NHK Reports Hydrogen Explosion At Fukushima Reactor #3 As New Tsunami Is Heading For The Plant

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As a new 5 meter Tsunami is expected to hit Fukushima again, and residents are being advised to immediately get to higher ground, an explosion had been heard coming out of Reactor #3 at the power plant at 11:08 am local time. Supposedly this is a hydrogen explosion just like on Saturday, although the credibility of everyone involved at this point is zero. Dow Jones confirms that only the shell of the third reactor remains.

Follow the latest at NHK in what is becoming the most surreal news night in history.

A picture showing the below and after of Reactor 3 at Fukushima.


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Here we go again...

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Only 20 minutes ahead of CNN, Tyler, vat giffs?;)

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This live feed is showing the building from a helicopter now ... It was torn apart much worse than the first explosion ........


Middle channel is in English.

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How did you find this site?  Pardon my ignorance, but I've never heard of it before.  Is it a news aggregator?  Is it specific to Japan?

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Why are they not showing  the footage of the building blowing up like the first time. You know they have HD cameras trained on that place 24 hours a day. This is why they are losing credibility. They think we're stupid.

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Shaddup, dancing with the stars is about to start.

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It took 8 weeks to cool the molten steel at the 9/11 site, even though they poured water on it all that time.

WTC Ground Zero Molten Steel (Part One)

9/11 - Ground Zero Molten Metal Confirmed

Ident 7777 economy's picture

It took 8 weeks to cool the molten 

- - - - - - - - - - -

Crock; You don't obviously know what it takes to 'melt steel' (pikers) ...

You expect to get blast-furnace temperatures from office furniture and paper?

GIMME a break!



Michael's picture

Must watch. This tells you what floor of building 7 the SEC evidence was held on for the Dot-com prosecutions in the first minute of this video.

9/11 Experiments: The Mysterious Eutectic Steel

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Must watch. 

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Side-stepping the 'melting steel' blast-furnace-temperatures required issue completely ...

You sound/look/taste/feel just like the news media/government information complex!

Why won't you address the issue?



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You must have missed it; its been shown ...

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Hey now!

The Pentagon was expected to announce that the aircraft carrier Ronald Reagan, which is sailing in the Pacific, passed through a radioactive cloud from stricken nuclear reactors in Japan, causing crew members on deck to receive a month’s worth of radiation in about an hour, government officials said Sunday.

There was no indication that any of the military personnel had experienced ill effects from the exposure. (Everyone is exposed to a small amount of natural background radiation.)

But the episodes showed that the prevailing winds were picking up radioactive material from crippled reactors in northeastern Japan. Ever since an earthquake struck Japan on Friday, the authorities worldwide have been laying plans to map where radioactive plumes might blow and determine what, if any, danger they could pose to people.

Blogs were churning with alarm. But officials insisted that unless the quake-damaged nuclear plants deteriorated into full meltdown, any radiation that reached the United States would be too weak to do any harm.

Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown!
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Oh, I suppose the radioactive plumes will fly over California or some part of North America, no doubt. Then they will have an excuse to dumb/burn all the agriculture crops (as a safety precaution) so that prices can go even higher. HAARP picks up where The Bernank leaves off.

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Gully Foyle, oy vey! Doesn't reactor #3 contain a plutonium/uranium oxide mixture?

Doesn't any explosion of hydrogen proof the disintegration of the zirconium encasings? So...any emergency cooling will have contact with that, and then be boiled off?

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Californians becoming even more loony from radiation? ....not possible surely!

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along with "some guy in a white suit" shouting "oops!"  now move along..."no more radiation than your average microwave" being emitted here according to de atoritees.

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I'm scared :(

What will happen when the radiation comes here to the US?

I need to know what I can do to protect myself!

The people of Japan are in my heart <3

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Victoria packed my bags on Friday. I get back from Japan tomorrow. Cabo San Lucas is where my family is going!

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Hah!  Hey Nerdlinger, make sure you pay Victoria to have sex with you or she (or any other woman) won't.  Cabo sucks.  St. B's much better.

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""What will happen when the radiation comes here to the US?""

Karl Deninger writes...

There are a bunch of scare-mongers flying around right now on the Internet claiming that the Japanese reactor situation is about to poison the West Coast with extremely high levels of radiation.

