No, the Amount of Radiation Released from the Japanese Nuclear Reactors is NOT "Safe"

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oh don't worry about it. by the time any radiation gets here, it will be harmless.........blah blah blah.......yeh sure...........

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You know TEPCO is gonna build 2 reactors on the gulf coast. Does anyone think this is a good idea?

" The Administration, just months ago, asked Congress to provide a $4 billion loan guarantee for two new nuclear reactors to be built and operated on the Gulf Coast of Texas -- by Tokyo Electric Power and local partners. As if the Gulf hasn't suffered enough.

Here are the facts about Tokyo Electric and the industry you haven't heard on CNN:

The failure of emergency systems at Japan's nuclear plants comes as no surprise to those of us who have worked in the field.

Nuclear plants the world over must be certified for what is called "SQ" or "Seismic Qualification." That is, the owners swear that all components are designed for the maximum conceivable shaking event, be it from an earthquake or an exploding Christmas card from Al Qaeda.

The most inexpensive way to meet your SQ is to lie. The industry does it all the time. The government team I worked with caught them once, in 1988, at the Shoreham plant in New York. Correcting the SQ problem at Shoreham would have cost a cool billion, so engineers were told to change the tests from 'failed' to 'passed.'

The company that put in the false safety report? Stone & Webster, now the nuclear unit of Shaw Construction which will work with Tokyo Electric to build the Texas plant, Lord help us."

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Even more insulting: Toshiba, the company that covered up welding mistakes on the expensive containment chamber pot, bought the rights to Westinghouse so the sheeple can think it's an American company installing death now or later


Check out DU pics. DU used in Afghanistan, Hawaii, Iraq and now Libya by US military brainwashed into thinking 1/1000 getting cancer is a good bet. Ask dying Army Nuclear Physics PhD whistleblower Doug Rokke: 14:54 AJ Alert


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Read a post down below suggesting you explain the difference between the WW II bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the radiation from Fukushima.   I second that suggestion.


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Brian Moench, MD, writes:

The Japanese reactors hold about 1,000 times more radiation than the bombs dropped over Hiroshima.(1)


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Bombs designed to consume all/most of their radioactive fuel at once, while reactors keep giving for up to 4.46 B years

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Yet the govt. won't tell us what error they are detecing on the radiation sensors.  They want to review it because they are showing so high and the govt. doesn't want that data to show online or to the public, so they call it an error and then they recalibrate it low.

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There is some evidence that mutations from low level x-rays require two photons to become permanent, and therefore dangerous.  This would make low levels of xrays have a "dose squared" relationship.  That is, reducing the dose by half, would result in 1/4 the number of cancers.  This only applies to low doses of xrays.  Gamma rays and radioactive atoms like Iodine or Cesium (to name just 2), would overwhelm the body's defenses against background radiation, and would likely have a linear relationship: more radiation = more cancer.

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Zero Hedge is getting into tinfoil-hat range these days.  Please do something to help the tens of thousands of families who have had to suffer from real tragedy.  And spend some time researching the possible effects of Iodine and Caesium from a nuclear reactor:

I have been such a fan of Zero Hedge for so long but on this topic you are simply insane.

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Would hope for better from someone registered @ ZH 40 weeks

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The apologist at the Register ignores the reality as reported by the New York Times. Note the exposure levels to the burned workers and compare it to what is being reported at the Register.


The National Institute of Radiological Sciences said that the radioactivity of the water that the three workers had stepped in was 10,000 times the level normally seen in coolant water at the plant. It said that the amount of radiation the workers are thought to have been exposed to in the water was 2 to 6 sievert. Even 2 sievert is eight times the new 250 millisievert annual exposure limit set for workers at Daiichi in the days after the disaster; the previous limit was 100. Tokyo Electric officials said that water with an equally high radiation level had been found in the No. 1 reactor building, The Associated Press reported.

Skin exposures of 2 to 6 sieverts will cause severe burns, according to Dr. David J. Brenner, Director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. But if those doses reach the whole body and not just the skin “you’re at a very high risk of dying,” he said. At a dose of 4 sieverts half of the people exposed will die, Dr. Brenner said. But he said that from the information that had been provided it was not clear whether the dose to the workers reached their skin only, or penetrated their bodies.

