Noam Chomsky: No Evidence that Al-Qaeda Carried Out the 9/11 Attacks

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Leading liberal intellectual Noam Chomsky just told Press TV:

"The explicit and declared motive of the [Afghanistan] war was to compel the Taliban to turn over to the United States, the people who they accused of having been involved in World Trade Center and Pentagon terrorist acts. The Taliban…they requested evidence…and the Bush administration refused to provide any," the 81-year-old senior academic made the remarks on Press TV's program a Simple Question.

"We later discovered one of the reasons why they did not bring evidence: they did not have any."

The political analyst also said that nonexistence of such evidence was confirmed by FBI eight months later.

head of FBI, after the most intense international investigation in
history, informed the press that the FBI believed that the plot may
have been hatched in Afghanistan, but was probably implemented in the
United Arab Emirates and Germany."

added that three weeks into the war, "a British officer announced that
the US and Britain would continue bombing, until the people of
Afghanistan overthrew the Taliban... That was later turned into the
official justification for the war."

"All of this was totally illegal. It was more, criminal," Chomsky said.

As Wired wrote on September 27, 2001:


Bush has said he has evidence that Osama bin Laden was behind the
attacks, so it would seem obvious that the FBI would include him and
other suspects on its 10 most wanted fugitives Web page.


Think again.


Bin Laden is listed, but only for the 1998 bombings of U.S. embassies
in Tanzania and Kenya. There is no mention of the 1993 World Trade
Center bombing or the attacks on the USS Cole in October 2000, both of
which he is widely believed to have orchestrated. And forget about Sept.


The reason? Fugitives on the list must be formally
charged with a crime, and bin Laden is still only a suspect in the
recent attacks in New York City and Washington.


"There's going to
be a considerable amount of time before anyone associated with the
attacks is actually charged," said Rex Tomb, who is head of the FBI's
chief fugitive publicity unit and helps decide which fugitives appear
on the list. "To be charged with a crime, this means we have found
evidence to confirm our suspicions, and a prosecutor has said we will
pursue this case in court."


Larry C. Johnson, a former CIA officer
who was deputy director of the U.S. State Department Office of
Counterterrorism from 1989 to 1993, said in a Sept. 12 interview
conducted by Frontline that there is no concrete proof that bin
Laden is responsible for the USS Cole and the 1993 WTC attacks, but bin
Laden celebrates those attacks and associates himself with people who
are responsible for it.


President Bush promises to reveal
evidence linking bin Laden to the suicide hijackers who attacked the
World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Bin Laden has applauded the
attacks but denies direct involvement.

The Bush administration never provided such evidence.

As I wrote last December:


President Obama said Tuesday night as justification for the surge in troops in Afghanistan:

did not ask for this fight. On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked
four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people.


Al Qaeda’s base of operations was in Afghanistan, where they were harbored by the Taliban”, who refused to turn over Osama bin Laden.

Is that true?


October 14, 2001, the Taliban offered to hand over Osama bin Laden to a
neutral country if the US halted bombing if the Taliban were given
evidence of Bin Laden's involvement in 9/11.

Specifically, as the Guardian writes:

to the White House after a weekend at Camp David, the president said
the bombing would not stop, unless the ruling Taliban "turn [bin Laden]
over, turn his cohorts over, turn any hostages they hold over." He
added, "There's no need to discuss innocence or guilt. We know he's
guilty" ...


Afghanistan's deputy prime minister, Haji Abdul Kabir,
told reporters that the Taliban would require evidence that Bin Laden
was behind the September 11 terrorist attacks in the US.


"If the
Taliban is given evidence that Osama bin Laden is involved" and the
bombing campaign stopped, "we would be ready to hand him over to a third
country", Mr Kabir added.

However, as the Guardian subsequently points out:

senior Taliban minister has offered a last-minute deal to hand over
Osama bin Laden during a secret visit to Islamabad, senior sources in
Pakistan told the Guardian last night.


For the first time, the Taliban offered to hand over Bin Laden for trial in a country other than the US without asking to see evidence first in return for a halt to the bombing, a source close to Pakistan's military leadership said.

And yet ... the U.S. turned down the offer and instead prosecuted war.

And in 2006, FBI agent Rex Tomb told reporter Ed Haas that the FBI still did not have enough evidence:

reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on Usama Bin Laden’s Most Wanted page
is because the FBI has no hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11.

In fact, many leading liberals have expressed doubts about 9/11,
including Daniel Ellsberg, Ray McGovern, William Blum, Dennis Kucinich,
Mike Gravel, Lewis Lapham, Dan Hamburg, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan,
Amy Goodman, Thom Hartmann, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Marc Crispin Miller,
Howard Zinn, Robert McChesney, Gore Vidal, Chris Floyd, Robert Fisk,
Medea Benjamin, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, Paul Hawken, David Cobb,
Randy Hayes, Ernest Callenbach, Dennis Bernstein, Paul H. Ray, Michael
Franti, Janeane Garafalo and Ed Asner.

As have many prominent old-fashioned conservatives. And the 9/11 Commissioners themselves. See this.