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So I have nothing to worry about?

Is it safe to send $ to the RED CROSS?

I heard some people got scammed sending ca$h during Hurricane Katrina

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Here's a joke for you.

What's the difference between a natural disaster hitting Japan vs hitting the U.S.?

When Japan gets hit, people still show respect to each other and stay calm while in the U.S. widespread looting and violence ensues almost immediately with cops even joining in to loot the local Wmart.

Oh wait, thats not a joke. That really happened.

Here's the link for any naysayers.


trav7777's picture


Natural disasters strike the US without looting ALL THE TIME.

Wildfires in looting.  Repeated flooding all along the Mississippi and Missouri and other looting.

Katrina in Mississippi, other portions of LA, and parts of looting.  Hurricanes...tornados, etc.

The difference is that these other disasters hit masses of white people and not blacks.  What you say condemns the entire US population for acts of black people who are responsible for this criminality. 

Creed's picture

The difference is that these other disasters hit masses of white people and not blacks.  What you say condemns the entire US population for acts of black people who are responsible for this criminality. 





preach it brutha

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Don't send a penny to the Red Cross. More than 60 cents on the dollar goes to overhead. They are the worst of the worst and have been since inception.

After Normandy in WW2, they charged soldiers for cigarettes. The Salvation Army gave them to the soldiers for free. What does that tell you? My stepfather witnessed it firsthand and was appalled.

They are so into marketing themselves as a great charity that people buy it. If you want your money to go to those who need it, give it to the Salvation Army or one that can prove that most of your dollar will truly reach those in need--not the Red Cross.

Read this link written last year if you don't believe me. They are parasites.

OldPhart's picture

I'll never donate to the Red Cross again.  They played games with 9/11 and Katrina.  Believe it or not, the Salvation Army is pretty much the last remaining true charity.

Bagbalm's picture

Even the Salvation Army manages to make most people unaware they are a church. Most folks think of them as only a charity. This is not an accident.

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"Japanese reactor situation is about to poison the West Coast"

Is that like a long-term reset button?  Maybe after things cool off, we could start over, but with a dash less socialism.

Oh wait, my brother lives in Richmond - better give him a heads-up!

gmj's picture

Richmond?  He must be very brave, and bulletproof.

Iam_Silverman's picture

"Richmond?  He must be very brave, and bulletproof."

It gets worse than that!  When he is not deployed to Afghanistand or Iraq, he is a repo man.  Couldn't convince him to do the same line of work here in Texas - he claims that we are all gun-nuts (while he totes an XD45 in the wrecker).

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British Columbia is where those winds are heading.

The whole place will glow at night in the near future.

You barely have time to get rid of any real estate there before it can only be used as toxic  dump ground.

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Maybe the deadly radiation cloud will deflate Canada's real estate bubble.

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look for sources of KI -potassium iodide..the radioactive iodine I-131 will get absorbed into your thyroid if not saturated with iodine(i.e. deficient-most people are deficient)



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"I'm scared :(

What will happen when the radiation comes here to the US?

I need to know what I can do to protect myself!"

Ok, follow these instructions exactly:

Stand up straight with legs apart, now bend over forward, grab your right ankle with your right hand, now grab your left ankle with your left hand, pull your head as far between your legs as you can. Now kiss your ass goodbye.



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Prepare to be junked abunduntly by the choir crowd of ZH.

baby_BLYTHE's picture

Grow up!

BTW, the junk was from me.

I am not a troll. 

I haven't studied physics, okay? 

This is where I take the advice/opinions of others seriously.

We are all here to learn!

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You're looking for medical advice here? LOL x 100.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I gotta agree with Roger here, no one seriously is looking for medical advice here, right?  Las Vegas saw about 200 nuke tests and no one seems to think that is or was a problem.

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<Joe-Bob nods two heads vigorously>

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Take a couple of minutes and read StoneLeigh's write up at

How Black is the Japanese Nuclear Swan?

Great site btw,  Up there with ZH.

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+1 I know too little to ridicule other posters. And what the smart people know doesn't always apply.


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Don't waste your time Baby. We know you are a smart person. It's just little scrambling monkeys.

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Could someone please explain to me why BB is accumulating so many junks. I'm getting jealous.

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Pls don't go all attention-whore on us now ...