Nigel Farage Holds Funeral Procession For Euro In The Middle Of Brussels

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The world's premier euroskeptic, Nigel Farage, just held a funeral procession for the Euro after Europe now has just 10 days left in which to save its battered currency. ND at the rate Europe is imploding, Nigel won't have long to wait to get confirmation that all his concerns about the flawed European experiment were not only grounded but outright optimistic. And yet Europe, caught up in its own historic ponzi, refuses to do the right thing which is to impair banks with a 50%+ haircut, and instead will kick the can down the road, in the process destroying any residual liquidation value of hundreds of trillions of impaired assets, which as has been pointed out on numerous times before, are concurrently the liabilities of other banking institutions, therby making the entire central banking plan of debt inflation pointless. Farrage summarizes this best: "European banks are going to take a hit at some point anyway, if you are a bank owed a great deal of money it's better to get 50% of it than none of it. Down the path we are going now is heading for a total bust." Probably a good analogy is that if Bernie Madoff was stopped in the 80s or ever 90s, much of his capital would have been recovered. Alas, waiting until he himself cried uncle, guaranteed no recoveries for anyone. It is sad that Europe, and the entire "developed world" has decided to pursue this path.

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Zombie movie sure to follow

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I posted this is another thread a moment ago, but the back and forth theater, 'headlines,' rumor, and all around fictionary regarding Greece, Italy, Spain, the other PIIGSies (not to mention UK & Amerikan debt) is actually more humorous than this actual piece of fictitious theater:

Lip my stockings
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Zombies all around: we got zombie banks, zombie economies, why not a zombie currency? 

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When the zombies take over, they'll use zombie currency to buy brrrraaiinnnnzzzz.

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When the American zombies rise up, they will have 200+ million personal firearms in their hands.

Nigel Farage is the British Ron Paul on steroids. I love both them guys.

I thank God every day for the complete and total worldwide economic collapse.

The oligarch aristocrat families must be shitting bricks in their sleep thinking about how much money they are going to lose when the sovereign default scalping comes.

So they will be poor oligarchs, so they have to eat tuna fish sandwiches and ride in the subway then, so what.

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Pretty soon when the starvaation hits we will have zombie people.


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Starvation is a ways off.

We have soylent pink now:

Chicken Nuggets


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 That Nigel, he's a right starter. I love that boy.

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Starring EU bailout recipient UK (400% debt/GDP) .

Opens next summer in a theatre near you.

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WWIII about to break out, courtesy of the franco-german banking cartel.

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I would love to junk you, but I just can't...

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Your moniker just gave me my first laugh of the day!

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How? Why? Germany? Why should we attack anyone? This isn't the Germany of past. Germany has changed. We don't want to fight wars, we don't want to send our troops to foreign countries. Unfortunately, it is part of the current NATO tactic.

War almost destroyed our nation.Our nation was divided for 40 years, our cities were in ruins, our manufacturing was destroyed, some of our men were prisoners of war for more than ten years, families were divided; we had commited terrible, terrible deeds in the name of a criminal regime, the whole world hated us and to some extent still don't like us, thousand years of great German history were reduced to 12 years of madness. It's even hard to be a fan of the Ancient German tribes, because you are automatically linked to far-right groups.

Some German-Americans changed their names to hide their German ancestry. And although it might not be popular to say it, but German-Americans is a huge group in the USA; and I am not speaking about Nancy Pfotenhauer or this Wurzelbacher guy.

And even the British have a strong link to the ancient German (Nordic) tribes. And earlier the house of Windsor: It was founded by King George V by royal proclamation on the 17 July 1917, when he changed the name of his family from the German Saxe-Coburg and Gotha to the English Windsor, due to the anti-German sentiment in the United Kingdom during World War I. And Battenberg was suddenly Mountbatten!


No, sir. War is not popular in Germany anymore. In the past, you sacrificed your life for the Fuehrer or the Kaiser. But in modern Germany nobody wants to sacrifice his life for his fatherland anymore.

I've the greatest respect for our ordinary soldiers and engineers (that's why I like the Panther and Tiger tank, Stuka, Horten), although they fought for a criminal regime. And sure, I make sometimes jokes about invading the ECB with an old Panther tank or I love to listen to Feindflug. But I am not willing to fight for some elites in Berlin. And around 90 % of all Germans think the same.

Maybe, there will be war between Pakistan vs. India, China vs. Taiwan (South China Sea), North Korea vs. South Korea, Iran vs. Israel...

Plus: Unlike contemporary America we don't have a strong military anymore. Hell, we don't even have nukes (just twenty American nukes in the Rhineland area) We still have great weapon manufacturing though.

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Good post, PY.  Few in the US understand how complete is the German disgust with war and nationalist aggression.

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Good post, PY.  Few in the US understand how complete is the German disgust with war and nationalist aggression.

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Wait for the pensions to be completely lost, Riots in German streets and empty store shelfs.

