No Recovery - Next up, Resession or Collapse?

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I see no proof that the era of rampant spending in Washington D.C. is coming to an end, only talk from politicians, which is less than worthless.


Given the regulatory and litigation environment in the US- only government and big corporations (paying slave labor wages) will be able to create a meaningful number of worthless or counterproductive jobs for the foreseeable future. 



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People aren't just robbing phramacies because they are addicts but because they don't have insurance and their loved ones are DYING and in great PAIN.

COBRA cost for me and my two kids = $1,440 a month.  A MONTH.  Not per year, per month.  Insane.

We are a bunch of baboons.

Bling chain restaurants and 127 channels of charnel but if you want to get routine medical care you will go bankrupt.

Generations of good upbringing has been milked by malfeasant greedy sons of bitches and wenches from hell to destroy the society for MAMMON and MAMMON NOW.

Sold out, backstabbed, bled, lied to, misled, propagandized into poverty so the elites can eat high on the hog.

The balance is tipping and the party will be over soon due to GREED and LUST and the loss of holding humility, forebearance, and selflessness in esteem and instead taking advantage of the good to feed the bad.

The road to HELL.


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As in snake venom? I know old men use it, but kids??

Or as in Cobroxin for Arthritis??

If the latter, try some medical marijuana...

Along with this:

I use their hemp mayonaise, hemp caesar salad dressing and hemp cooking oils.  All are seriously high in omegas (good for joints etc), they taste amazing and they deliver worldwide.






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A good friend just travelled back home to Peru for an operation to remove a tumor from his jaw. Total cost including plane tickets= $5,000.

The quote from his doctor here in the US was over $30,000.

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Who's going to make sure all the nuclear reactors go cold shutdown for months after the crash?

After the crash, who's going to keep circulating water over tens of thousands of tons of spent fuel rods, basically FOREVER?

The entire world is going to become uninhabitable if we don't do this right.

I think that means we have to pre-empt the crash.  Take our country back BEFORE the SHTF.


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Collapse.  Friend of mine is an air-hostess, doesn't really follow the financial markets.  But females have kick ass instincts.

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No recovery.....just decline until....

the next civil war...a few yrs from state will quit the union (texas)? and then a lot more will join them. war follows. after a loose confederation of regional state blocs to preserve the North american integrity, but hostile to foreign powers.

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we may have hit the point in time, when some people believe being taken care of in jail is actually a better option then being left out on the streets

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Of course the politicians are at fault!  They created the FED the same year they created the IRS in 1913.  The IRS only exists to pay the interest that the US treasury borrows from the FED.  If they created it, they can surely end it too!!!



(Who is the girl btw? She's kind of hot - in a pale, disturbing sort of way)

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she is the face of "resession"... I don't like this session at all!

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Lets see.....recovery....or...collapse...

For whom?

The Middle Class is already burdened with Bank Bailouts, Bank Bonuses....subsidizing deadbeat house owners who are nnot paying their mortgages, new car buyers, golf cart buyers, Obamacare, mage-pension plan payouts, and three wars.

So whom are you talking about? Recovery for the Middle Class? I'm all for it.

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 Yes Mark , it is curable, but the cure will probably kill us. Bernanke is an intelligent

 and educated man who has the best birdseye view of the economy of anyone in

 the USA. His trembling lip says it all. We are screwed. If you think the American

 people can weather the financial storm that's coming, you are the ultimate 

 optimist. I will take my cue from the trembling lip and make sure my firearms

 are loaded and ready for action.

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Correct the spelling!

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I have to scroll down here to see this! Wow! "resession" is true "regression"...Ilene, wherever you are...

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A recovery is not possible until industries are found that create jobs, or more appropriately, jobs that are created match the talents, experience, and learning abilities of those available that need work.

Under that circumstance--- which is the reality of where we are today--we will continue to muddle along year after year for a decade or longer.  In fact, given the Plutocratic society we live in globally, my prediction is that we will never, at least in the mature economies, ever grow again. 

There will be pockets of growth but as a nation, as a country that will grow to 400,000,000 people over the next 20 years, there will be many hundreds of millions who will have to either resign themselves to living on a dole of some kind, and drastically lower their expectations.  We have only begun to see ourselves living the europeans and the citizens of the U.K.

The biggest growth industry will be crime.  Coupled with the overcrowding now in our prisons, early release programs will multiply in essence turning criminals back out on to the streets to try and try again.  Given that our prisoners get first rate health care, a warm place to sleep, and all the food they can eat, it may prove to be a lifestyle choice for a goodly number of them who find life in our ever growing more mean streets just too damned dangerous.



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ZH-er Gordon_Gekko:

"All else will be left behind when the Gold Mothership takes off."