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Linguist Noam Chomsky stated that, regarding US government involvement in the 9/11 attacks, "the evidence that has been produced is essentially worthless" and while the American government stood to benefit from the incident, "every authoritarian system in the world gained from September 11th." He argues that the enormous risk of an information leak, "it is a very porous system and secrets are very hard to keep", and consequences of exposure for the Republican party would have made such a conspiracy foolish to attempt. He dismisses observations cited by conspiracy proponents saying, "if you look at the evidence, anybody who knows anything about the sciences would instantly discount that evidence," arguing that even when a scientific experiment is carried out repeatedly in a controlled environment, phenomena and coincidences remain that are unexplained.

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Have you been tested for rabies??




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And now for the biggest spy story of all, which comes to us at the end of a year that began with Hanssen's arrest. According to Charlie Smith at, "the FBI has stumbled on the largest espionage ring ever discovered inside the United States." We are talking, of course, about a possible Mossad or Russian intelligence operation. (Readers should recall that many Israeli citizens are actually from the "former" Soviet Union).


Approximately 100 Israeli citizens are being held by the U.S. Justice Department. Implicated in espionage, these Israelis have been tied to foreign criminal and intelligence groups (e.g., the Russian mafia and Russian military intelligence). The emphasis here should be on the word "criminal," since Russia is now the world's center for organized crime.


Two Israeli-owned companies have also been implicated. The companies in question are responsible for performing, according to Smith, "almost all of the official wiretaps for U.S. local, state and federal law enforcement."


For those familiar with the history of U.S. surveillance and counterintelligence this is not too surprising. The American bunglers are up to their old tricks (if incompetence could be classified as a "trick"). People wonder how a few Arabs with box-cutters could hijack four aircraft and kill thousands, causing billions of dollars in damage. Well, you can stop wondering.


For those readers worried about government wiretaps the news is far worse than the most paranoid conspiracy theories would have suggested. All this time there was no threat of the U.S. government spying on us. It was the Russian mafia, Mossad and the GRU that had free reign to tap telephones and listen to calls. The Russians and their criminal networks, having penetrated key Israeli-owned companies, went on to penetrate U.S. law enforcement at its intelligence-gathering center.


According to Charlie Smith's report, it now appears that foreign agents were allowed to direct U.S. domestic wiretaps. Criminals and spies, working together, reversed the government's surveillance mechanisms by illegally monitoring U.S. intelligence and law enforcement operations, feeding information to the criminals and foreign agents rather than to the Justice Department. "The illegal monitoring may have resulted in the deaths of several informants and reportedly spoiled planned anti-drug raids on crime syndicates," reports Smith. (We should also think back to Bill Clinton's phone sex with Monica Lewinsky. Wasn't there something, mentioned by Bill to Monica, about a foreign intelligence service listening in on government phone lines?)


Americans may think kindly of Russian President Vladimir Putin for promising to shut down the KGB's listening post at Lourdes, Cuba. But why should Putin need such a listening post when the Department of Justice itself has become a Russian front company?

The message from these and other recent stories is clear: America had better wake up and get serious about counterintelligence. Today the FBI struggles to locate nuclear weapons that may have been smuggled into the U.S. by terrorists. Does anyone think the FBI is up to the job?


It now appears we are about to learn a hard lesson. Our banking, our stock market - not to mention law enforcement - are totally vulnerable to clandestine foreign operators. It is not simply a question of terrorism. There are issues of economic sabotage to be explored as well.


By the way, GW, congratulations on adding “Birthers”, Holocaust deniers, and Stalin apologists to your already star-studded collection of America-haters, Marxists, “Truthers”, anti-Semites and other bigots, paranoid schizophrenics, illiterates (giving incorrect spelling lessons), frauds, plagiarists, and liars…
Quite an accomplishment -- a top-notch carnival freak show.  And no doubt America’s (external) enemies are extremely grateful for the efforts by you and your ilk.

But then again, it’s all about page hits, isn’t it?

loup garou's picture

Nine years have passed since terrorists destroyed the World Trade center and burnt the Pentagon. The terrorist cause was Islam, supposedly. The purpose of the attack was economic sabotage, most definitely. One might say that America was pushed as it strolled along the edge of an economic abyss. It is in this context we should consider the allegations of former KGB/FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko, who said the KGB was behind al Qaeda. Litvinenko claimed that Ayman al-Zawahri, the number two man in al Qaeda, was a longtime KGB agent. What lends credence to Litvinenko's claim is the well known fact that the Kremlin poisoned Litvinenko with radioactive polonium 210. The substance used to kill him was ridiculously expensive and exotic, indicating a government sponsored assassination. Major media outlets have confirmed the conclusion of official inquiries; namely, that Litvinenko was assassinated by Kremlin agents.


