New Year Open Thread

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Since readers are likely eager to share their own predictions for 2011, please use the following open thread for that, as well as for anything else that may cross the collective subconscious. Additionally, any suggestions on improving (or deteriorating) the site, as well as all brainstorming, and last but not least threats, are most certainly welcome. Best of luck to all in 2011, especially those who fail in their resolutions to cease feeding the central planning monkeys.

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MRE's and K-rations Bitchez !!


Happy New Year

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With that I would suggest a nice red wine. A Cabernet perhaps.

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Would Monsieur care for a Hors D'Oeuvre with the chicken paste MRE?

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Where's the best online store for ammo? Would love to get 'free' shipping. .308, 9mm, 12 gauge.  

In return:

Like Tulving for gold haven't tried for silver. A bit 'quaint' but good prices. Apmex very professional. Northwest Territorial Mint is a disaster - with 3-4 months of waiting. 

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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Where's the best online store for ammo? Would love to get 'free' shipping. .308, 9mm, 12 gauge.

Try ammoman outa New Jersey. Good selection and free shipping.


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Drive over to Walmart.  It'll be cheaper than online.

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Goldman Sacks was the 'Disintegration' tool used to kill the tax protesting middle class who pay the majority of taxes relative to their income. You hi rollers on this site could give a rats ass cause you all earn so much that sales taxes and income taxes no longer eat up your 'discresionary income'. So the DHS = Stasi = Secret Citizen Spy Agency. Just like Stasi were supposed to stop external terrorists and spys, DHS is to do the same but only spys on USA citizens. When was the last time a big fat machine gun toten bro workin fer DHS was nice to your skinny white ass. If little Napolean's DHS was really DHS they would be chasin wet backs jumpin into El Paso instead of hiring her fat gay cousins to work as fanny fingerin TSA agents.

Don't you sheep get it? Oh I see, the CIA took all the E.German Stasi files in 1990. So nobody can figure out the stuff in the book NDCIC about NYC Jew Mafia funding Bolshevicks for the Rothschilds Shell Oil Co to drill in Siberia against Tzars wishes. Jews were mostly all of Stalins Komizars who killed 60 million Ruskies. Jews were running the Stasi in Poland and E. Germany apparently according to reports from me shipmates from that neck of da woods folks. When Kaptin Krunch say Jew Mafia running the world, we back up what we say with facts.

Here is Stasi in E.Germany website showing disintegration is used to destroy someone secretly. The USA middle class has secretly been killed by the Jew Mafia cause we hate the Federal Reserve the most since it makes middle class pay the highest tax (total % tax to discretionary income ratio).

Fuck and then Burn Bernanke!

Ben Burnyankee say: "We wacked Jesus & JFK for Bank Bustin' and walked, and have a 40 foot container of Gringo Bar-B-Q sauce"

Read Best Bank Book "None Dare Call It Conspiracy":

Video shows CIA & LAPD Import Cocaine:

Kennedy was right when he said to bust CIA into 1000 pieces. They the hitmen for the Jew Mafia at the Fed Reserve (aka Goldman Sackers)

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6

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No such thing as free shippping.  Ammo man just includes the shipping cost in the price and then says free shipping.  Aim surplus is a good place to buy ammo , or is another or look on the gun boards like and may can find someone in your area that wants to sell some etc. Buy it ladies and gentlemen. But it while you still can. I feel a strong anti gun wind will soon start kicking up. But they are afraid to move on the guns, or at least , use a full frontal attack on them , for you see, the stupid Americans think they are free and because the state allows them to own guns, somehow they think they are free. So when those who want one world government , really and truely want to take all of our guns, as they have in so many other places around the globe, they are stymied because this is one area, where the stupid Americans would finally and truely understand, that the state and the nwo, want those guns and therefore, whatever freedoms they now have, are lost. Even the dumbest hick, would understand it, in a heartbeat, if he or she could not go out and hunt and play this game of pretend to be free and the nwo knows this and this is why they walk softly on the gun issue, at least so far. But this will change and change soon and change quickly so my advice to any that will listen it to get your gun and ammo buying done and do it quickly. Just remember, no matter, how flawed the founding fathers were, some of them, were thinking about you, when they stuck that second ammendment on the US Bill of Rights, on this you can be sure.

