Now That The Banker Bailout Plan Is Set, Here Are The Greek Islands About To Hit Ebay And Fund Another Record Wall Street Bonus Season

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We have already watched this movie before. This rings deja vu of Dubai crisis.

In case you forgot..

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In accordance with my PM investment themes, I wish to place a bid for the Silver Moon Bar in Ag. Stefanos.

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For the "right",( IMF discounted :)) ) price, I'll buy Zakynthos any day!

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Heh heh heh...


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Please excuse my naivete, but how do I short Greece and the EUR?

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Here's a link to a short article on how to short the EUR through an ETF:

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As a reformed deflationista - I would argue the only short that makes sense with all the money printing is to buy gold, silver, and other applicable hard assets. I have serious questions about whether you'll get paid as a short when the SHTF, and even if you do, it'll be in confetti currency.

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The eft EUO is a Euro short fund.

But of course the Euro is surging with all of these wonderful "developments."

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so when it's all said and done and the pigmen own all of Greece's best assets I should go on vacation there spending my hard currency knowing that the proceeds will funnel back to the pigmen ? That sounds as enjoyable to me as booking a vacation to the BP spill platform.  Iceland is sounding more and more like a vacation oasis to me.

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Why do you all blame banks?

It takes a government to fuck things up so badly that even the proles are moved to outrage.

Banks didn't bail themselves out.

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You're right, we shouldn't despise Frankenstein, we should despise Dr. Frankenstein..

I'm a deep believer in the goal of free markets and capitalism.  But, my friend, these are Not banks.  They are corporatized weapons of mass looting and deserve no defense.  End the iBanks, end this .gov

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False dilemma. The choice is not necessarily "either-or".

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There is no problem that is so large, so onerous that government cannot make it worse."

paraphrased from Henry Morgenthau

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"Any problem can be solved with a sufficient application of high explosives."

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I'm gonna remember that when they ask me how to fix welfare.

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Actually, a belt fed weapon is the ticket.

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Hilarious. Like I said. No restructuring. Greece will be entirely looted, and Greeks will never revolt, because if they were going to do it, it would have already been done a long time ago. 

Pigmen: 1

Goldbugs: 0

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Partially right



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And their gift to the people of Greece...a higher oil price.

Place your bets for complete Greek turmoil (and the rest of Europe)

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Correction Hamy:

Pigmen: 1

Goldbugs: 1533

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Fiat:Gold = 1:1,533

Nice call Hulk...

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The world will revolt, and the greek will be among them.  Just wait and see.


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Don't laugh. Soon the US will be trying to sell a bridge to Brooklyn. Many times.

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Fractional bridge investment theory?

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...So now that Germany has sacrificed it ruling class to banker interests, and Europe knows all too well just who is calling the shots, the ball is back in Greek court...

The European banks are the aristocracy, the oligarchs, the nobility, etc.  The old royal families don't own businesses, they own european banks or they are invested in hedge funds (Soros).  The major problem is too many small european banks competing for business, prestige, political influence, etc...

This unravelling of competing interests should be interesting.

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ok im stupid what is growth

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When do they allow the US bailout?

O/T, which repubes are voting yea on the ceiling raise?

Update: was 2 for yea, now just 1.

Update 2:  that one got bitch slapped into NV

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Asset sale..great idea....Kali can sell Catalina Island and nobody would notice. Alcatraz next. Store this strategy into memory for Jerry's garage sale. Start with the islands.

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Although the Acropolis has seen better(?!) days, do not be surprised if it undergoes a massive `revamp` (we`re talking full auto-shading glass to reflect the fierce Greek summer temperatures, complete with environment-caning air-con. Also, Greek, Hungarian and Russian `hotties` will be brought in to walk around as toga-clad domestic servants. No doubt tasteful Roman-style baths will also be installed (powered by genuine Greek indentured wage-slaves to keep the hypocausts up and running); there will be other sundry luxuries in keeping with the whole `antiquity` theme).

Group bookings welcome at $10,000 per person per night; special discounts for Bilderberg members.  

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Does the Greek government "own" any islands?

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What a great question. 

Does the Greek government work for the people? Which would mean the people own the islands. Right?

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The only change I'd suggest is to substitute the term "European politicians" in place of "European governments".  It's the greed of individual politicans that is, by far, the great destroyer.

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A fine point, darteaus, but perhaps a valid one. Ambrose Bierce defined politics as "the conduct of public affairs for private advantage." As for greed and perfidy at the individual level, that's been the rule ever since Adam and Eve got dressed.

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Can this be blocked by the true Finns or other dissenting parties?

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When nice guys like me feel like vomiting, it's already to late. So genocide only counts if there is blood eh?

Bullshit. The EUR evil is a takedown of culture. It is a takedown of individuals. It is a takedown of free people. Don't let yourselves be raped like this. We would have helped you in a better time. I so adored and envied you sweet people in Amsterdam and Wiesbaden. I was in awe of your maturity. There I was, a dumb punk American soldier. Had no idea of empire. I was just 22 years old.

I aplogize and I hope you fight back.

I need to go take a shower now. Yuk!

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No kidding. You need to wash the shit off your nose. Could you be any lamer?

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You should join the ritual wash because you have shit all over you, can't you smell it?

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I don't smell like shit.

That is your upper lip. Fix yourself.

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You cannot smell anything that means you have some problems. Think about it.



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You can smell me? You must be an expert on sniffing asses. Good luck on your carrier, have more asses to apply your senses to.

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I'll accept your lameness as surrender.

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How's being a total penis going for you?

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Chicks dig me. What other measure is there?

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Really? They're going for you? I have to believe it if you say so


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"chicks dig me." mean like "real chickens" don't you!!!?

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