A curious addendum to Litvinenko’s testimony was broadcast on Echo of Moscow on 9 September 2010. A former member of the Russian parliament, Konstantin Borovoy, gave an interview to Tatyana Felgenhauer in which he revealed something related to 9/11 -- something that supports Litvinenko's allegations. Describing the 1999 terrorist attacks in Russia that enabled Putin and his FSB/KGB colleagues to take power, Borovoy indicated a conspiracy at the highest levels; specifically, he said the attacks were a method used to stop the advance of freedom and capitalism in Russia. The KGB had to reassert itself, and justify a gradual return to Soviet methods, by organizing terrorist acts that would be blamed on Muslims from Chechnya. Borovoy hoped the Russian people would catch on. He hoped they would realize who the real terrorists were; but this did not happen. "Actually," said Borovoy, "the [political] tactics or technology [of manipulation], which was tested through the bombing of the apartment houses [in 1999], worked. Every time an attack happens, people are frightened; and much of society responds very simply. They rally around the centers of power. " Borovoy then pointed to information indicating that the KGB was also behind the terrorist attacks of 9/11.


"When the apartment bombings happened in September of 1999 I held a press conference," said Borovoy, "I got hold of very serious intelligence. It happened to contain data ... about the U.S., which I gave to the FBI." The contact who provided this "serious intelligence" indicated that the FSB was, in fact, behind the apartment bombings. But there was more. "Besides that," Borovoy explained, "he also provided me with information regarding the United States. This information, in 1999, sounded totally absurd. He told me that someone named bin Laden was going to torpedo skyscrapers with Boeing airliners."


When Borovoy learned about the bin Laden story, as ridiculous as it sounded in 1999, he felt obligated to say something to the Americans. So when he was traveling in the United States a month later, he wanted to convey the information without sounding ridiculous. He therefore approached the Americans with an apology in case the information sounded crazy: Osama bin Laden was going to hit American skyscrapers with airliners. "I gave them this information," said Borovoy. "And would you believe, this exact thing happened in two years?"


So how did Russians in Moscow know about 9/11 two years in advance? If Borovoy is telling the truth, there is only one likely answer to the question. The Russians had long prepared something known by the General Staff as "the overture," which was described by GRU defector Viktor Suvorov as “a series of large and small operations the purpose of which is, before actual military operations begin, to weaken the enemy's morale, create an atmosphere of general suspicion, fear and uncertainty, and divert the attention of the enemy's armies and police forces to a huge number of different targets, each of which may be the object of the next attack."


According to Suvorov, the overture is carried out by special services agents of satellite countries and by "mercenaries recruited by intermediaries." The method employed in these operations is known as "grey terror." In Suvorov's words, this is a "kind of terror which is not conducted in the name of the Soviet Union. " Moscow does not leave its visiting card. Instead, other people's cards are used. "The terror is carried out in the name of already existing extremist groups not connected in any way with the Soviet Union, or in the name of fictitious organizations."


During the period of grey terror, Russian sabotage operations "should be regarded as natural disasters, actions by forces beyond human control, mistakes committed by people, or as terrorist acts...." Attending the terror campaign, there will also be a disinformation campaign intended to destroy the authority of the government. Plausible scandals will be created out of nothing. Generals and politicians will be driven to suicide. The KGB and GRU will dust off their old files -- especially files on the most powerful people in the West. These men and women, above all, will be targeted for destruction. Methods will include slander and innuendo. "The main victims now are the people whom the Soviets had tried to recruit but failed. Now carefully edited and annotated materials get into the hands of the press," noted Suvorov.


Soviet intelligence has tried to recruit thousands, even tens of thousands, of people in its time. They include young lieutenants who have now become generals and third secretaries who have now become ambassadors. All of them rejected Soviet efforts to recruit them, and now Soviet Intelligence avenges their refusal.


Imagine the confusion and erosion of authority that will attend this last phase of the operation. The most trustworthy people will be distrusted. Those who were actually recruited by Soviet Intelligence, will be the only figures apparently free from scandal. The peace movement will simultaneously gain prestige. Those who suspect Moscow will lose all credibility. Finally, when grey terror has served its purpose the Russians and their Communist allies will resort to open warfare: "Red Terror."


If you think "the overture" is fantasy, you are sadly mistaken. What Suvorov described in his book, written in the mid-1980s, is the very real plans of real men -- deadly enemies of the United States, determined to destroy America forever. Konstantin Boroyov is merely one witness out of many, telling you the same story. Litvinenko told this story more directly, and was poisoned. Boroyov offers a few facts, and hopes that people will "wake up." Of course, he knows they won't.


Related to this, a suggestive item recently appeared in an American newspaper, the Savannah Morning News. Effingham County Sheriff deputies arrested three men (two from “former” Soviet Russia and one from “former” Soviet Kazakhstan) near a power plant on Old Augusta Road at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, 5 September. The men were in possession of a machete, shovel, wire cutters and ski masks. According to the Savannah Morning News, one of the men “had black silk stockings in his front left pocket.” Of course, all three were released after being interviewed by officials of the Joint Terrorism Task Force.


