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Obama Has Signed Secret Order Authorizing Covert US Support For Libyan Rebel Forces

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While we expect the imminent attempt at refutation from Hillary Clinton, we can't help but admire the symmetry between the handling of this campaign and that of Afghanistan where Al Qaeda also ended up on the receiving end of US generosity.

From Reuters:

President Barack Obama has signed a secret order authorizing covert U.S. government support for rebel forces seeking to oust Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, government officials told Reuters on Wednesday.

Obama signed the order, known as a presidential "finding", within the last two or three weeks, according to four U.S. government sources familiar with the matter.

Such findings are a principal form of presidential directive used to authorize secret operations by the Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA and the White House declined immediate comment.

News that Obama had given the authorization surfaced as the President and other U.S. and allied officials spoke openly about the possibility of sending arms supplies to Gaddafi's opponents, who are fighting better-equipped government forces.

The United States is part of a coalition, with NATO members and some Arab states, which is conducting air strikes on Libyan government forces under a U.N. mandate aimed at protecting civilians opposing Gaddafi.

In interviews with American TV networks on Tuesday, Obama said the objective was for Gaddafi to "ultimately step down" from power. He spoke of applying "steady pressure, not only militarily but also through these other means" to force Gaddafi out.

Obama said the U.S. had not ruled out providing military hardware to rebels. "It's fair to say that if we wanted to get weapons into Libya, we probably could. We're looking at all our options at this point," the President told ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer.

U.S. officials monitoring events in Libya say that at present, neither Gaddafi's forces nor the rebels, who have asked the West for heavy weapons, appear able to make decisive gains.

While U.S. and allied airstrikes have seriously damaged Gaddafi's military forces and disrupted his chain of command, officials say, rebel forces remain disorganized and unable to take full advantage of western military support.

And this:

People familiar with U.S. intelligence procedures said that Presidential covert action "findings" are normally crafted to provide broad authorization for a range of potential U.S. government actions to support a particular covert objective.

In order for specific operations to be carried out under the provisions of such a broad authorization -- for example the delivery of cash or weapons to anti-Gaddafi forces -- the White House also would have to give additional "permission" allowing such activities to proceed.

Former officials say these follow-up authorizations are known in the intelligence world as "'Mother may I' findings."

In 2009 Obama gave a similar authorization for the expansion of covert U.S. counter-terrorism actions by the CIA in Yemen. The White House does not normally confirm such orders have been issued.

And here is what US taxpayers will be funding on behalf of, among others, Al Qaeda:

The article, by VOA intelligence correspondent Gary Thomas, said covert action "can encompass many things, including propaganda, covert funding, electoral manipulation, arming and training insurgents, and even encouraging a coup."

U.S. officials also have said that Saudi Arabia and Qatar, whose leaders despise Gaddafi, have indicated a willingness to supply Libyan rebels with weapons.

Members of Congress have expressed anxiety about U.S. government activates in Libya. Some have recalled that weapons provided by the U.S. and Saudis to mujahedeen fighting Soviet occupation forces in Afghanistan in the 1980s later ended up in the hands of anti-American militants.

There are fears that the same thing could happen in Libya unless the U.S. is sure who it is dealing with. The chairman of the House intelligence committee, Rep. Mike Rogers, said on Wednesday he opposed supplying arms to the Libyan rebels fighting Gaddafi "at this time."

"We need to understand more about the opposition before I would support passing out guns and advanced weapons to them," Rogers said in a statement.

Especially since such non grata individuals as Osama Bin Ladin and his troops may be in the immediate vicinity.


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Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:01 | 1118552 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

the people who accused Bush of war crimes - right

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:02 | 1118572 the mad hatter
the mad hatter's picture

Welcome to 2011, where the Constitution only exists in history books.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:12 | 1118631 cossack55
cossack55's picture

Mainly history books published before 2000.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:51 | 1119526 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

Books?  From here on out its going to be iPads, Nooks, Kindles and so on.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:14 | 1118916 High Plains Drifter
High Plains Drifter's picture

yeh , they are not our army anymore. they fight for the blue and the 12 stars..........

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:22 | 1119189 Holodomor2012
Holodomor2012's picture

They fight for the same flag that you fight for.  And it only has 1 star.



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:25 | 1118969 random shots
random shots's picture

It never existed...Your kids will one day say "Damn I miss Bush and Obama."

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:19 | 1118653 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Bush was a brutish idiot who's only ability as a president was to push people around and start wars.

