News Corp Withdraws BSkyB Deal, Merger Arbs Crushed?

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From Sky News: News Corporation has withdrawn its bid for BSkyB, Sky News City editor Mark Kleinman has exclusively revealed.

And here is Goldman destroying value for everyone by desperately trying to preserve a few key merger arb clients (full list coming shortly).


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Any merger arb still with that trade on the pad this morning derverves to be crushed. This isnt a surprise , the UK politicians are like any politician : their antennae for public opinion is well tuned and they will always overeact to satisfy public opinion IN THE SHORT TERM.  

(Murdoch couldnt fight this one , the pressure for the deal to be blocked was strong so was just a matter of time before the cockroach scuttled off)

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Poor Rupy. He's really down on his luck these days. We should all hold a vigil for him and his sucker investors.

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Make it a powder keg and you're on!

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The fall from grace can be far, especially as Goldman steals your wallet, while you're on the way down.

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it's hard to be mortal

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Oh for a papertrail to link that maggot Murdoch to the Royal phone hacking and get the bugger up on a treason charge..

Hey -- maybe some of these arb losers might put another sort of contract out ?