Concerns about Reactor No. 3 have surfaced before. Japanese officials said nine days ago that the reactor vessel may have been damaged.

Hidehiko Nishiyama, deputy director-general of the Japan Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, mentioned damage to the reactor vessel on Friday as a possible explanation of how water in the adjacent containment building had become so radioactive. A senior nuclear executive who insisted on anonymity but has broad contacts in Japan said that there was a long vertical crack running down the side of the reactor vessel itself. The crack runs down below the water level in the reactor and has been leaking fluids and gases, he said.

The severity of the radiation burns to the injured workers are consistent with contamination by water that had been in contact with damaged fuel rods, the executive said."


It said that the amount of radiation the workers are thought to have been exposed to in the water was 2 to 6 sievert. A crack in the containment vessel.

I don't think we are in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Turns out the yellow brick road was just yellowcake uranium.

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Is anyone actually surprised? First, the Japanese have a long tradition of saving face. If GE designed the reactors, why the heck would the Japanese rush in to fix anything? Welcome to the real weapons of mass destruction. The US military is probably effectively neutered, for all that we have generals and admirals becoming lobbyists, which is why we see the "open the can of variety beer" coverage this week of "Gaddhafi" probably according to a plan the Pentagon wrote 10 years ago.

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You have to figure all the reactors in the buildings that had huge explosions are completely decoupled from their control, monitoring, and cooling systems with the only available cooling is passive water immersion and monitors installed after the explosions and monitors in other buildings which didn't explode.

Any data they get is only inferred from limited knowledge.  

Control valves, guages have to be connected to work, its likely all the cabling connecting those systems to the reactors were blown apart, I can't imagine catastrophic explosion proof cableing, and guages, ya I'm sure they're robust but explosion proof? no way.

As far as the water pumps go, they wont work either if the water or cooling fluids are filled with building debris including chunks of concrete and steel building parts.  

Eventially they gonna have  a suicide crew hoist the debris onto a barge and sink it in a subduction zone, nothing will change until that time, I don't think the Japs will accept a festering nuclear leak for long, they may even ask us to nuke it (with a tactical nuke) off the Island when the wind is right.

Boom end of discussion.

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they may even ask us to nuke it (with a tactical nuke) off the Island when the wind is right.

What are you smoking and where can I get some?


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for what its worth....radiation is being detected in california least one supermarket chain where a friend of mine works is aware and monitoring the situation...via the FDA

being in produce dept as a manager he's unsure what to do interms of personal exposure considering all he handles daily

his company is looking at suspending their use of california produce...they are a northeastern US distributor, but he frequently is out west for produce purchasing etc.


and yet the japs are being told to rinse off their produce with what i can only assume would be contaminated water



at least chernobyl reactor was blown open to the air, so boron et al could be directly dumped on the problem

in fukushima ,someone is going to have to go in and insert the boron, i assume in small enuf bags that they can carry it to where it needs to go

of course its going to need to be cool enuf and the radiation low enuf that they can even do that, which i assume means it needs boron inserted first

we have a serious ass hole in this here bucket

and then bury it with an amount of concrete equal to the size of the pyramid at giza, which i believe the ground wont even support

this whole procedure, if any of it is even possible, will be billed to the taxpayers, while some corporation has taken the profits for years, all while having no long term plan for the eventual permanent disposal of any and all waste created

thus we always have things like superfund to clean up some corporations mess, mountaintop removal for coal mining, fracking for gas, the GOM oil disaster...constant destruction of earth for the sake of energy and endless wars for same

makes me want to go on a screaming rampage

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makes me want to go on a screaming rampage

Do some research on the effects of different types of reactors and isotopes.  Anyone in California who is worried about the radiation they are getting in the air IS A MORON.

Even the children at Chernobyl who drank contaminated milk had a 0.02 percent increased chance of thyroid cancer - which has one of the highest survival rates (ironically it is treated with radioactive iodine).

Compare the doses you find in these reports with this chart:

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Watch ALL of this Russian video, then tell us how cautious we should all be,,,
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Watch ALL of this Russian video, then tell us how cautious we should all be,,,
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The fact that the 3 people were in the compound without a radiation detector to warn them of high levels of radiation is quite telling! God help Japan they need it.