The job of Soviet spetsnaz (special forces), who train in the United States under the guise of "tourists," is to infiltrate the U.S. prior to a nuclear war and take out key targets. These would include power plants, city water supplies, government leaders, etc. They are also tasked with burying nuclear weapons on American soil in advance of a war. If you look at Old Augusta Road on a map, it is located about two miles east of the McIntosh Combined Cycle Plant in a rural wooded area. So let us imagine this situation: three young male tourists from the “former” Soviet Union, of military age, driving a Nissan Pathfinder at 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning with ski masks and black silk stockings, a shovel, wire cutters and a machete. Their destination is not a nightclub or bar. They are driving to "the end of the road." From their tools one may expect they will be cutting their way through brush, digging a hole, and cutting wires. One more thing: Old Augusta Road has power lines running along its length. In the following passage, read what GRU Col. Stanislav Lunev says about Russian nuclear devices maintained on U.S. soil:


“Setting up one of these devices is complicated. The bombs need a small amount of power to keep them safely in storage. For example, the GRU specialist might have to run a very small wire to an electrical source, such as a power wire, and then attach it to the weapon. The wires can be run as far as one hundred yards or more from the weapon. The wires are small enough that they would easily break if someone tampered with them or tried to follow them to their source. In case there is a loss of power, there is a battery.”


According to Lunev, GRU operatives have been sent to find hiding places for Russian nuclear weapons on American soil. One of these weapons, the RA-115 portable nuclear weapon, is intended for use against American leaders and other targets of strategic importance at the outset of a war. As Lunev explained, “it is surprisingly easy to smuggle nuclear weapons into the U.S., either across the Mexican border or using a small transport missile that can slip by undetected when launched from a Russian airplane.”


Related to the suspects' possession of a shovel, GRU defector Suvorov explained that the shovel (or spade) is the “principle weapon” of Soviet spetsnaz. According to Suvorov, a shovel is an excellent device for torturing prisoners, “to cut off ears and fingers, to hit the victims in the liver and perform a whole catalogue of unpleasant operations on a person under interrogation.”



Through all of this we are led to suspect that Russia is preparing to attack the United States. Along with Communist China, it is only logical that the Russians are waiting for the collapse of the U.S. economy. They hope that Americans will turn against each other. They further hope that America's defensive systems will stop being serviced. Undoubtedly Americans are not acting wisely. The U.S. government is spending too much money. We continue to slide toward bankruptcy.

                _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Litvinenko stated that "all the bloodiest terrorists of the world" were connected to FSB-KGB, including Carlos "The Jackal" Ramírez, Yassir Arafat, Saddam Hussein, Abdullah Öcalan, Wadie Haddad of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, George Hawi who led the Communist Party of Lebanon, Ezekias Papaioannou from Cyprus, Sean Garland from Ireland and many others." He says that all of them were trained, funded, and provided with weapons, explosives and counterfeit documents in order to carry out terrorist attacks worldwide and that each act of terrorism made by these people was carried out according to the task and under the rigid control of the KGB of the USSR. Litvinenko said that "the center of global terrorism is not in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan or the Chechen Republic. The terrorism infection creeps away worldwide from the cabinets of the Lubyanka Square and the Kremlin."



In a July 2005 interview with the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita, Litvinenko alleged that Ayman al-Zawahiri, a prominent leader of al-Qaeda, was trained for half of a year by the FSB in Dagestan in 1997 and called him "an old agent of the FSB". Litvinenko said that after this training, al-Zawahiri "was transferred to Afghanistan, where he had never been before and where, following the recommendation of his Lubyanka chiefs, he at once ... penetrated the milieu of Osama bin Laden and soon became his assistant in Al Qaeda."  Former KGB officer and writer Konstantin Preobrazhenskiy supported this claim and said that Litvinenko "was responsible for securing the secrecy of Al-Zawahiri's arrival in Russia; he was trained by FSB instructors in Dagestan, Northern Caucasus, in 1996-1997."  He said: "At that time, Litvinenko was the Head of the Subdivision for Internationally Wanted Terrorists of the First Department of the Operative-Inquiry Directorate of the FSB Anti-Terrorist Department. He was ordered to undertake the delicate mission of securing Al-Zawahiri from unintentional disclosure by the Russian police. Though Al-Zawahiri had been brought to Russia by the FSB using a false passport, it was still possible for the police to learn about his arrival and report to Moscow for verification. Such a process could disclose Al-Zawahiri as an FSB collaborator. In order to prevent this, Litvinenko visited a group of the highly placed police officers to notify them in advance." According to FSB spokesman Sergei Ignatchenko, al-Zawahiri was arrested by Russian authorities in Dagestan in December 1996 and released in May 1997.


When asked in an interview who he thought the originator of the 2005 bombings in London was, Litvinenko responded saying, "You know, I have spoken about it earlier and I shall say now, that I know only one organization, which has made terrorism the main tool of solving  political problems. It is the Russian special services."


On 1 September 2005, al-Zawahiri and Mohammad Sidique Khan claimed responsibility for the attacks for Al Qaeda on a video tape which aired on al-Jazeera.


In his book Gang from Lubyanka, Litvinenko alleged that Vladimir Putin during his time at the FSB was personally involved in protecting the drug trafficking from Afghanistan organized by Abdul Rashid Dostum. In December 2003 Russian authorities confiscated over 4000 copies of the book.