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To those individuals who request an "ignore" button: Go fuck yourself. 

How embarrassing for you!  Seriously. You miss the whole point!

The underpinnings of this website - even the motto, for the love of God! - is squarely rooted in aFight Club mentality.  This is an underground, anti-establishment, anti-censorship, anti-Kool Aid, anti-propaganda, brass balls effort to pull down the pants on the oligarchical powers that control you, me, everyone and everything.  This is not the place where you ignore or whine or stick your fingers in their your ears; this is the place where you wake up, stand up and fight back - well, the best you can from a keyboard, anyway.     

It's amazing to me how much narrow-minded, anger-fueled resentment is expressed to those posters who throw out contrarian views - it reminds me of organized religion or cults. The posts from both HarryWanger and Robotrader (whoever they really are) have been far more accurate than most of the echo-chamber, cult-like, doom/gloom bullshit that piles up in the comments section every day. If I were to guess, they probably made more money this year than any of you fuckers did.

But HW and RT are beside the point, really.  I don't want a fucking echo chamber, and I suspect most others here don't either. The cast of characters at ZH runs deep and wide. Some are brilliant, some are idiots, some are technical, some are philosophical, some are simple and wholesome, some are witty and derisive, some are purposely planted court-jesters - all of it adds to the depth and breadth and richness that you won't find anywhere else.   

If someone posts a comment that you disagree with, or you think is total lunacy, stand up and fucking fight!  Punch them in their face with facts and wit - this is a fight club, you idiots! Don't be a fucking pansy. Did Tyler ever turn to the Ed Norton character and say, hey you just hurt my feelings? If you can't handle some jeering or dissension, grab your blanket and turn on the Oprah Show.  

In my opinion, the idea of an ignore button runs pathetically counter to the entire theme of ZeroHedge. 

Rodent Freikorps's picture

I hate agreeing on anything with you, but two thumbs up.

Go back to being an asshole. You are creeping me out.

centerline's picture

I love this place.  Seriously.  Two big thumbs up to everyone here.  Rock on...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Which one of you laced Rednecks drink with acid?

DaddyO's picture

If someone posts a comment that you disagree with, or you think is total lunacy, stand up and fucking fight!  Punch them in their face with facts and wit - this is a fight club, you idiots! Don't be a fucking pansy. Did Tyler ever turn to the Ed Norton character and say, hey you just hurt my feelings? If you can't handle some jeering or dissension, grab your blanket and turn on the Oprah Show.

OMG, I can't believe I'm about to write this. RNR, you're spot on with this particular point. ZH is about as real life as it gets and if you don't like it go play on some other mamby pamby, lily livered forum! I have lurked here for a while and have found myself sitting in front of the monitor with my head about to explode reading some posts. It is what makes ZH a special portal in the otherwise mindless jibberish that constitutes the vast majority of content on the internet. Better enjoy it while you can before some self absorbed referee (FCC) comes along and tries to make it more fair for those who can't or won't stand up and be counted.



Lord Koos's picture

I don't think that people want an ignore button so that they don't have to read contrary viewpoints... I think it's because people don't want to have to see some of the crackpot hate speech that pops up in many threads

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. 

Wrong as an erection with a perpendicular curve. Freedom will never be flavored for you. 

I never see more comments about an "ignore" button than I do after a post from RoboTrader, HarryWanger and often times me.  All they (or me) need to do is say one thing about the economy not dying next Tuesday or gold might correct, and suddenly a group of doom/gloom pansies have a face full of tears and boogers.

As far as the crack-pot hate speech that revolves around Jews or false flag conspiracies - those idiots are easy to handle.  Just do what Andre the Giant would do: pick them up and throw them over the "top rope". Verbally decimate them with facts and wit.

Or simply click your mouse on the next thread.  Move on.  It's easy.  But don't suddenly morph into a totalitarian police state and sniff everyone's shoes just because a few idiots might want to light their own feet on fire - that's essentially what you're doing. In effect, you're solving lunacy and self-destructiveness with regulation, and I must add that that sort of nanny-state solution is hilariously ironic coming from this neck of the woods!      

Irony is funny.   



tmosley's picture

Actually, people want to ignore you because you never add anything to any conversation you take part in.  All you do is generate vendettas and then bend your mind in a thousand directions in order to generate insults.

