1200, only because I bought so much more at over $1000 and up than all those years where I bought smaller amounts at $300 - $500.

I still will be adding more as more fiats roll in. 

¨It´s all about the ounces!¨


So, today is a nice day to have an extra smile...  So have a great day, friends of gold!

Bastiat's picture

There will be a ruckus around 1500 as usual with round numbers but the war is won.

youngman's picture

EVEN should be ..BECAUSE OF...

Sudden Debt's picture

I've been called a fool many times for holding so much money in PM's.


Oh boy... do I feel stupid right now :)

Next update => 2012


doggings's picture

100% all in since early 2009. in 2008 I said to one such doubter

"I would bet everything I own, that this is what's going to happen"

4 months later I did exactly that.

hamurobby's picture

But seriously, I mean damn, who could have possibly seen this coming? I mean deflation and all, wow.

SARCASM. (and laughing hysterically)

DosZap's picture

Do you have a weapon?, all those that told you that will be after your ass .............soon.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Doh!  Stupid Bearing for buying some much gold, platinum and silver!  I should have listened to, well never mind!

Such great minds telling the dummy Bearing to be careful wasting his money on gold.

When will I ever learn from my superiors...? 

Oh wait, I am in the Tinfoil Hat Brigade now!  New Superiors!

MsCreant's picture

It's not fresh, nor for most here even informative, but it must be said and the rest of you have been remiss:

Gold Bitchez!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

It also seems remiss we have no gold trolls to tell us what a bubble we are in, how much they ¨care¨for us, how dumb we are, etc.

falak pema's picture

gold stitches, gold britches, gold ditches; but honey bitches is my favorite.

TaxSlave's picture

So, gold is on a rip, my wage-slave debt-chits buy less of it per hour.

I'm buying silver with them, then, because it's on sale compared to gold. For savings, not investment.

Not in the bank, not in depreciating debt-chit coupons.  Let gold zoom, cheer it on.  Hopefully it'll pull my paltry little pile of silver along behind it. 

Clay Hill's picture


It's working, $37.09  @  8:58  a.m.

Oh hell, its rising faster than I can type, is that a good thing?

caerus's picture

Silver up 28% in April wasn't good.  After the May Beat Down I think we got some breathing room.

Clay Hill's picture


Glad to see folks able to make a buck when they can, caerus, no jealousy here. I just hope most of my fellow ZH'ers are able to get out of the Ponzi with their skins intact.

I will.

lolmao500's picture

Silver... please go to 75$!

UgglyBetty's picture

Actually, public sector wages, pensions etc. were paid in Argentina 2001 in... guess what? Bonds, issued by the different provinces that the country is comprised of. So what happened was that those papers were not convertible to local currency nor of course to dollars, which is what they wanted to avoid, a run to the dollar. Just wanted to point out this non-conversion thing as I guess it's a possibility to be reused now on a more general basis, I still cannot figure out how but surely they will find the way, ideas are always reused.

SWRichmond's picture

FWIW: I find the author's writing style, each line a paragraph, to be remarkably distracting and silly.  Is each thing the author has to say so significant that it requires the dramatic stand-alone paragraph?

High Plains Drifter's picture

cramer is saying there are many countries buying gold now.  are they taking delivery of product?  

william shatner's picture

Silver is poor man's gold,  gold is bought by rich people and central banks. I wonder which one will be the best? Could poor people be right for once, hmmm?

TaxSlave's picture

Even some combination of copper or nickel, or cigarettes, whiskey, ammo, guns, propane, water filters or any other damned thing make a viable savings plan.

They will always have some useful value to somebody if not yourself.

They can't be electronically erased.

Even if other things get more expensive relative to them, their trading value will likely never go to zero.

The more compact and easier to hide they are, the more difficult it is for anyone to steal them.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture


The more of the above you get, you will eventually have to change your name: NonTaxable!

mayhem_korner's picture

They can't be electronically erased.

Bingo!  Nor electronically confiscated, allocated, taxed or anything else.  Someone would need to dance with Mr. Remington to get near them...

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The Bearing is pleased to note that silver rocketed even more so far today than gold.

A silver expert should write something for me at my lil ol blog...

Bravo guys bullish on silver!

Bastiat's picture

Silver shorts runnning down the street with smoke and flames out of the seat of their pants.

lawrence1's picture

Glad some are paying to attention to silver too!  Eric Sprott mentioned in a recent interview that his clients are currently buying much more gold than silver since the big takedown, whereas silver sale predominated before. I guess the big boys got what they wanted, to scare people from silver for a while.  But Sprott still believes silver will substantially outperform gold.

I will continue to have more silver than gold until there is a clear indication of a reversal. The last few days have silver gaining substantially more than gold, although gold is in the spotlight.  Either there is a real shortage or silver, or there is not.  My reading tells me there is.  I respect fofoa but Ill go with Sprott on this one.  Fofoa argue so well that he could probably persuade a whore to return his money.  Fofoas talk of "giants" and dismissive attitude to manipulation given me some pause for thought.  Yes, its the "ounces" but silver is money too, the name for money also means silver in many languages, China accumulating silver too, Mexico planning to remonitize silver .... etc etc etc.