            _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

From yesterday’s (Saturday, November 6, 2010) New York Times:

              _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Russian Secret Services' Links With Al-Qaeda

After summing up all the available information, an interesting picture becomes visible. In the end of 1996, al-Zawahiri comes to Russia for the first time. He is detained for violating the passport regime. He is put under arrest, being suspected of links with the Chechen separatists. During the trial, representatives of the FSB acquit him of all the suspicions. Once free, he "disappears" for almost two weeks. Only then does al-Zawahiri leave Russia.
In the first half of 1998, al-Zawahiri is totally occupied by the preparation of the terrorist bombings against the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. In the same period, using the same route as previously, he secretly visits Russia. After crossing the border, al-Zawahiri disappears once again, but this time his destination is known – it is a secret FSB base in Daghestan.
By all appearances, already after his return to Afghanistan, al-Zawahiri receives a strange envoy from Russia. This happens a little more than a month prior to the terrorist blasts in the East Africa. In consequence, there appear most serious suspicions that the man who visited al-Zawahiri in June, 1998, is directly connected to the Russian secret service.


Incidentally or not, but the Russian adventures of Ayman al-Zawahiri amazingly coincide in their timing with the activization of the USA in Central Asia. Few days before the date, when al-Zawahiri left Daghestani jail due to the mercy of FSB, Turkmen President Saparmurad Niiazov put his signature under the protocol on "concluding creation of a consortium for laying the gas pipeline via Afghanistan, till the 1st of October, this year". Thus, the chances grew considerably for the realization of a grandiose project for transportation of the Central Asian energy carriers via Afghanistan to the Pakistani Indian Ocean ports. At the first stage, the pipeline was supposed to deliver gas from Turkmenistan. Later on, Uzbekistan was expected to join the project. The key role in realization of this plan was played by the American company UNOCAL International Energy Ventures Ltd.  In case of success, Washington's influence in the former Soviet republics of Central Asia would have multiplied. Moreover, the states of this region would have gotten an opportunity to finally end their dependence of Moscow. Until the export of their energy carriers was performed through Russia, the Kremlin had a powerful gear of pressure over its former satellites.


As soon as, in the early 1990s, the idea of this pipeline emerged, the Americans and their Pakistani partners agreed that its construction would be possible only after termination of the internecine war in Afghanistan. After the Talibs appeared, it seemed that it is them who will bring their country the long-awaited stability. However, regardless of their military success, to the North of Kabul the fights never ceased. At the end of 1997, the USA came forward with the initiative of negotiations between the Talibs and the Northern Alliance. In November, UNOCAL company organized the visit to Washington of a high-ranking Talibs' delegation. During the meetings with them, the issue of pipeline construction had been discussed, as well as the question of future internal Afghani negotiations. It is after the return of this delegation to Kandahar that al-Zawahiri began to prepare the terrorist attacks on the American embassies in Africa. However, there was still more than half a year left until the realization of his plan. And for the moment, the events were unfolding according to the American scenario.


A few months after Talibs' visit to Washington, secret talks began between them and the representatives of the Northern Alliance. Furthermore, the Central Asian capitals were visited by Yan Kalitsky (White House adviser for the CIS states), and Robert G. Card (US Undersecretary, Department of Energy). Following this, the Turkmen President came to Washington. On the 23rd of April, there was a meeting between the two leaders. As soon as the month of May, the American representative in the UN, Bill Richardson, arrived in Kabul. With his direct participation, and with the assistance from the Pakistanis, the backstage contacts between the Talibs and their adversaries were activated. They continued during the next two months, and were supposed to end by signing a cease-fire approximately till the end of August. It was expected that after this a national unity government would be created, naturally opening a way to construction of the gas pipeline. Powerful blasts in the morning of August, the 7th, in Nairobi and Dar As-Salam destroyed all these plans. As it had to be expected, Washington's reaction followed soon after. On the 20th of August, the Pentagon delivered a missile attack on the Afghani territory. Few days later, Talibs' envoy in the UAE, Mohammed Madani declared: "After these totally unjustified missile strikes, we are in the state of war with the USA".


American diplomats and the representatives of UNOCAL had vanished from Afghanistan. Further work on the gas pipeline project became prospectless. Negotiating process terminated. Getting unspoken support from Tajikistan and Russia, the troops of Ahmad Shah Massoud made an effort to take the offensive. Although the latter had been successfully beaten off by the Talibs, the threat to Russian interests in the region passed away…

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Noam has also written and talked at length about the REAL reason behind Israel's attack on the flotilla. It has to do with hiding a natural gas rig in gaza's legal waters (yes, theft of 4-10 billion). Google it. As far as I recall, ZH wasn't very easy environment for this discussion in the past, because it was perceived as anti-Israel and, at the time, Marla was so juiced in defending the attack on the humanitarian vessel, she had posted close ups of a horse on board, claiming it was illegal military calvary. I thought it was a joke. It wasn't. I think I left the site for 4-5 months after that, simply because I started doubting the judgment of the unknown authors. I've come to appreciate TD, over time, when I recognize his work.   