Sorry, facts and wit have no effect on people like you.  You just ignore everything that doesn't fit into your worldview, and generate insults.

Further, an ignore button means that there is no more need for moderation, as spam bots will simply be promptly ignored.  

Of course, as I posted elsewhere, forced anonymous (with registration) would be a far better system.  Douchebags like you couldn't pursue vendettas against numerous anonymous people, new people could participate without the fear of being labelled as "stupid", and ideas would be judged by their merit, rather than merit or demerit by association with the person posing them.

grl's picture

Thank you for that post RNR. 

benb's picture

Red Neck – “As far as the crack-pot hate speech that revolves around Jews or false flag conspiracies - those idiots are easy to handle.” Nice Joseph Geobbel's move. Go ahead and tie anti-semitism to questioning the lies emanating from a renegade Federal Government.          

“There is nothing on the scene that’s coming to the defense of civil liberty and the Constitution or of accountable government. There is no sign of opposition to the snowballing police state. And we see repeatedly from agencies of the Federal Government a complete contempt for the public. For example the TSA (You know the airport security people). They have made it completely clear that they will arrive at no accommodation with the American people other than the violation of their persons that they impose by brute force. We have the Secretary of Defense (which is a euphemism) saying that we are going to conduct wars and don’t care what the people think because they don’t have anything to do with our decisions. And, we have all of this massive spying not just on state and local governments and anti-war protesters but essentially on everybody and the accumulation of massive numbers of dossiers on people. Well there couldn’t possibly be that many terrorists. If there were that many terrorists the whole country would be going up in explosions right now. In fact the only acts of terrorism we see are the orchestrated cases that are part of FBI and what are called sting operations. They go out and find some hapless guy and provoke him into some plot that they give him and string this along and then they capture him….Well you know when they got away with 9-11 that sealed our fate because that became the excuse…I still don’t see any real challenge other than from the ‘Truthers’ which the government and the mainstream media (and as far as I can tell) a majority of the people keep marginalized despite their qualifications and the rigor of their research and reasoning. So I think when they got away with 9-11 that’s when they captured everything because everything else flows from that. That’s the excuse. That’s where all terror flows from. That’s where all the police state implications originate.”

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts -12/31/10

RedNeck it’s unfortunate that you have become a victim of the mind control /government brainwashing as we all have a responsibility as citizens under the constitution. And without the guarantees which that document provides no one is safe from having their wealth stripped from them by a criminal government.


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People who feel constrainted by the impossibility to vent their antisemitism should take the path of  venting their negrophobia, their sinophobia as those two are generally welcomed by this site communauty.

Get adapted if you want to be free. In the US conception of freedom, freedom are the things the others allow you to perform. So jump on the train.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

Politics is ducking and running democratic responsibility and you have the sense to say we a in an economic recovery.  Brilliant.

U6 California?

First World global U6?

Suicide rates?


All up redneck.  From where in your ivory tower you se otherwise, I would consider stepping away from your crystal ball.  It apears to lack ability.

Dexter Morgan's picture

Right on.  Fight Club it is.  Five people actually flagged this post as junk?  haha  They can go fuck themselves, too.

TheDriver's picture

I normally don't agree with you RNR -- but that is PRECISELY why I read your posts. An ignore button on ZH would be counter-productive. I'd like to see the Junk feature reworked a bit too.

If Tyler or Sacrilege are reading, here's a user story for you to consider:

As a registered and logged in member of ZH, in order to "junk" a post, I should be required to submit a comment/rebuttal to the "junked" post in order to punch the junked member in their face with facts and wit. (i.e. Junking shouldn't be anonymous. If you want to call bullshit on something - it should be done in an open manner.)

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You're right of course, there is no such thing as "free" shipping. Ammoman is competitive, but you have to make sure your weapon can fire what he (or any ammo dealer) is selling, unless you don't mind hanging on to some ammo for future bartering.

I have gotten some (cases actually) excellent Hungarian boxer brass non-steel 7.62x39 ammo from Cabelas on sale - the difference in price from Wolf Berden steel steel was negligible in monetary terms and when considering it fires unerringly through a Mini-30 with factory mags.

Know what ammo your weapons will reliably feed, fire and eject - not by "brand", but by specification. Know before you find out the hard way.