Obama is a polished salesman who's good at talking to you on your front porch while his band of thieves sneaks in the back door and robs you blind. Or, promising you one thing and delivering something completely different than what you ordered.

To me, the moral of the story is: Regardless of which "party" you elect Wall Street, Big Pharma and the Military Industries always win and the working folks always lose just a little bit more (money, freedom, truth).

I wonder how long until we have a "no confidence" vote of the US government. Of course it will be a bunch of so-called Tea-Party insiders (or something similar) that holds the vote so it's essentially replacing the scum with the slime, but it'll make good theater for the sheep.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:23 | 1118677 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Don't just junk it coward, explain why.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:31 | 1118716 PuppetRepubl1c
PuppetRepubl1c's picture



I guess they couldn't handle the truth you were putting out there, it doesn't jive with the fox news "republicans will fix everything this time, trust us" mantra they are used to hearing 8 hours a day.  Conmen are still conmen, no matter what lapel pin they wear.


Our government is a for profit enterprise, congressmen should be forced to wear NASCAR style advertisements from their donors so the votors know where their allegiences are.




Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:39 | 1118755 macholatte
macholatte's picture

congressmen should be forced to wear NASCAR style advertisements from their donors so the votors know where their allegiences are.


I like it.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:38 | 1119266 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

Awesome!    Let's vote on brands to associate with various politicians. 

Barney Frank could be sponsored by some brand of mineral water and Hershey's, as in said highway.   

John Kerry, Heinz obviously.  

McCain that beer distributorship of his wifes'.

Obama, the Al Jazeera network, and maybe some golfing products brand, or a tourism agency.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:41 | 1118758 Cindy_Dies_In_T...
Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

George, I junked you because you only took half of the blue pill, then equated ALL TP ers with Republicans.


Ps--fuck you.thats why I really junked you. Seriously dude...just messing with you. You shouldn't care who junks you and ask for an explanation, just stand for what you believe in, and we'll kinda respect that.


However, I also drink a lot.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:06 | 1118883 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Man, it's an internet message board. I really don't care who junks it. I wrote it that way to show that the cliquish lemmings here will kill each other to jump on the bandwagon with each other. They all try to outwit one another with one-liners, but just post something controverisal and they get their panties in a wad.

I'm guessing many here have a hankering for Tea-bagging (not sure if it's giving or receiving) and why I put them in the original post, hence the junking.

My skin is way tougher than most of these lightweights here, so I really don't care if they junk me or not. I like having my ideals and beliefs challenged, unlike so many of the conforming, non-conformist  and so-called wanna-be contrarian posers here and on the internet in general.

At least some folks here got my point. It's nice to see that some folks get it and don't have to follow the crowd. There's hope for us yet.

The sheep may now junk away....

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:16 | 1118931 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Thank you sheep.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:41 | 1119270 sunkeye
sunkeye's picture

@geohay: made me laugh t/y now whenever i see 'thank you sheep' i cant not think of the xtranorml bears man i love them two matter of fact i wish them two were network anchors id at least tune in again

btw tho real bears scare the hell outta me and i aint whistlin stephencolbert either  made the mistake of youtubing 'bear attacks'  scared the hitshay outta me lemme tellya no bs  shotgun slug lock&load in bear country for real



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:44 | 1119285 DollarMenu
DollarMenu's picture

No junks from me.

The whole pack in D.C. is no good.

It's a pre-requisite for their running for office.

They can't get thru a caucus to the ballot unless they've compromised/soldout.

The party machinery functions on grease.

D or R makes no difference.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:52 | 1119319 sunkeye
sunkeye's picture

deleted no pos add to dialog


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:31 | 1120028 BrosMacManus
BrosMacManus's picture

All hail George, the all knowing enlightened one. We are so unworthy.

sanctimonious douche.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:42 | 1119276 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

Hey internet tough guy, whattaya planning on doing with that digital spanner you got there?   My avatar carries a digital Walther PPK, albeit a cartoon one, d'Oh!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:06 | 1119377 Blues Traveler
Blues Traveler's picture

"I'm guessing many here have a hankering for Tea-bagging (not sure if it's giving or receiving) and why I put them in the original post, hence the junking."

You got junked for being a light weight puss-a-lamus, you come across as daft.  Tigthen  up your game and bullshit, then we will ee how you do.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:30 | 1118987 tmosley
tmosley's picture

You should note that he said "Tea Partiers" with respect to the politicians, most of whom immediately betrayed the Tea Party by voting FOR the extension of the Patriot Act.

