NYPD Releases DSK Mugshot

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There have been quite a few spoof and comedic versions floating around, but here, courtesy of the NYPD, is the official version.]

From the Daily Mail:

In grainy black and white, this is the mugshot of one of the world's most powerful men, released by the NYPD today.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn's mouth is set in the image, his gaze averted. He appears to be wearing a jacket and a light-coloured shirt.

The booking photo was found in a prisoner movement slip released by the NYPD today.

And the full slip:

As was reported earlier tomorrow there will be a bail hearing for the IMF chief tomorrow. And more details from the Mail:

Meanwhile NYPD investigators are DNA-testing samples of fluid they found in the $3,000-a-night suite that Strauss-Khan had been staying in.

The maid showed them where she had spat after the Frenchman allegedly forced her to perform oral sex, according to CBS News.

Police also say they have checked information from the suite door's electronic card reader which indicates the woman came into the room but didn't shut the door, as is hotel policy.

This proves the maid was in the room to work, not have consensual sex, investigators told the news station.

Described as a 'good Muslim' by a close friend the maid was an asylum seeker from Guinea - one of the poorest countries in Africa.

Lastly, the UK magazine has compiled a list of all the women that DSK has been romantically linked with. By the time this is all over, we are confident the list will be far longer.

Tristane Banon, 31, journalist
Allegation: Attempted rape and sexual assault.
allegedly summoned her to a Paris apartment for an interview in 2002
and asked to hold her hand before pouncing on her. He undid her bra and
jeans before she shouted ‘rape’ and kicked him off, she has said.

Piroska Nagy, 50, IMF official
Allegation: Coerced into a liaison.
Hungarian-born blonde met Strauss-Kahn in Washington in 2007. She says
his seniority made her feel pressured into a consensual fling. An
investigation cleared him of abusing his authority but he admitted an
‘error of judgement’.

Aurélie Filippetti, 37, Socialist politician
Allegation: Harassment.
leading politician and novelist described a ‘very heavy, very
insistent’ attempt by Strauss-Kahn to chat her up in 2008. She has since
denied that he groped her, but said she would ‘forever make sure’ she
was never ‘alone in a room with him again’.

Yasmina Reza, 51, playwright
Allegation: Affair.
most celebrated dramatist has been romantically linked to Strauss-Kahn
as well as his rival Nicolas Sarkozy, after she wrote an intimate
account of the president’s 2007 campaign. The book was dedicated to ‘G’,
a socialist who is expected to become head of the IMF. Strauss-Kahn’s
middle name is Gaston.

Carmen Llera, 58, writer
Allegation: At least one dalliance.
Spanish author was a member of Strauss-Kahn’s academic inner circle. In
two of her books, she hints at possible affairs with him.

Young actress, age unknown
Allegation: Gorilla-like behaviour.
unnamed actress was invited to a Paris apartment with Strauss-Kahn,
where he allegedly acted like a gorilla or ‘randy monkey’. His alleged
assault on Tristane Banon also saw him labelled a ‘rutting chimpanzee’.

European journalist, age unknown
Allegation: Harassment.
‘tall and willowy’ reporter, using the name Martina, said he called her
repeatedly and insisted ‘almost directly that I had to sleep with him
for an interview’. She did not succumb, but two years later he continued
his efforts, when she was pregnant.

Mexican chambermaid, age unknown
Allegation: Fling
to a book published by a member of Strauss-Kahn’s inner circle, he had a
fling with a maid in Mexico. If true, the episode echoes the charges he
now faces in New York.



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FOC 1183's picture

Raymond has a new subject

Republi-Ken's picture

So DSK attacks a devout Black Muslim Female with headscarf...

And then claims consensual sex.

The world is going to believe that a 62 year old shriveled prune-bod old fart,

"TURNED ON" a 32 year old Muslim here on political asylum,

who then wanted to have sex,

before she changed the sheets...


Ahmeexnal's picture

Am I missing something? The list of charges against him is missing:




Nobody special's picture

I commend DSK on single-handidly doing one of the greatest things for women's rights.  Guilty or not (guilty), the publicity this will receive is certain to influence would-be rapists, helping them reconsider engagement in such a crime.


My hat's off to you, DSK.  You have probably saved the happiness of potential victims, and the lives of potential rapists by keeping them on the straight and narrow. Die happy.  Your sacrifice is not without cause.

Hugh G Rection's picture

take it easy... It was just assault with a friendly weapon.

Id fight Gandhi's picture

A muslim widow mother who likely has aids he did this to. I doubt middle east talks will ever go anywhere.

These people are a lost cause and USA keeps betting on the wrong horse.

Badabing's picture

Are we retards!

This guy didn’t play the game.

How many of these dicks get away with whatever they want.

It was too easy.

I wish I knew   whose feet he stepped on.

Scum bag deserves it anyway!

silberblick's picture

First Dominique-Strauss Kahn, now billionaire and silver bull Hugo Salinas Price is fearful that something will happen to him next:


Lets_Eat_Ben's picture

And this is what happens when you don't play ball...any question?