And be creative on where to look for sources of ammo.

You are also correct in that it will unlikely be a full frontal assault on the 2nd amendment. It never has been.

High Plains Drifter's picture

The best  7.62 x 39  surplus is Yugo. It comes in crates. Still available in quanities. But it while you still can and stash it. DPMS rifles do not like Eastern block and Russian ammo. The best thing to do is use the Eastern Block ammo in a kit gun that has been assembled either by yourself of a gunsmith. In my opinion, QC at some of the Russian ammo plants can vary from time to time. If you must ruin a barrel, don't use a Krebs gun or a Arsenal, Inc gun. I know they are kit guns too, but they are just too sweet. Use some cheap ak to run that stuff through.

Uncle Remus's picture

I like to keep it simple. I keep a handful of common caliber, reliable, easy to maintain and repair weapons with as much off-the-shelf funtionality as I can get.

Dr. Sandi's picture

You're right of course, there is no such thing as "free" shipping.

I do believe you've just created the new acronym for 2011:

TANSTAFS: There ain't no such thing as free shipping.

So bite me, Amazon. I know where that free shipping comes from!

Blankman's picture

Agreed HPD.  I feel instead of going after your guns they will tax the hell out of ammo in order to push the guns out of "dissident" hands.

Bear Jew's picture

Use the ammo search engines

Other good places..

Gold Dots loaded hot for your carry weapon:  (orders of 1000 rounds or more get free shipping).

johnQpublic's picture

how about ammozon?amazon?whatever...

DukkButt's picture

Natchez Shooters Supply has some pretty good sales. Sign up for their e-mail alerts and wait for what you want to go on sale.

cclaeys's picture

learn to reload, buy an a$$load of powder, primers and bullets...I made a killing on that stuff when Obama was elected.

If you arent interested in that route - walmart, unless you need custom or non standard loads, +p, etc - wont find shotgun shells cheaper.

High Plains Drifter's picture

I think you are right. Buying guns and ammo can be a investment decision , as well, these days.  One day soon, there will be a black market in lead products.

watchingdogma's picture

I've used CheaperThanDirt and AmmunitionToGo several times with no complaints.

Pemaquid's picture

"Northwest Territorial Mint is a disaster - with 3-4 months of waiting."

So true!  Prior to ordering I made the mistake of not reading the fine print.  My own fault 100%  That said, piece of crap outfit!

CD's picture

OT, and sorry for undeservedly butting in here, but there's an Easter egg that deserves more play. There's hope yet for humanity in the US (or just maybe TD's message has finally infiltrated Hollywood): closing credits for the Will Ferrell / Mark Wahlberg vehicle 'The Other Guys' detailing (with infographics) various definitions of Ponzi, including Sir Bernie, TARP, 401K's -- it's frigging classic: 

Lets Hang Parliament's picture

Which twat junked this it's right up there with a WB7 creation...almost!

Howard_Beale's picture

I loved that at the end. It was quite well done indeed. I have no idea why people randomly or parasitically flag anything and everything as junk. The system stinks Tyler, as many have told you for a year and a half now. Being mad as hell, sure, the flag as junk can come in handy. But it's a become insulting and worthess.

I think the time has come for a third flag--call it an arbitor. 16 people can Flag as Junk, or reply to the comment and get junked further by the herd.

Let's try Reply, Flag as Junk, and Flag as Not Junk.

Give it a shot. Let's see how fast the playing field levels to get us back to a better day of interaction.

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana

wilburpup's picture

"History repeats itself: the first time as tragedy; the second time as farce."  ---Karl Marx, "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon"

see also:  Marla Singer on "Farcism" Part I

greenbear's picture

Means nothing to me anymore.  They play our dirge, that doesn't make them my idols.  

They've already made their own deal with the devil. 

gangland's picture

i do love you cantankerous bitchez all, sorry if i was assholish, i ll try to be less so, especially cd, banzai and jquinn.  for my lack of money, Mr. Reggie M and BK and phoenix research are money! chemical imbalances aren't always advantageous.  hamisheh zero hedge bitchezz!


i was going thru some shit and, you all were the only outlet i had to lash out, "otherwise i'd shoot all the lights out of this fuckingcity" - something like bukowski said.