FDR's picture

Chomsky has a key role to play in the establishment: painting the U.S.A. as an imperialist power from the start.  If American institutions and ideas are all militaristic, exploitive, etc. then where is one to begin to change things?  Chomsky has given our country the historic role of destroying any "viable socialist society" when in fact the American System is the only viable society, any successful industrial nation patterning itself on us for the past two centuries.  I remember seeing Chomsky speak at Johns Hopkins when I attended: the bastard received much applause from a packed house, and rave reviews in the school paper.  But wait, wasn't Hopkins at that time home to the most imperialistic elements in our establishment (Bzerzinski, Wolfowitz, Fukuyama, Ajami, Elliot Cohen, Robert Zoellick)? Of course, and their students were in attendence; they get what Chomsky's role is.

gossamer's picture

You need to change your name FDR.  It doesn't fit your Neocon, American Exceptionalism sputam.

Here's Chomsky in 1996 describing bailouts of TBTF corps by the Nanny state.  He describes privatized gains and socialized losses 12 years before the crime of the century.

FDR's picture

Neocon?  That's your reply to a comment where I describe Wolfowitz, Cohen, Zoellick, and Fukuyama as our worst imperialists?  But I do believe in American exceptionalism, it just hasn't existed during my own lifetime.  FDR was smashing the whole god-damned imperialist system in his day, but Noam would rather pine away for the Spanish anarchists of 1936, who accomplished - not a fucking thing.

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Not just the impotence, but the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of many US leftists was pitilessly displayed by the events of 9/11. Many who would never dream of believing Bush or the FBI on matters far less important were willing to swallow the entire official story this time around.


Noam Chomsky went so far as to issue a lengthy interview in the wake of 9/11; he even had it published as a small book. This passage is at the heart of the matter:


Q: NATO is keeping quiet until they find out whether the attack was internal or external. How do you interpret this?

Chomsky: I do not think that is the reason for NATO’s hesitation. There is no serious doubt that the attack was ‘external.’ […]


Q: Could you say something about connivance and the role of America secret service?


Chomsky: I don’t quite understand the question. This attack was surely an enormous shock and surprise to the intelligence services of the West, including those of the United States.” (Chomsky 17)


This leaves our poor Chomsky far to the right of the 9/11 euroskeptics – and that means foreign ministers, defense ministers, and generals -- in the NATO ministerial council! Michael Parenti’s book on the terrorism trap falls into it, at least as far as the 9/11 official story is concerned. Amy Goodman of the Democracy Now radio program banned all criticism of the official 9/11 story, while proclaiming her own superlative courage in tackling issues like East Timor.


When she finally let the dignified academic David Ray

Griffin come on her show, she insisted on balancing him with the slimy character assassin Chip Berlet, who knew nothing in particular about 9/11.


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I've enjoyed your article postings Geopol.  I'm new to the site and want to post one, how do I do it?(can't see anything obvious on these menu options.)

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You need to be a contributor after a long and distinguished record of posting.. I think..You will be advised the same by Tyler Durden




And welcome!!


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Yes I absolutely sit in judgement of you.  You are a complete idiot.  And you are a traitor to this country as well.

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 If the treason committed on 911 does not bother you and Geopol does....

 I can logically conclude that you are morally insane, and almost certainly a psychopath.


  Or a really transparent shill.An obvious and puerile one.

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warmer...warmer...Oh, NOW you're REALLY WARM.....

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Yes I absolutely sit in judgEment of you.


You need to drop the "E"


Constitutionally define traitor,, and connect it specifically to me,,, And you  blatantly ask Tyler to censor me???


1231 You can get treatment you know,,I have a friend in Vegas..



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You need to drop the "E"

Wrong. “Judgement” is an acceptable variant spelling of “judgment”.


Clue: Illiterates should be taking remedial English courses, not presuming to give them.

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Try this avatar..


Wouldn't you rather be a Buick??


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In all honesty.... how many of watched people jumping from buildings on 9/11?  I did!  And this is just plain OFFENSIVE.  It is literally beyond the pale.  You might as well go hang out with the President of Iran.  GW you are a coward and a hater of this country.  You are pathetic and I challenge you to stop hiding and identify your sick self.

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Hey bubba:

Nobody buys that fake patriotic indignant crap anymore. You need a new posting character. What's offensive is gubmint-paid gubmint- propaganda-spewing fucktards like yourself.

What does Iraq or Iran have anything to do with 911 Inside Job? Sources, please.

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Yes Osama has a hypnotic energy over people that are stranded in tall buildings..There only impulse is to jump!!!You connect jumping with Osama?? You need a third grade re-test...

Play time in one hour!!!


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There only impulse is to jump!!!”  [sic]


Absolutely pathetic, as usual. But not at all surprising. Over many months, he has repeatedly demonstrated an inability to distinguish between the words “their“, “there“, and “they’re”; between “were” and “where”,  and even between “to” and “too”. In other words, he is illiterate.

Indeed, a "third grade re-test" is in order...

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Humph!  <indignant outrage> Beyond-the-pale.

LMAO...When the shills start throwing hissy fits like wanna-be-drag-queens it is really very funny.