If you are rich and powerful it is "OK" to rape whatever you want, hell it's even encouraged. But, as soon as you don't go along with the program, or it furthers the agenda of the capstone to see you buried, well...

I'll say: Hugo Salinas Price with charges of pedophilia and cocaine use. Any takers?

Pladizow's picture

Dildo de plata hecho en Mexico!

MiguelitoRaton's picture

A new reality show is in the works, DSK and Tiger Woods move into the Playboy mansion.

swamp's picture

Tiger Woods was not accused of sexual assault.

Time you learned the difference.

cat2's picture

Why does seeing a bankster mugshot make me smile?  Am I becoming evil?

zaknick's picture

You would know, you being a cocksucking nitch and all.

Shut the fuck up.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

No ....



Tell your fat wife she should put the caramel corn away and go for a walk ....

Spalding_Smailes's picture

Well since I tried talking about dollar denominated debt and uncle ben being in control and being blasted by the doomers™ over my post, I love messing with the bunker sect now. So, so many doomers™ lost cash betting the farm on futures and etf's ect ........... But that bubble did get crazy, it will really look wack'd when silver hits $20.00



Pladizow's picture

You write with such centanty - ".....when silver hits $20.00?"


"He who predicts the future, lies, even when he tells the truth." - Arab Proverb.

Spalding_Smailes's picture

When the 100 year average is under $ 10.00 it's any easy call on silver ... 

Pladizow's picture

From your premise of "it's any easy call on silver ..." I would have to then assume that because of your strong convictions you must have been short for some time and must be facing large losses?

Am I correct?

And if I am not, how much validity do your past, present or future statements hold?


Spalding_Smailes's picture

I don't short stocks ect ... I'm still reading " Option Volatility & Pricing " -Sheldon Natenberg ( the bible for option traders )It will be a year or so before I get into that ....



Pladizow's picture

To provide balance you may also want to read Goldbug, by James Dines.


Hephasteus's picture

So of all the marketwatch and yahoo finance groups who think like you and want to talk like you. You choose to try to come to zero hedge and transfrom everyone into your own personal information and help me think and understand machine.

Don't ya think you need to be more accepting of things. Considering death is on the line.

earnyermoney's picture

You have a Trademark on "doomers"? LOL.


You think BB and by extension the U.S. has things under control? BB and TG are criminals because they are sodomizing the elderly in this country with their policies.

swamp's picture

This isn't a porno site. Asshole.

Antipodeus's picture

I can't concentrate, P ... ;=))


Isotope's picture

Don't feed the trolls.

I realize that there is a nearly irresistible urge to respond to insanely stupid remarks, but this is what the troll lives off. If everyone simply refuses to acknowledge their very existence, they starve and die. If there is never a response to their remarks, they will eventually leave, since that is the only thing that they live for. I know it's hard, but we should all make our best effort.

digalert's picture

Looks sad, maybe someone can smuggle him some bank notes.

Dejean Splicer's picture

I was thinking that he will soon rule the prison with a new inmate credit scheme.

Ahmeexnal's picture

Fellatio backed currency?

The mother of all ponzis!

1984's picture

Is that a hard currency?

The Navigator's picture

Better than the current version where we all get screwed in the butt.

Kyron95131's picture

this whole story has been way to "hook line and sinker"

im only reserved because i haven't seen the justice system work for the people on a high profile douche bag so swiftly in decades...

am i paranoid or have i just spent to many days on this earth to think "if something is too god to be true" ?

downwiththebanks's picture

No doubt:  for the banker-gangster/CIA/Apartheid Israel faction, this was a 2-fer:

You prevent the EU from acting in a coordinated way against the Dollar while you divert attention from the Nakba Day explosion.


Garbage Can Ray's picture

NWO got DSK. This is a great scandal! How many have considered assaulting the hotel maid as a preferential option to just calling a nice hooker? And she has the HIV!

Eally Ucked's picture

I wonder how many more HIV infected workers are employed by that luxurious hotel to save some money on wages? Maybe they're preparing pasta and drinks, or some exotic dishes for our wealthy class, I hope so.

pvmuse's picture

She has said she does not have HIV, and was subletting the apartment, get up to speed.

Rainman's picture

If she's as hot as Arnie's girl, the time will be worth it. Old guys sure are funny about pussy and money.


lawrence1's picture

Friend, ALL guys are funny about pussy, many about money.

Arkadaba's picture

All guys are stupid about pussy and money! Luckily (or not) I have some ethics.

Antipodeus's picture

Some guys are stupid or funny about the other front-bottom ... ;=))



Smiley's picture

Put him in general population!  The sodomites would have a field day with his pompus ass.

downwiththebanks's picture

Banker-gangsters are sodomites.

SwingForce's picture

Stuck his pecker in the wrong honeypot this time, asswad bankster.

Hulk's picture

Chamberpot would be more like it...

kreso's picture

This is worse than Bradbury, Ray Bradbury.

lordbyroniv's picture

wonder what the chances are of him getting released on bail and feeing back to France?

bob_dabolina's picture

I wonder what the chances of him contracting full blown AIDS are in the next 3-5 years are.