If the jokers vote FOR raising the debt ceiling, then they will have proven their true "mettle", ie they have none.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:42 | 1119034 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

I know. I'm just riling up the easy to rile crowd here.

Your comment about Tea Party winners is valid. Do they sit them down when they get to DC and tell them how they will vote "or else"? Or was the whole Tea Party thing just a big scam all along? We shall see.

Personally, I didn't buy much into the Tea Party folks as they seem to me to tend to the fascists side, even though they try not to act or talk like it. but hey, I'll see how they act now that they are in, but my guess is the Republicans will yank their chain anytime they want to.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:11 | 1119132 tmosley
tmosley's picture

I would say it is much more likely that standard Republicans capitalized on Tea Party fervor and just went back to their old ways once they were in.

I had high hopes for the Tea Party, but they were indeed infiltrated, as many suggested would happen.

The only way to have a political solution in my opinion is to throw out anyone who is associated with either party unless they already have a voting record in line with TP goals.  They SHOULD learn towards the libertarian or constitution parties instead.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:46 | 1119295 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Me too tmosley re having had high hopes for the Tea Party.

We will find out soon enough if Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and others who had strong Tea Party support will just sell out.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:16 | 1119149 yakmerchant
yakmerchant's picture

"Tea Party folks as they seem to me to tend to the fascists side"

Like the politicians claiming to be "tea partiers"? or the people you met at a local Tea Party?  As most of the ones I've met that aren't on TV (alot of NeoCon plants where elected as tea partiers if you ask me) seem alot more like Libertarian's that want little to zero government in their lives than fascists.  Now there are a few that take the whole hawkish strong defense thing a little too far and assume that means running around the globe playing policeman, but I guess that's better than all the other crap that we pay for that isn't even mentioned in the constitution.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:51 | 1119310 DoChenRollingBearing
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The Tea Partiers I met (2009) were almost all nice, real and normal people of all kinds.  Not Fascist at all.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:57 | 1119086 Strider52
Strider52's picture

I'll drink to that.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:23 | 1119194 BigDuke6
BigDuke6's picture

Avatars with big tits is stoopid.

And there are loads of you teenagers here now.

Anyway, my point....

Arming a bunch of jihadi's - can the usa be that fucked?

Taliban - Stinger missiles anyone?  Amazing one hasn't used to take down a 747.

Let these fuckers mash each other then roll in with the contracts to rebuild and pump the oil.

Wash rinse and repeat that.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:45 | 1119299 Arkadaba
Arkadaba's picture

History. I don't trust Wikipedia for unbiased analysis but I still think it is good for a jumping off point:

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:47 | 1119509 BigDuke6
BigDuke6's picture

Amazing... they can't help but interfere with these whackos.

and then give them refugee status to be on welfare forever.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 21:35 | 1119833 tmosley
tmosley's picture

Better than the guy with the "nice big cock" from Fight Club as his avatar a while back.

Similar to the way we are acting now, Rome armed mercenaries with their most advanced weaponry.  After those mercs completed their tours of duty, they left for the "barbarian" states they came from, and returned later at the head of armies to conquer Rome.  Eventually, they succeeded.

Not saying that is going to happen now, but history makes some "dope" rhymes.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:21 | 1120002 mkkby
mkkby's picture

Something wrong with breasts, homo boy?  Or do your idiot teen agers not notice them everywhere?

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 00:32 | 1120317 BigDuke6
BigDuke6's picture

I love boobies especially udders like that and striders are the original and best.

but when i see them on avatars it reminds of this 'friendfinder' site (a friend of mine was on...) where people would have photos of their cocks and tits up.  Have you seen a cock as an avatar???

How would you feel if the ZH girls started doing that?

ZH would be like Fuckbook.  :(

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:45 | 1119048 Voluntary Exchange
Voluntary Exchange's picture

Did not, and would not junk your fair statement. But a lifetime of statist programing is not an easy thing for anyone to see through. 

There was nothing wrong with the American Revolutionary principles as they were based on basic organizing principles of civilization, ("natural rights"), combined with the great insight that all associations must be based on consent ( and thus are voluntary). Jefferson's words "... just power from the consent of the governed" was, in my opinion, a poor choice of words, but the founders were also raised in statism and could not have been too familiar with ideas like "free market" defense, or "free market" justice, since the limited history of those things was probably not available to them.

