Obama Address To Nation Over Japan Catastrophe

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The glorious president who has taken some time off from his extremely busy schedule, is addressing the nation over the latest developments in Japan. He is not taking any questions for the obvious reason that answers are still "under survey." Watch the prepared remarks being delivered live here.


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No kidding. You'd think he'd want to break the stereotype.

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I bet he never shuts up in the theater when you're trying to watch a movie too.

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thats what the left calls "cool"

did he really say japanese nukes bring "peaceful energy"

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yep...this matrix is absolutely surreal!

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Soon to be one of the failed designs, matrix II in situ proceeding to hyperinflationary switch in 3,2,1...

depression's picture

Yeah 777 please disregard that statement, Temporary Teleprompter Malfunction (TTM)

Welcome home Barry

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What was Bambi smoking ???  Gas Plumes ???

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peaceful energy dopey nice

I think I need to buy a gun's picture

hes been watching college basketball

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I fully expect bullet point number 1 to be an update on how his brackets are doing.

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I bet he didn't have Morehead St. over Louisville.

DonnieD's picture

or the Tsunamis over the Japs.

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Or the isotopes winning it all.

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<Insert jokes about black people turning up for work later here>

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A few things every investor should know about Japan: blog post with some facts and figures http://bit.ly/dOWfho

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I suspect his crash course in how to not say "new-kyou-lir" has taken longer than expected.  Did he ever pass a general science course of any kind? 

Previous presidents would have had the courage and intelligence to simply introduce their top science advisors and regulators, who would then explain what they knew of the situation (and say if they didn't know), along with their plans -- oh, wait, there isn't anyone in this administration who is a success in their field of responsibility, is there?  And their plans are usually plans to fail, right?

The more I see and hear of this President, the more truly worried I feel.

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*sigh* ironic indeed, when we finally get a President who can pronounce the word nuclear correctly we actually need one.

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yeah.  obama excels at reading, speaking and writing.  it's the doing part that sucks.

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 I got it now T...

Very funny

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Common man---Barry Soetoro had to watch the end of the early NCAA tournament games.

pbmatthews's picture

Common man---Barry Soetoro had to watch the end of the early NCAA tournament games.

pbmatthews's picture

Common man---Barry Soetoro had to watch the end of the early NCAA tournament games.

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Well, with passengers from Tokyo now showing signs of radiation.. he couldn't possibly hold off anylonger. By now almost 50% of Americans know about the Japanese radiation problem.


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How kind of him to take some time out of his busy schedule.

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They are renaming the town in your honor to FUBARshima.


The radiation is currently only rising to max elevation of @10,000 ft from what I understand. Slow winds are usually found at that height. The jet stream can move radiation between 100 to almost 400 KPH.

The amount of radiation reaching North America is very dependant on the amount of time spent travelling... the longer the time the lower the resultant remaining levels.

The question he should be answering is what preparations are being made in the event that the additional heat created by further reactor meltdown lifts the nuclear fission waste products from the spent fuel rods high into the stratospheric jet stream at @30,000 feet.

Perhaps a prayer based initiative?

Just askin'...

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We will pick up this discussion after the final game on Sunday. Until then put your tin foil on and check your brackets.

Good luck and God speed the Hoyas.

ZerOhead's picture

"Good luck and God speed the Hoyas."

Tsk tsk tsk... CD... of all people you should know the dangers of tribalism.

I however say "Good luck to all" which implies 'better luck' to none. May the best team win!

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"...of all people you should know the dangers of tribalism."

Yea, it includes lots of tattoos... lol

ZerOhead's picture

Crap... could I have picked a worse comment to post the word 'tribalism' on?

Memo to self:

Think before posting!

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Those were the words of Obama as he tried to be a home town band wagon jumper. He could have said George Mason.

I'm an old UCONN man from well before UCONN wasn't much more than a small (nationally) unknown agricultural school. I would visit the campus dairy and creamery from time to time for the ice cream while I flirted with the female students as they stepped around the cow pies.

Jim Calhoun is a God in Storrs CT. Blink and you'll miss it.

ZerOhead's picture

UCONN sounds like a Madoff/Wall Street Alma Mater... CowPieU on the other hand has cache.

Sung to the tune of "Blue Bayou".

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Funny you would say that because way back in the good old days the locals would call it precisely that. We're talking way back when I was a wee little lad. An old professor who I did some work for informed me of the insult when I was older. At least it was an insult to him. No humor at all.

There was some tension between the locals and the faculty, who felt themselves above the farmers and shop keepers. I hear it hasn't changed much.

ZerOhead's picture

Good pick-up on the spent fuel storage pond issue.

Very prescient call.

And yes I do know how to get us out of the two party one owner system.

Dangertime's picture

That does not surprise me, lefty professors thinking they are above the common man.  Yet somehow convinced the commoners they are fighting for them.

jeff montanye's picture

commoners are apparently easily convinced.  good number of them support their owners as well.  the richest 1% is, after all, only 1%.  between the lefty professors and the national republican party what are they to do?

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Toby Kimball, Wes Balasuknia and the creamery was still open in the early and mid 70's.

tired1's picture

Had some pretty nice horse stables too. Best part of the campus.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

I agree. But I was chasing a different species of filly. :>)

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Good information, I agree. The market is inefficiently deciding the price of iodine in LA. It seems as though no preparations are required as none are effective. It's all documented in the Happy Day's episode where Richie's parents build a bomb shelter--we've all seen it.

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Radioactive iodine is only one of the nasty fission by-products to worry about. Then again every little bit of protection helps... especially for the kiddies.

Kelp is also full of bioavailable iodine... so if you have a difficult time finding potassium iodide head to your local health food store.

And let's just hope we don't need it. No-one really knows how bad this will be but my guess is that this is just the beginning if those pumps don't work tommorrow.

And they likely won't.

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Tuna is also a source of iodine.

But I wouldn't eat any from off the coast of Japan now that the radioactive "cooling water" from the ocean is assuredly returning back to the ocean with its new hitchhikers.

ZerOhead's picture

... and Darrell. I would worry more about the mercury in the tuna at this stage since the dilution solution works wonders on account of the Ocean being so voluminous. (Is that a word?)

My main concern is centered towards what this years crops in North America will absorb being a former farmer and all... I picked up another 300 lbs or so of rice and pasta yesterday... I hate rice but if things are fine I can always donate it to a local food bank.

2010 may have become a vintage year if the crop dusting is done by TEC and GE this year.

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I keep telling you the BLS has a copyright on "under survey"

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The puppet is being brought forward to blabber at the masses

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No, this is pretty much how he rolls operating under his own power.