NYSE's Latest Benevolent DMM Getco Slapped With $2 Million Fee For Improper FSA Reports, As SEC Begins To Track HFT Trading

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Hello my name is Jon and I am a serial short seller; I know I have a problem and I want to change my ways…..  There now iv said it I feel much better and I hope im now on the road to recovery

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Turns out Im not cured cus im just trying one more….

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HFT Trading is like an ATM Machine...  ;)

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Do the algos have linking ports?

Will they engage in coop trading?

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Transvestite porn! Now I gotta get a gov't job!

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Cynic in me says something more serious was uncovered, delivered to top management of supervisory board, board had a chat with the offending party and said "Look, we have to fine you one way or another. Come up with something insignificant, pay a small fine and we close this right now."

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Thats what I was thinking.  With that many trades not being tracked (which is BS, I know they had to know for their "front running accounts" with Goldman or whomever) they saw or did something.  Then decided to charge a 1 percent fee on the offenders or a certain dollar/pound amount on them so when the fine came (which is small compared to the hundreds of millions if not billions they transact) it wouldn't be enough to hurt them.  And at the same time they got away with throwing away the receipts with nobody except a few knowing anything.