But the key basis for a truly free civilization lie within those words of the declaration if carefully respected.  What followed, the constitution itself, did not maintain that key focus on that great truth: the voluntary nature of any organization as it relates to a particular person's participation as long as they did not violate others life, liberty, or property. Natural rights supersede all subsequent agreements,  agreements which in turn must be based on consent. And we saw how the constitution's ambiguity about "consent" eventually turned the American experiment into just another system of statist exploitation common to every other state on the planet.  If the true nature of "consent" had been clearly understood from the start then we should have had competing service providers arise from the start instead of a monopoly "government", and this was the great tragedy of the moment:  they had that great truth at their fingertips, and they failed to live up to it. Some of us know better now, but we again need to win a revolution against the tyrants. This time it can be based on non-violence if people can but just make the connection in their minds between "just powers" and "consent" - (voluntary agreements).

Only that which is based on voluntary agreements can be "just", and so, since each person is different, there needs to be free voluntary markets for "defense" and "justice" but with that key power of the individual always preserved by the voluntary act of purchasing from the ones who deliver the goods. That means no more "taxation" in the sense of cumpulsion ever again. Then we can go to the stars and stop empowering murderers, thieves, and the best liars.

The moment an institution stops earning by a voluntary exchange and starts making demands, coupled with the usurped "power" to enforce those demands,  you have crossed the line, where "men" become beasts and no longer respecters of "natural" law. They become enemies of the self evident truth that all "men" are created "equal" - equal in that they have certain unalienable rights. All associations - even the ones with the fancy title "government" - must be based on consent - and this is best achieved in a truely free market as the voluntary purchase keeps the power where it justly belongs within the individual, (both male and female), who remains a co-equal among all other "men" and not a beast of prey.

So let's get it right this next time, because there will keep being a "next" time till we finally do get it right!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:59 | 1119091 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Wow! Good job!

Do you read the little printed publication The Match? It really takes on the idea of needing a government and what it becomes, just as you did.

I am not a Libertarian as there will always be tasks that do not make a profit that we need to address. I also don't believe EVERY activity we do needs to have a financial/economic aspect to it. I have to admit that I find the idea of a true free market a tough one to create or maintain. The free markets created here under the Constitution have led to those with the wealth owning the government. Yes, corporate personhood and many of the other laws that allowed it did occur over many years, but they kept whitling away until they got eveything they wanted. I'm not sure how to install the stops that would keep that from happening. I am open to ideas though.

Thanks for the good response Voluntary Exchange.



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:01 | 1119092 Abitdodgie
Abitdodgie's picture

I think people junk comments when it is above there mental capacity.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:16 | 1119154 New_Meat
New_Meat's picture

or maybe there spelling ability?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:24 | 1118692 Robot Traders Mom
Robot Traders Mom's picture

Whoever junked that needs to pull their head out of their ass.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:01 | 1118861 ghostfaceinvestah
ghostfaceinvestah's picture

I'm guessing it was HBGary

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:40 | 1118763 TheJudge2012
TheJudge2012's picture

I'd vote it up if I could. Obama is a slick sociopath. It's so obvious he's going after the oil.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:08 | 1118898 Tom Servo
Tom Servo's picture

Obama isn't going after anything, except maybe the Pro-V1 he hit in the woods off the #5 tee.  The puppetmasters however, ARE going after the oil :)


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:10 | 1119118 Abitdodgie
Abitdodgie's picture

The puppet masters are not too concerned about the oil ,what they want is to issue a new currency to the newly liberated Libya , at interest of course

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:06 | 1119953 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

I doubt he's saavy enough to be playing with pro-V1's...

He probably uses those high spinning MOLITORS or 80 compression FLYING LADY's...


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:24 | 1118961 tmosley
tmosley's picture


Throw ALL the bums out.  And don't replace them with more bums.  Pick a third party, and run with it.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 20:19 | 1119617 ViewfromUnderth...
ViewfromUndertheBridge's picture

The Turd (Ferguson) Party

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 21:35 | 1119838 tmosley
tmosley's picture

Slogan: "We who have the gold, make the rules!"

