The Nine Most "Inconvenient" RoboSigning Admissions BofA Would Love To Disappear

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But remember what the banksters said:

It's the LENDERS fault that THEY 'had to' commit fraud when foreclosing.

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And for anyone who did not wade through Matt Taibbi new Rolling Stone piece, please know this:

He interviewed people who contacted the bank to "work out" the loan and were told by the bank to stop making payments.  Problem is, the bank would later use the nonpayments to foreclose, although this is exactly the instructions that bank employees gave the borrower.  Of course, the root of the fraud was the financial engineering of securitized mortgages; it was doomed to fail.

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Just got my letter from BoA yesterday.... 


They said I do not have legal authority to see "an original copy of the Note," but they sent me instead "a copy of the original Note."  I swear, they think we're stupid.  My closing was with a different bank, who sold the Note to BoA.  I want to know if BoA is the legal owner of the Note, because, if not, I'm paying them a lot of money for nothing.  The original closing bank already got paid by BoA.  But do I have to pay BoA?  Not if they broke the law. 


Failure to execute duties legally on your part does not constitute a conditionless debt on my part.

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Certified letter, return receipt. Make it a final demand letter and threaten to turn this over to your state's AG and contact the FDIC for potential action for fraud.

Bet you get a response.

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I did the "Where's my Note" website form letter thing.  I'm sure they have 1,000 lawyers on this and this is their standard response.  And I'm also sure 99.9% of recipients will read the letter and say, "Aw, shucks, I don't have 'legal authority' to see my own mortgage note."  So they send you your original closing documents, but not the documents that show transfer of the Note from Bank X to BoA.  Fishy.  Any lawyers around here?  Anyone starting a class action suit?  I never signed a contract with BoA, only with Weststar (the original note holder).

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I'm fairly certain, depending on what state you live in, that any note which you have a financial obligation to service, you have the legal right for a notarized copy of the original.

Of course that was before the United States pissed on the 4th Amendment and said contract law isn't really reflective of private property rights, so you're just going to have to accept the new system where selective application of the law is a power for only those that can afford it.

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red handed. good job ZH.

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Checck out which has some good info centering on the UCC statutes.

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The people at this organization from the level of any college educated manager on up should be charged with fraud andbanned from the business.  The executives and senior managers should be in a jail cell somewhere.  Just outrageous. 

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Even (and especially) if you don't have a note with BAC or C or ??, you should write a letter demanding an original copy of your note; in fact, everyone in the United States should write a letter to any bailed-out, extend-and-pretend bank demanding an original copy of your note............even if you rent........even if you're an illegal alien.

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"When you say 'financial' are you referring to matters relating to banking?"
"No. We don't do mortgages in my country. ... I don't have any idea about mortgages when I started here."


Well played, BAC.


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Wait for it...wait for it...'cause daddy's gettin' a free house...

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Hold your breath till daddy gets his free house and see what happens.

While you're waiting you can get tuned into some of the latest thoughts on string theory:

Wait for it daddy, don't let that breath out, hold it...

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That Crystal Moore chick looks like some kind of stretched-out Mona Lisa.

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i was thinking the exact same thing...MERSa Lisa.

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wow eerily so - and the background too. paging dr. banzai... 

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I did'nt know Twinkies were around in in Leonardo's time.

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that comment was hilarious, but i saw the vid and i kinda like her, so maybe we shouldn't go ther.

but this is gettin creepy:

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i thought she looked like me in my young ages, with more fat on my face. i swear. you guys are hilarious. but this shit makes me depressed. good thing i got my bro's, to lighten up this room.

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That is an awfully sad indictment of Amerika.

Such possibilities! I'd come there with such shining eyes...year after year the mask slipped.

Then .Crash, 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan....

Not in my name sure failed, eh?


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she is our masterpiece

many a true word...

LOL, if you didn't laugh, you would be crying...

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"That Crystal Moore chick looks like some kind of stretched-out Mona Lisa."

LOL. Yeah, but Dhurata is showing some cleavage so the attorneys go easy on her:

Dhurata: "We don't do mortgages in my country."

Attorney David Alan Grier: "Nice breasteses... So what do you do in your country?"

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This is just FUBAR.

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Interesting, and I thought that Mess-o-potamia was located in the Middle East.

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I agree with you, Orly. Stealing other people's avatar should not be tolerated.

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Bitch, is it?

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My call is to black-ball the asshole called JonNadler.

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It has been taken care of, I hope, by .  If you see any other avatars being stolen, please inform ZeroHedge.

Seriously, do I care about my photo or RobotTrader's avatar?  Not really.  What I care about is the possibility of some nefarious stuff going on underground and behind the scenes.  ZeroHedge should at least be made aware that someone is using the site for something other than they intended.

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"bingo, bango, bongo..?"  Boy.

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