North Korea Says Situation So Grave War May Break Out At Any Moment

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Headlines from Reuters. Kim, unlike Donny, is not a pacifist it seems.

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Let's get it on!!!


(easy for me to say...safely ensconced in my bunker in Kansas)

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Get it on? People forget memorial day pretty fast. Listen, war in that arena will be ultimately nasty. You guys got 28,500 troops that may die very quickly if confrontation breaks out. Don't forget that your sons may also get drafted as your army is pretty thinly stretched.....which happens to be the current state of affairs. War is hell and we don't want to go down that road.

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What's wrong with Walter, Dude?

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I always thought it was his weird haircut and campy glasses. And he's realizing he's not the bowler he hoped he'd be...

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I dabbled in pacifism once.  Not in Nam of course.

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Well I guess the element of surprise isn't that tactically important...

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When the first shell hits Seoul.... SURPRISE!

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That's because Kim is a little bit country, while Donny is definitely rock and roll

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Fire all of your guns at once, and explode into space...

Steppenwolf - Born to Be Wild

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Don't buy it, this is the every summer petting game. Luv is in the air.

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Interesting to see where China positions themselves. Why the Chinese don't try to address this as a regional problem, doesn't square with their sometimes provocative military activities (shooting at satellites, shadowing our carriers, building a blue water navy, which Heritage says will someday be the most prominent force on the worlds oceans) I mean if Mexico had nuclear weapons, and they were firing missiles over the GOM, the US would do something. When America went to war we converted our factories to military equipment. Now who has all the factories? 

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When America went to war?

Your America is ALWAYS at war, dude!

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He's talking about big boy war, not the army-men-in-the-sandbox kid's routine we're playing at today. "Pew! Pew! Kaboom! Mom, Osama isn't playing fair!"

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You say that like it's a bad thing.

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This Gulf of BP disaster-monster is starting to lay eggs in the psyche of America. I predict a serious diversion is on the way.

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I was thinking the same thing... BP's environmental abortion... aka El Gordo... has been chipping away at 'We the Sheeples' belief in Obama's "Yes we can't" campaign of hope.

This has the potential undermine confidence in Washington BP when we need it the most.

We need another war... one we can win.

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"We need another war... one we can win."


Has Grenada kidnapped any US medical students recently?

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China will always be for a divided and weak Korea.  With their long historical perspective, they are obsessed with the fact that the ancient Korean kingdom once encompassed Manchuria and much of northern China.  They will do all they can to keep Korea down, and every action they take makes sense when viewed through this lens.  They are not concerned with suffering in Korea, and indeed, another war there would suit their long term interests very well.

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I would give China credit for living in the present. Their adversary is the U.S. They use NK to test us, with a cover of plausible deniability. We play, as well, by using Taiwan and SK to nip at the PRC's heels.

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Big issue here: it implicitly introduces Korean re unification as a walk in the park.

Germany reunification was not easy and strongly favoured by the EMU/EU organization favourable to Germany trade policy.

South Korea is not the same powerhouse as Germany and will not be able to build around the same scheme as Germany.

Reunification is far from being a given for Korea. The effort might be such that the whole country will be deeply weakened for at least two decades (Germany reunification took around 15 years to settle in)

China might take advantage of this weakened status to expand (not militarily but economically) into its Korea neighbour.

The present is the continuation of the past and some actions cannot be reversed. The partition of Korea is one of those events that cannot be that easily reversed. The US has changed the deal in the region.

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Notice also that Dear Leader's latest outburst follows several days of silence in the region -- during which, you can be sure, Beijing, Washington, Seoul, Tokyo and more have been trying to hash something out with Pyongyang. By stamping his foot once more in public, KJI is just pressing to improve his negotiating terms. (I.e., "give us more fuel and more food, or we sink another one.")

With this nut on its doorstep, China is not in a happy position. Certainly, they don't want war, due to the refugee problem it would create. On the other hand, they probably don't want a united Korea either, at least not under the (Washington-supported) SK banner. So, yes, the status quo is probably China's preference (at least until they reassimilate Taiwan  and see the U.S. ousted from Japan).

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Except that re-assimilation of Taiwan is technically not possible since Taiwan has never been a part of China.

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Taiwan (Republic of China) was formed by the Nationalists who were the legitimate rulers of mainland China before Mao's coup.  They retreated strategically to Taiwan.  Since Mao was a usurper and never defeated Taiwan, Beijing has no legitimate claim to Taiwan

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China has already concluded it was "false flag". It is possible they may still have designs on the Korean penninsula... after all it was theirs once long ago!

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a blue water navy, which Heritage says will someday be the most prominent force on the worlds oceans


If this is the shape of things to come...: (in German)

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Whew, that's a welcome and timely relief. Now I can turn my mind away from civilians being massacred in Palestine.

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Where is the "False Flag" brigade?

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Notice the paucity of news lately about tha Banksters?

Must be a coinkidink.

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Just got in Anonymouse! See my post below... read before ya diss Bro!

Hey... do a quick Google search and see for yourself that Baengnyeong Island is THE main state of the fu$%ing art Anti-Sub warfare base... and the marines where laying mines there while a joint military excercise was underway.

A guppy couldn't have gotten through that straight undetected... and if N Korea did then we have a seriously defective system in place!

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Nice summation John Conner... perhaps you are fit to lead after all!

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How bad is the situation in China and how badly do the Chinese Communist need a distraction is the question.  Otherwise Kim doesn't move an inch. 

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Treasurys at risk then ? How will China like to see the US military in its front yard ?

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The Kimchi War.  

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That was the Asparagus War. Totally different.

Heph, I have tried to enlarge to answer my own question, but it did not work. Is your avatar a Dinosaur with mirror glasses carrying some kind of tea service?

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No you guys went to the disney characters so I went to Over the HEDGE character because disney sucks wicked witch balls. It's Hammy From over the Hedge. Because this is Zero Hedge and you can't hedge against us. Winter's over and we are fucking hungry. And ass is on the menu.



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Kimmy don't let the Israeli's steal
your press.  You blast a ship into
pieces killing 46 sailors and you get
nothing.  Hardly a peep.  Israelis
board a ship carrying pokemon, get
tossed overboard, eventually let a
bunch go, and they hog the press for

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N Korea is the sideshow, there arent any suicidal passive/agressive activists interested in it.

and not to worry, the Rachel Corrie is expected soon, so unless N Korea nukes S Korea, i think the media will once again revert attention back to their pet subject.

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Another day, another Korean War BS statement. There is no way in hell these guys are going to do some serious battle. All words - nothing more.