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:42 | 1119035 Dollar Damocles
Dollar Damocles's picture

Everything you say is right on.  Maybe we have a new influx of morons here on zerohedge who haven't yet figured out the banking/military/industrial/pharma complex that runs amerika (aka Fascism)?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:06 | 1119111 Tail Dogging The Wag
Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

I guess whoever junked you still has hope in Mr Obama and politics. Housing prices are down in every state of the union, except in Washington, D.C. where housing prices are spiking. It pays to be a politician. $$$GE$$$ build me more nuclear plants. Coal is bad, nuclear is good. $$$

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:45 | 1119291 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

GE has understood the neo-fascist Democrat behavior, and have sucked up so well they don't even pay federal taxes...not that it makes sense for corporations to pay any taxes at all, I'm just saying Obama and his henchpersons have been overt about punishing friends and rewarding enemies in the private sector.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:20 | 1119146 Escapeclaws
Escapeclaws's picture

It's high time we realize that presidents are just for giving us laffs via the comedian industry. Although I've been disappointed with Obama in that department--the real reason he could be said not to be doing his job. That's why I'm hoping to vote for Sarah Palin. Also, she'll be the best looking president we will have ever had, and there's a lot to be said for that.

Sarah Palin:high heels::Chuck Norris:water

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:47 | 1119301 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

Trump would be hella funny I think, way funnier than Palin.   We are going down hard, so we might as well get a good chuckle out of it.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:54 | 1119335 ShouldveLeftHer
ShouldveLeftHer's picture

You should junk yourself in the junk. But I suppose it doesnt really matter whos the puppet, as long as the sheep dont chew through the strings. Her flaws are already wide open, and nobody denies her cougar status, but why not go for someone more attractive? Just pick a super model ( she doesnt even have to be AMERICAN!!!! ) and hope she wears low cut shirts and heels and laugh at whatever she says. Wouldnt change a thing right? I dont think so.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:42 | 1118727 Cindy_Dies_In_T...
Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

I laugh at all liberal Obama Zombies who voted for him.



We TOLD you so!



I admit, I am obnoxious.

Anyway, ya all should have been forewarned when the Reagan quotes hit the teleprompter.

In any event, from an imperia--(ahem) national security standpoint, resources and strategic importance is all good for us.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:58 | 1118851 That Peak Oil Guy
That Peak Oil Guy's picture

Don't forget that the other choice was the airhead from Alaska being one doddering fool away from the red button.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:16 | 1118926 GeorgeHayduke
GeorgeHayduke's picture

Yeah, it was a true punch in the face or punch in the stomach choice. Much like the choices we had in 2004, 2000, 1996, etc...

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:30 | 1118990 tmosley
tmosley's picture

I voted third party.  Everyone else should do so next time as well.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:08 | 1119117 Hey Assholes
Hey Assholes's picture

Withdraw consent - DON'T VOTE!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:17 | 1119157 tmosley
tmosley's picture

Only if they stop taxing me (or if I stop paying).

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:15 | 1119981 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Soupy Sales bitchez!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:00 | 1119353 ShouldveLeftHer
ShouldveLeftHer's picture

Does it matter whos to blame? YOURE to blame for profligating the system by accepting direct deposit of your wages, allowing the IRS to raid your wages before you ever touch them, for buying clothes made in China and food grown in South America, for pumping ethanol into your SUV, and for standing in line to take part of a political system that is all puffery and magician trade works that only the ignorant gasp in awe at. Remove yourself from my presence tout suite.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:10 | 1119127 Tail Dogging The Wag
Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

You laugh at people that were truly looking for a change. Change cannot be found in any political party. Revolution will bring a change. You need to end the fed, and end the system. Kill it.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 20:53 | 1119727 In Fed We Trust
In Fed We Trust's picture

That dosn't sound really peaceful to me.

Where is the CHANGE in that? mr. President.

I guess every president must sell at least one war.

And with all that gold, help us kick the can down the road a few more years,

until we find another dictator to topple, or a people to free.

I suppose facebook and google would haver the best info on who is next on the docket.



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 21:19 | 1119785 Troll Magnet
Troll Magnet's picture

bush is a war criminal as is cheney and their minions.  obama is a war criminal, too.  what, you surprised?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:01 | 1118558 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

when does hillary meet with al qaeda?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:09 | 1118607 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Confucius say: Man who make half-assed attempt to fight war, get world class ass whooping!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:10 | 1118615 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

maybe holder can sue someone to protect jihadists rights


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:14 | 1118630 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

steve liesman will be out shortly to explain how obama is creating jobs for the rebels.

does ADP include rebels, al qaeda?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:15 | 1118647 MachoMan
MachoMan's picture

that bitch could back down a grizzly bear

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:00 | 1118559 Temporalist
Temporalist's picture

Real secret

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:38 | 1118745 YouBetYourLife
YouBetYourLife's picture

I wouldn't want to be in a room with Hillary right now where ash trays are available.  She's been known to throw a few.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:01 | 1118561 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture


Three wars at the same time. Thank God for the Nobel Peace prize or we might be up to 4 or 5.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:02 | 1118571 Cash_is_Trash
Cash_is_Trash's picture

There is a current war on the middle class.

