NHK Shows Live Coverage Of Smoke Billowing From Fukushima Reactor 3, US Military Assistance May Be Requested

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NHK is currently broadcasting live footage from its helicopter showing white smoke from the Fukushima #3 reactor. As we reported earlier, fire was earlier observed in the 8 by 8 meter hole in the outer shell of Reactor 4,which had since extinguished itself. However, that it has been replaced with billowing smoke from a new reactor is not good. Reuters speculates that the smoke is emerging from the fuel pool which is now overheating. It is highly probable that the smoke is radioactive. In a press conference that just concluded Edano said that the area around reactor 1 is too radioactive for TEPCO workers to approach and as such all have been withdrawn. He also said the US military will likely be called in for assistance.

Coverage can be watched after the jump (click on the picture).

And for those who wish a second Geiger reading, below is a brand new live stream showing the radiation cpm in Chiba located just next to Tokyo.