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“… every increment of radiation exposure produces an incremen­tal increase in the risk of cancer.”

are there any studies or statistics that would indicate higher rates of "radiation exposure-like" illnesses occuring in NYC and among those that helped with WTC cleanup?  What I am referring to is Dimitri Khalezov theory that WTC 1,2,7 was nuked:


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The only existential question now facing the japanese nation is : should the emperor soliloquize : to be or not to Hamlet. Or should he say : a horse, a horse my kingdom for a horse?!! Richard III.

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thanks for the post GW

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I haven't heard anyone mention how the new normal of background of isotopes will overwhelm most if not all radiation detector technology at air and sea ports.

Used to be that if you got sub-micro Bequerels, of cesium/iodide isotopes, you set of alarms. You know, there is no reason to get those besides fission. The new normal background levels after a few months of this will be 5-10x higher for the foreseeable future.

How do we screen incoming transport when the background is higher than what we are trying to screen? Scary shit.

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How would one zero a Geiger Counter after this. We will have to send them into space to be zeroed.

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How would one zero a Geiger Counter after this. We will have to send them into space to be zeroed.

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How would one zero a Geiger Counter after this. We will have to send them into space to be zeroed.

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TPTB care not for the dead and dying - only that panic never ensues.

View the Gulf of Mexico. Old news for most sheeple. Japan is already old news as well in their eyes.

Solution? Make personal and community-level preparations for self-sustainability. JIT infrastructure cannot be counted on for much longer.

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Good point, but I don't think anyone wants to discuss the security aspects of all of this.

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It is, indeed, an interesting point. 

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Wall street spread their toxic shit all over the world and now Japan pays us back with Actual Toxic radiation...the irony

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This is not a good day to be a Hypercondriac

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Ralph Nader makes interest comments in the Q&A in part 4 , linked below :

# The US Nuclear Industry and Universities received Dr. Alexey Yablokov’s Report which was translated into English … mostly silence !!!

# Dr. Alexey Yablokov’s data showed fatality rates 100x times higher than those which the WHO reported !!! ( @6:30 onwards )


Nuclear Crisis In Japan & The Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster 

Part 4 :



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Ralph Nader is an asshat.

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ad hominems take a hike

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I've begun to hope the astroturf trolls are right, and that this is all much ado about nothing.

Has it occurred to anyone that if the trolls are even a little bit wrong, the consequences of this thing are still catastrophic?

If they were able to bring it all under control right now, it still is a catastrophe.

So wtf? The trolls are irrefutably wrong then.

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Matte Black


U will find this Russian video "instructive" (it's 90 minutes long.)

Watch it all.

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hey...radiation is good for do you think we went from monkeys to where we are today...thank a cosmic ray.

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most mutations are lethal

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Friday, March 25, 2011
Canada.......Japan 1/ Canada...Tis the beginning of the Secession by Western Canada.....Eastern Canada's Provinces of Quebec and Ontario are running hummungus Provincial Deficits and expect Western Canada Four Provinces to burden Eastern Canada's costs.

2/   Japan...It is looking more and more like a major portion of the 30 to 120 million Japanese may have to emigrate to North America and elsewhere. Fukashima radiation may also threaten mainland Asia.  stay safe 

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I never really liked spinach, anyway

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you are a traitor to Popeye, sir! and to Olive Oyl, sweat pea!

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Some additional info:

TOKYO, March 25, Kyodo

Water which three workers were exposed to at the crisis-hit Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant contained radioactive materials 10,000 times the normal level, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said Friday.


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Here on our side of the pond, we shake at the arrogant certitude of french bureaucracy  in the face of rising public doubts about the reliability of their aging nuclear park : 58 reactors, most of them built in the '70s!

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Corexit suschi


We are doomed

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More like they may be doomed... well not doomed... just irradiated a little.

Check out the wind direction on the 27th and 28th. Not good for Tokyo.

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"just irradiated a little."

Yeah, every day for how long? Months?  It adds up.

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Do you have any idea what the real absolut worst case could be, assuming #3 gets so hot they have to flee and leave all reactors unattended? It may not be "likely" but if everything continues to go badly, how ugly can it really get?