Another round of fascism is coming to Europe. Europe already has too strong central gov't. Europeans are too dependant on their central gov'ts and lack shelf-sufficiency. When the Central planners fail, there will be blood on the streets, exactly want happened about 90 years ago (its already happeing in Club Med and will spread North). This will lead to Europeans to put in power men of ambition, and Europeans will egerly give up rights and freedom, to get a full belly and a job. Fascism wasn't limited to just Germany, Spain, Italy, etc were also ruled by fascist dictators. The first Fascist leader will probably not be Germany, but it unlikely that Germany won't resort to extreme gov't again.

 "Unlike, contemporary America we don't have a strong military anymore".

Germany had no military after the 1918 Armistice. Less than 20 years later, Germany had the biggest Military force in the World (US had larger industrial capacity, but a much smaller military force before 1939)

"But in modern Germany nobody wants to sacrifice his life for his fatherland anymore."

Same could be said a decade or two prior to WW 1 and WW 2. Especially after WW1 when the German population was decimated. Sentiment changes very quickly when the German Mark became worthless. When you're starving and have no job, suddenly any opportinuty becomes very interesting. Perhaps the next rally won't be to blame the Jews, but to blame the bankers!

The US is very much likely to divide into regional nations, as states are forced to abandon the union as the dollar value disappear. Another civil war is likely in the US as regions struggle for power and access to resources in the US. All of the power of the federal gov't comes from the US dollar. Once it becomes worthless the Federal gov't becomes powerless. US has state gov't that will pick up the pieces after the federal gov't fails. Its should be clear soon that the US federal gov't days are numbers. The quality of US federal politicans is declining rapidily with O'Bama (democrat) and Sarah Parlin, Mit Rommey (Republican Candidates) who are all inept, and lack any logic or reasoning skills. These people run on a ego trip and run for their own person benefit instead of working for the benefit of the nation. The US as a union, is a lost cause, just like the EU is now failing.


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All of this is irrelevant considering the context. Germany has:

- No strong military which it can deploy in a matter of years

- Of what it has, organisational issues mean, that of it's supposed army of 250.000, actually less than 10.000 are ready for deployment

- Regarding military hardware, if you look through its inventory, it becomes clear that the composition is totally obsolete - the lineup is almost exclusively designed for land warfare, with only very little air and sea power and defense.

Then add to this that sentiment of the population is highly incompatible with waging war, let alone in europe, and it becomes clear that germany has no way to react militarily to the euro crisis. Things may be different in 20 years, sure, but the european experiment will be long over by then.

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"No strong military which it can deploy in a matter of years"

Neither did Germany in the early 1930's when the Nazi Party obtained the majority in the Reichstag. It didn't take very long to transform German in the strong Miltary power in the World.

 "Then add to this that sentiment of the population is highly incompatible with waging war"

Go read German Newspapers in the early 1920's and you read that the Germans had the same sentiment back then. By the mid 1930's that had all changed, as the Nazi party used  nationalism to rally the population.

People are no different today than they were 50, 100, or even 2000 years ago. Somehow you think people have changed. For a population that is alledgely pacificist, they sure can brawl as well as the English at football (Soccer) games.

Is Fascism going to rise in Germany Tommorow or even next year? No, but to say its not possible would be poor reasoning.


"Things may be different in 20 years, sure, but the european experiment will be long over by then"

I doubt it will take 20 years for Germany to rebuild its army. While it lack hardware of its own, it has the techology and industrial capacity to crank out jet fighters, tanks and bombers in short order. German does already produces aerospace miltary hardware for Nato, and Germany has developed it own tanks. The only holding them back is that US is providing Security in Europe.

When US federal gov't collapses, it leaving a vacuum for other nations to fill the void. Perhaps its France or Russia that will try to muscle its way in attempt to grab power/resources. Other industrialize nations will quickly choose to beef up thier military infrastructure in order to prevent them from dominating the region. Germany is smack in the middle and will have to act in the absent of the US power in Europe.

I suspect the US will begin withdrawing US forces from Europe in the next two to three years, because it simply can no longer afford to maintain its overextended miltary power. US will focus in regions that matter US interest, most likely the Middle east and Africa (oil producers) to ensure the flow of Oil. The US will also need to recall forces to address civil disobeyance at home as the economy continues to stall and American public becines irate when they wake up an realize that DC has screwed them.

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Yeah, yeah, blah blah..... what do all those long-term possibilities have to do with the original scenario, that is the current euro-crisis?

Nothing? See, end of story. Your argument is off-topic. You're talking about longterm consequences, when the topic was the next few years. Your arguments about possible longterm consequences may or may not be true - but in any case, they have nothing to do with the original argument. There is no way in hell, how germany can in a matter of 5 years modernize and ramp up its entire military, train everyone for all this stuff, reorganize its military buerocracy, and undo 60 years of public indoctrination.

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Aguy said "People are no different today than they were 50, 100, or even 2000 years ago"

What is different is where people get their information.  What has occurred is an information revolution.  The only way the elites could do what they did before would be to shut down the internet and somehow get the populace to accept that.  Brzinski (sp?) told a CFR meeting last year that more people are awake and politically aware than at any time throughout history.  The elites continue with their game, thinking that this has not occurred.  Their game depends on the masses not knowing what is going on.

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Germany has zero political power. It is an occupied country, there are tens of thousands of US combat troops there and will never leave. Ditto for Japan and Italy.


