New York Fed Completes $540 Million Reverse Repo Even As It Proceeds With QE Lite

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The Fed continues to send schizophrenic signals, as one day after announcing it will be purchasing hundreds of billions of bonds it completes yet another half a billion liquidity extracting tri-party repo. This time the Fed used all three core types of collateral: USTs, MBS and Agencies, transacting in $180 million of each, paying an average stop out rate of just over 0.2%. We just wonder who the Fed is trying to fool with these "tests" - it is more than obvious that the Fed will never tighten again, or at least not until the next regime takes hold... some time after the debt repudiation event.

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Fed funds shld plunge here will aid in the PM magical recovery of the Spoos

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Yup. Double Whammy's a beetch. What's a Fed boy to do?? :-)

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Some days, it just doesn't pay to gnaw through the leather straps!

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QE II proving that sequels always suck.

However, still waiting for breaking news: market 20 points off the lows. 

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@ 10:05 AM EDT

CNBC just flashed that all 30 DOW stocks are down and 99% of all NYSE stocks are down. Can you say panic selling? I wonder how hard the PPT is pushing in the other direction?

"I'll take everything you've got to sell. Just put me down to buy everything."

"All the stocks?"


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Maybe the next move of the PTB is to let the market drift lower (the news has been bad enough that to do otherwise would increase their visibility) and allow the Republicans to win some midterms. This allows the sheeple an opportunity to believe that they are 'participating' and 'choosing' and keeps the game churning for another 6 months. 

As you have noted a couple of times in the recent days, things seem to be coming to a head. They don't appear to have the answers on how to get everyone out of this mess (not that they would ever want to, but they do profit from keeping the system running). So, it seems like they might focus on stop-gap activities like mid-term elections, NFL season, etc. Buying themselves 6, 12, 18 months before the ultimate conclusion. 

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Le jeu, c'est fait

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Generating commissions perhaps? 

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just lost a months gain today...

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WTH were you doing sitting long by the beginning of this week?

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I agree, it will be a long time before the Fed considers tightening.  Doesn't this reduce the reserves though?  If so it would appear that Ben is just making room for his "run-off" purchases.  This should result in a net neutral reserve level.  Not much here.

Caviar Emptor's picture

You won't see big losses in stocks. Even as the economy tanks. Part of the Double Whammy picture I've been talking about. 

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If you think about the ECB swap mentioned earlier, and then you see this. 

It makes sense in that we have tightened here, loosened over there.

It's a tweak, yes, but it is how the game is played.

Naturally, the game doesn't end well for anyone but to a player, it's the game that matters.

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That's kinda like a reverse mortgage right?

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A repo is when the FED lends money to the bank and holds the MBS (or whatever) as security. The bank still gets all payments associated with the security and retains ownership.


A reverse repo is when the FED pushes a security onto a bank and is given cash (as a loan).  It's nothing like a reverse mortgage except the roles reverse.

Note that repos and reverse-repos are not open-ended. There is a maturity date.

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I thought the FED takes cash from money markets and other savings accounts in exchange for treasuries and toxic bilge and gives our savings to the banks to cover their liquidity problems.
This is basically money supply confiscation- handing it to their buddies. A lot like the gold confiscation act where the system has to take savings and inject it into the money supply to prevent liquidity stress and total asset meltdown.
It won't work...

Grand Supercycle's picture

DOW/SP500 daily charts are now bearish.

So the downtrend I first mentioned in early May this year, can now resume.

BlackBeard's picture

ahhh... the lost art of nothing while appearing to do something...

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