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bubba1231, you are a coward and a hater of this country.  You are pathetic and I challenge you to stop hiding and identify your sick self.

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He's a liberal, what can you expect? Next...

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Obviously not depth of thought from the likes of you, Sparky.

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To all those idiots who listened to GW rant and rave about BP.  He is a LUNATIC.  And I hereby call for him to be PERMANENTLY banned from this site.  This column is OFFENSIVE to those who lost loved ones on 9/11.  It isn't a matter of free speech.  This is idiotic drivel.  To even debate this topic is no different than debating whether the Holocaust happens.  If he is not banned I will be making the fact the ZH endorses debating this veiwpoint public to all major news organization etc.  This is an absolute disgrace.

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How about you "use the knobs on the TV" and stop reading his posts instead, shit for brains?

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bubba1231 is a LUNATIC.  And I hereby call for him to be PERMANENTLY banned from this site. He is an absolute disgrace.


Many 9/11 survivors and many 9/11 victim family members have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report.  Several even allege government complicity in the terrible acts of 9/11.

The public statements of many survivors contradict the Commission Report.  And the words and actions of some of the victims on that terrible day are in conflict with the Commission Report. 

Listed below are statements by more than 300 9/11 survivors, victims and family members that contradict or are critical of the 9/11 Commission Report. Their collective voices give credibility to the claim that the 9/11 Commission Report is tragically flawed.

These individuals cannot be simply dismissed as irresponsible believers in some 9/11 conspiracy theory. Their statements are based on their intimate familiarity with and intense study of the events of 9/11.  Their criticism of the Commission Report is not inherently irresponsible or illogical,  In fact, it is based on their desire to honor the victims of that terrible day by finding the truth and bringing to justice those responsible for these terrible acts.

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You my son need to hit the books,, and abandon the MSM version. I should let you be the judge of what I observe here on ZH??? You will be the judge for all of us??? You will take this assignment???


I'm smiling,,,

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This guy looks like a laugh, I say we prod him some more to see just how indignant he will become. Please people don't junk the man we wouldn't want such an amusing post to dissapear.

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Just scrolled down after writing this comment, looks like I'm late to the party.

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There are many layers to the onion. Certain information is presented to the public & think tanks determine effectiveness of pilot program. Based on trial, the program stalls or moves forward.

You have all read the UN's resent position for new taxation.

Let's go back in time.. 1988

Maitreya, the World Teacher appears out of thin air in Kenya

Then we have someone visiting abroad. Mentally challenged disabilities have there benefits.

Monkey catchers on guard for Barack Obama's India visit So what does this have to do with monkey's? Nothing. The aim of Maitreya Project is to bring
  • long-term social and economic benefit to millions of people in northern India.
  • sustained spiritual benefit to the world community.

Base of Teachings

The moral of this story, many work for a shadow figure to push an agenda. Noam had his time and followers. The next figurehead will arrive at the same outcome. Washed up and mistrusted.

Overtime, you will see the attempted plot unfold. Failure will ensue.

Watch || Ministry Messiah


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This is like when the cable business channels launch into 48 hours of weekend infomercials for cheap drapes and crappy jewelry. Stumbling upon it you think Who actually watches this shit?

Can't let good bandwidth lay dormant I guess.


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Noam should have more stuff published on ZH. Very quickly shows up the ignorant, mouthy and just plain delusional.

Lots here seem to be intent on "putting him in a box" to make it easier to write him off.  he's an anarcho syndicalist, he's a lefty, he's a jew bla bla bla. How about addressing what he says? He's just a person who is prepared to speak the truth after much considered thought and investigation.

I regard the US as a belligerent, myopic, fundamentalist, antisocial whirlwind of a clusterfuck. That culture has in larger or smaller doses (if lucky) been exported throughout the world by economic colonisation.

You americans should consider him a national treasure IMO if for no other reason than he makes the US appear more sane that it deserves.

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Personally I don't trust him. Mainly because of his stance on 9/11.

He basically said "too many people would know, someone would blow the whistle. Even if it was a false flag it doesn't matter." WELL IT FUCKING WELL MATTERS TO ME YOU ARMCHAIR INTELLECTUALIZER.

This stinks of toeing the line, if he truelly believed what he writes he would of jumped on 9/11 like his shoes were on fire, mobilising his huge fanbase in order get the truth out and bring about positive change. Instead he tries to diffuse critisicm and dismisses the whole issue as unimportant.

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you make good points, MOAB.

however, you fail to identify anything good about America, so you lose a bit of credibility.  

"thats because there's not anything good about america",  yeah, yeah.  america bashing.  no doubt, an easy target. 

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Some of us do (and recognize that you don't necessarily have to agree with his conclusions to learn from his deep perspective on American and global political history).

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At a deeper level, closer to the heart of the matter, the Kean-Hamilton has failed to indict the real September criminals. It leaves untouched the network of moles in the US government without whose efforts, both in preparation and in coverup, the events of 9/11 could never have happened. It has not identified the clandestine command center which directed the operation. It has taken not one step towards locating the technocrats of death who actually had the physical and technical capability to make these events happen, in contrast to the supermarket-caliber terrorists who are supposed to have caused them. All of these networks remain in place, and remain anxious to avoid detection.