Germany is a vassal state of the criminal banking oligarchy. However, the populace is actually pacifist.

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It's even hard to be a fan of the Ancient German tribes, because you are automatically linked to *far-right* groups.

Homework to anyone that still swallows this crap (that is most people) is to find a link between the *leftist* programs of the Nazi government to any far-right group.

Things that go bump's picture

You are confused.  Communism is the far left of the left wing.  Fascism is the far right of the right wing.  There was nothing progressive or liberal about the Nazis.  Economically, in that system gains were privatized and losses were socialized, kind of like today. Mussolini said that, "Fascism should rightly be called Corporatism, as it is the merger of corporate and government power." 

nonclaim's picture

Show me the link is what I asked.

You, instead, just glazed over it and parroted the party line.

Things that go bump's picture

How can we debate if we can't agree about basic definitions?

nonclaim's picture

True. But we can agree that if one of the basics have opposing definitions either one (or both) is wrong. I won't have time to continue now... Either way, have a good weekend.

Things that go bump's picture

You too.  Unfortunately, I have to work.

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Good post, put it in a time capsule. In 80 years it will be interesting to gauge the then-American view and feeling toward war and foreign occupation. Economic collapse in the USA an absolute shoe-in during the interim, shrinkage and pullback of military a given.

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1913 inception of the Fed.

2 world wars followed

2008 the official end of the American superpower

next big war is already programmed

your tax dollars at work

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God damn where's the LIKE button??

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See the stars right under the youtube video? Click away!

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And to think there is still people in the UK who'd like to join the Euro still.  Farage is great.

Pool Shark's picture


"And to think there is still people in the UK who'd like to join the Euro still."

They've had their brains eaten by Zombie Banksters...


the tower's picture

farage = bankster


are you blind or what

Transformer's picture

That's some rather odd math.

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perhaps a reasonable explanation for the central bank (and government) mentality might be found in the following statement:

"Should government refrain from regulation and taxation, the worthlessness of the money becomes apparent and the fraud can no longer be concealed."

John Maynard Keynes "The Economic Consequences of Peace"

narnia's picture

this reality is true whether a central government or a central bank issues fiat currency. a government must regulate legal tender laws by force, make people pay taxes by force with that legal tender & the citizens must actually respect that force & comply with it (rule of law)... or the fiat currency fails.

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Insanity can only result in utter collapse since for the insane to do anything to actually save the system would be directly opposed to the underlying insane impulses.

It must self destruct in order to complete the insanity cycle. To expect or even hope that the insane can or will be reasonable or responsible is to demonstrate with 100% certainty that we are also insane.

When we we final accept the inevitable? We must do what they will not and can not do.

narnia's picture

people are not innocent bystanders here.  nothing is stopping states from breaking up legal tender laws, setting up people's grand juries, nullifying unconstitutional laws & going after the constitutionality of the Fed & US participation in international institutions.  

at some point you have to ask yourself, are you a sheep for not being awake to the reality or you a sheep for watching this take place and not doing anything about it?

Founders Keeper's picture

[people are not innocent bystanders here.  nothing is stopping states from breaking up legal tender laws...]---narnia

Hi narnia.

You are right, they are not innocent bystanders. IMO, they are ignorant bystanders. (As I used to be.)

Legal tender laws, jury trials, nullification, the unconstitutional establishment of the Fed Resv, etc. are all non-sense to an ill-informed people. To the average American, you're talking crazy talk---that's how far we've fallen from our nation's founding principles.

Cog Dis was correct for the most part. However, you and I cannot unwind this web. Impossible now. This evil web is so complete the spider will soon find itself ensnared. Then he'll panic. Afterwards, we are responsible to setting things right. I hope you're with us.


cougar_w's picture

Do something? You so crazy.

My wife and I have this running joke that the way things are you'd have to be crazy not to go insane, and anyone who's acting normal must have already lost their mind.

Like all wry humor, it's funny because it's true.

Example: I confronted a homeless guy on the rail platform yesterday. He was ranting at the top of his lungs, profanity and arguing with invisible people. I told him to shut up because he was scaring everyone. He sobered right up and started arguing with me about how he doesn't need to do what I say. Gonna kick my ass, etc.

But he did wander off, his ranting at an end. I got on the train and went to work.

He was not actually crazy, I realize that now. Self indulgent yes, bored certainly. Knew just what he was doing, he was annoying the fuck out of the commuters going to their posh jobs in SIlicon Valley.

I see that guy again, I'm buying him breakfast. I bet he has a lot to say about shit, living it every day.

And maybe the only sane stranger I interacted with the entire day.

carbonmutant's picture

You sound like you've been talking to the Cheshire Cat again.

cougar_w's picture

Me and the snoop catt, we tight.

Eireann go Brach's picture

I bet Sarkozy will jump out of the coffin in a monkey suit

hungarianboy's picture

no no nooooo, Barosso :-)

Or Sarkozy TOGETHER with Barosso :-)

That'd be EPIC! LOL

Atomizer's picture

LOL, too funny. This reminds me of his Treaty of Lisbon Chicken Run.