NYSE VOLD Gets Flushed

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"The difference between Up & Down volume was exceptional today; massive distribution."

What do you mean by distribution?  Sorry, today was not massive distribution.  Today was massive accumulation by the smart money.  Get long for next move up.


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your charts are just crazy good, chopshop!

it's the black background, that does it for me.

have any artist's ever really explored this medium? charts.

maybe an exhibit at moma, nyc.

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lol.  Same as me bro.  In the end only Goldman Sachs might knows, as they seem to "be" the market...

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if anyone has an idea what this means prospectively, would love any thoughts. as it stands, to my uneducated eye, these charts just tell me what i already know, which is stocks went down on a lot of volume today

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I think they're those fractal design thingies that Windows Media Player uses.................or feedback coming from the stress sensors implanted in Lloyd's skull.


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