The September criminals and their project, the clash of civilizations in the form of a new Thirty Years War, remain at large, their desperation magnified, but their power undiminished.


Think of this when you hear the strident clatter of the any regime as it warns the public that a new wave of terror attacks, quite possibly using weapons of mass destruction of the atomic, bacteriological and chemical varieties, is inevitable.. The government has failed us, and the Kean-Hamilton Commission has failed us, before, during and after 9/11. The September criminals remain in place, with every intention of striking again, then to take cover behind the shield of martial law.


We are opposed to terrorism. We seek to prevent a new wave of terrorism. We want to identify the September criminals and bring them to justice, because no one has laid a glove on them so far. We have no illusions about the psychotic Arab patsies whose antics are being used to cover up what was in reality a coup d’etat made in the USA, a coup d’etat not against the Presidency but in favor of a specific policy, that of the clash of civilizations.


We condemn terrorism because terrorism is the means used by oligarchs to wage secret war against the people. But the terrorism we fight is the real terrorism of the real world, not the idiotic distortions dished up by the regime and the media.


The official 9/11 account has by now taken on all the characteristics of a myth. In the minds of many, credulousness in regard to the myth has taken on the overtones of religious sanctity. It has taken root deeply in the dark places of the American mind. The myth is a sensitive subject, hedged round with powerful reaction formations and fearful taboos. Challenge these and the subject will often respond with irrational anger and indignation. Nevertheless, the fact remains: the official version has never been proved. It is an unproven assertion, and in the end a myth. Attempts to base an entire world order on unproven assertions and lies did not fare well in the twentieth century: the war guilt clause of the Versailles Treaty of 1919, which assigned exclusive responsibility for the war to Germany and her allies, while completely exonerating the Allies, was intended as a means to extort some 55 billion gold dollars in reparations. But it turned out to be the key to Hitler’s successful demagogy, and generally one of the main causes for fascism, Nazism, and World War II. Let us not build our political house on unproven assertions.


Indeed, we should recall that it was the Nazis themselves who avidly embraced myth as the basis for politics: the official chief ideologist of the Nazi movement was Alfred Rosenberg, and his famous work was The Myth of the Twentieth Century. The story of Osama in the distant cave is already the myth of the twenty-first century.

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About time you showed up geopol.

Pull out that trusty old 12 gauge of your'n and let loose with both barrels on the resident 9/11 Liars and Asshat MORONS.

Shatter their myths and half truths!

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"You will easily learn he was also a CIA/MIC creation. A direct result of the Vietnam War."

Ahah! Another lazy tool.  PolPot was a direct result of the Communist Ideology.

Go check what weapons they had for starts. In meantime you should check also what weapons had Saddam...but lazy minds don't check anything.

Explain to me why there wasn't boat people when there was War and why there was boat people when Communists tookover.

zalexs's picture

Ah a typical lazy mind that wants to feel secure so instead of knowing- something that a simple historical book will teach you - that there is much more uncertainty in the world.

The lazy mind wants a conspiracy because that is the comfortable and easiest  way to explain the world. There is no study to do, no deep knowledge of history required.

For example that are many forces in world. Some small, some big, some long , some short frequency.

The second reason the lazy mind believes conspiracies is because that is a way to make easy friends.

There isn't really much explaining to do.


It is curious that every example of conspiracy in world for Conspiracy theorists is made by the American Government. So what makes this possible are Americans humans and the other aren't or vice versa?

It is also curious that in conspiracy theories the other part, has no will, no ideas.

palmereldritch's picture

The lazy mind wants a conspiracy because that is the comfortable and easiest  way to explain the world. There is no study to do, no deep knowledge of history required.


History is replete with conspiracies and those are just the ones that the victors haven't redacted.  People here have studied, have deep knowledge and know their history.  

The science and facts support the call for a new investigation of 9/11.

Wouldn't a vigorous mind want nothing less?  I think you're the one short on will, ideas and proper english syntax fucko.

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The real conspiracies are of those of like minds, who need not form "plans" that a conspiracy theorist would point to. They simply act according to their beliefs, and all falls into place rather easily. No need for overt planning when the actors all believe the same things should occur. 

Do not our bankers believe that they are the only persons whose fortunes are non-negotiable, their positions of power and influence the only ones worth saving? Of course they do, and since they control the money, it should be no surprise that all of the statutes, rules, regulations, policies and even Fed actions serve their needs, and their needs alone. 

Welcome to the Clampdown. Your brown suit is at the dry cleaners. Go pick it up. 

zalexs's picture

Thank you. You have shown the typical ignorance that was to be expected. Historical.

You should read the "Carta del Lavoro" and other documents of Fascist ideology for start. What they say about Banks for example.

Maybe you'll find nearer the brown shirts than any other ideology.

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Noam Chomsky is a useless tool. Allow me to introduce Noam to his very own revenue stream who keep him employed as a pseudo-operation agent.

Globalization, Multilateralism, and Trade