"Buy.Gold.Now." (that would be physical gold in your own possession).

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But, remember, it is all curable - if we, the people, will simply not stand for it any longer, change can be forced.  No, not without a fight.  In fact, get ready for the most intense, political struggle since the Civil War - but it can be done.  We still have all we ever had - it has just been choked off by Big Government and Big Corporation. Break the log jam and the native drive of the American people will overcome all obstacles.

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I believe it will be long and hard, but I think at the end of it things will be better.  I think good will win in the end.

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Disjointed article with more fear mongering - Ilene , you are no different than the Fed officials that scared our weak sister Congress and Senate into passing TARP . STOP THE FEAR MONGERING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I hope your love life is going there too...madison avenue is full of mad men!

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The native drive of the American people are the ones that have lived happily off of Big-Gov socialism for 60+ years.    Big-Mic, Big-Ag, Big-SocSec, Big-OldFartHealthCare, Big-Ed, Big-House, Big-AntiDrug, & Big-PoliceState all enthusiastically supported by the native "drive" of the American dumbasses.  Unfortunately, it looks like the dumbasses are about to be cut-off from their Big-SocSec and Big-OldFartHealthCare.   Well,  that's what happens when you don't have to pay attention to your government for 60+ years, your socialism turns into their crony-capitalism.      

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The bears have been saying economic collapse just about every year for the last 200 years.  Why the doom and gloom all the time?

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Beanie---Things are so dandy that you read zero hedge.

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Hope and Change but ZH is filled with O-bot arse *****ers.

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arse farriers?

they shoe the donkeys?

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Checklist of 'Oh Shit' -

  • Near Record or Record Margin
  • Near Record or Record Leverage
  • An Unregulated and Private Derivatives Market With a Notional Value Approximated at 600 Trillion USD, Which Will Ultimately Necessitate More Bailouts of 'TBTF' Entities Under Threat of "Martial Law" & "Tanks in the Streets" When Certain, Special Entities Lose Their Wagers
  • Excessive Governmental Meddling That Distorts Supply/Demand Curve
  • Excessive Central Bankster Meddling Via Monetary Policy Distorting Supply/Demand Curve
  • Complete Lack of Transparency As To How, What, When & Where Central Banksters Are Doing Things
  • An Accumulated Debt Overhang Built Over 40 Years That Puts Interest Component On National Debt, Alone, At Several Multitudes of What The Entire National Debt Was Just 20 Years Prior
  • An Accumulated Debt Carried By the Federal Government So Large That Nearly 30 Cents of Every Dollar Borrowed by Federal Government in Form of Annual Deficit Spending Goes Toward Interest on the Debt
  • A Structural Change in Employment Base Whereby a True 20% of the Workforce (18 to 60 Year Olds - Not Disabled) Can Not Find Permanent Work
  • A Structural Change in Employment Base Whereby a True 30% of the Workforce Can Only Find Work that Puts Them In 'Working Poor' Status
  • A Structural Change in the Economy & Society Whereby a True 50% of the Population is Dependent on Direct Government Aid & Subsidization In Order to Meet the Basic Expenses of their Day-To-Day Subsistence
  • Having The 'Financial Services' Industry Constitute 40%+ of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product, While The 'Manufacturing' Sector Consitutes Roughly 16% (Exact Inverse of Where Things Stood in 1968)
  • The U.S. Government Spending 1.41 for Each Dollar of Revenue it Receives On An Annual Basis.
  • Having Property Taxes at the Local Level of Government Grow 480x Over In 80 Years in Real Dollar Terms
  • Having The Government Move From A Model Whereby It Is Able to Balance Its Budget Taking a Mere 6% of the Average Annual Income of Americans in 1913 to One Whereby It Is Running An Annual Deficit Equal to 16% of GDP and Has A Debt of 108% of GDP (It's Actually Much Higher Than That) While Taking Nearly 20% of Average American's Incomes (This Nearly 20% Doesn't Include Sales Tax, Property Taxes, Use Taxes, Permit or License Taxes/Fees, License or Registration Taxes/Fees, State Income Taxes, Death Taxes, Personal Property Taxes, or a Myriad of other Taxes).
  • Having 3 Segment of the National Annual Budget Consume 80% of Spending: Medicare, Social Security & Defense
  • Having a Congress, Executive & Judicial Branch of Government in 'Deep Capture,' That Works For the Best Interests of the Military-Industrial-Financial Complex, Always
  • Having Sacrosanct Provisions of the Constitution Gutted, Shredded & Vaporized So Completely That The Constitution Becomes A Mere Reference Point & "Sometimes Persuasive," Rather Than A Mandatory Roadmap


What have I missed?

I know that I missed a lot.