Pushing the count up to 4.

Have a nice day!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:53 | 1118823 Raynja
Raynja's picture

drugs, terrorism, immigrants, and reality

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:37 | 1119017 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:07 | 1119112 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

free press and the anti-trust act

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:58 | 1118854 Confucious 222
Confucious 222's picture

The War on Savers - Forgotten?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:14 | 1119140 Canuckistan Al
Canuckistan Al's picture

Don't forget the war on the TRUTH! I count 5..... anyone for #6?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:03 | 1118580 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture

Good one...

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:12 | 1118620 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

Boys need leadership?  Nice call.

Thu, 03/31/2011 - 11:26 | 1121473 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:06 | 1118598 Cdad
Cdad's picture

Brother CogDis,

Three wars...and two potential Constitutional Crises!  You can see why the S&P is hopping.  No potential problems here.  Nothing but smooth seas...or some really sweet window matter the cost.

Market credibility...still zero.  This must be the LAST RALLY.  After all, who will buy the dip when Bernanke no longer can?



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:13 | 1118638 Antarctico
Antarctico's picture

War? Kinetic military action, please.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:24 | 1118683 Cash_is_Trash
Cash_is_Trash's picture

How would you like your Kinetic; Rambo explicit or Anthony Mozilo slippery?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:44 | 1118790 Antarctico
Antarctico's picture

I'll take mine Colonel Kilgore crispy.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:48 | 1119052 New_Meat
New_Meat's picture

napalm, napalm, sticks like glue

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:45 | 1119288 BigDuke6
BigDuke6's picture


'Goddam it , i want those camel-jockeys bombed!!'

pilot - 'Roger big duke 6.'

'Blow them forward into the stone age son!'



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 19:07 | 1119381 TBT or not TBT
TBT or not TBT's picture

"forward" meh heh heh heh

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:46 | 1118800 Cindy_Dies_In_T...
Cindy_Dies_In_The_End's picture

Actually I think this is far worse than that: election 2012 and a presidential desire to look more manly to the "bitter rednecks" in the swing states.


That would be dreadful if correct. Why not do 1 term and then hit the book and tour circuit?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:53 | 1118817 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

Wait?!?!  3?!!?!  oBOMBa's drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen?  Labia...I mean Lybia is war numero cinco bitchez.  Viva la NeoCons!!!!






coming soon to a theater near you!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:09 | 1119125 Arkadaba
Arkadaba's picture

And maybe Syria next - wait ... do they have oil, water or gold?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 23:21 | 1120151 zerozulu
zerozulu's picture

Imagine how many country and how many million people will celebrate if tsunami hit LA.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:57 | 1118834 Golden monkey
Golden monkey's picture

Obama will soon find a job for the two aircraft carriers parked in front of Iran, I guess.

The way I understand those sandstorms operations, the game only ends when the US troops evacuate?

Long ago the purpose of war was to rob the enemy. Now, the purpose seems to rob the US sheeple, and fuck them good. With 72% illeterates, it's an evidence that Afghanistan cannot be a democracy.

Needless to say, when you get killed abroad by an RPG-7 which was paid with your own taxes, you're a brutally sodomised sheeple.

Keep smiling and hand shaking, Mr Obama. Your show is an evil one.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:56 | 1118845 InconvenientCou...
InconvenientCounterParty's picture

don't leave out Pakistan.

That would be 4 wars involving romanticized death machines.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:20 | 1119166 Tail Dogging The Wag
Tail Dogging The Wag's picture

Last time I checked it was four:

Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Libya.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 22:19 | 1119995 francis_sawyer
francis_sawyer's picture

Don't forget his "BRACKETS" & his "GOLF HANDICAP" (losing both of those at the moment)...

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 20:59 | 1119741 In Fed We Trust
In Fed We Trust's picture

Or maybe Obama would send in the big guns instead of the small guns?

Maybe that's what's being peaceful is all about.

Whooping the guys ass, but not killing him. And having someone else do it is even more peaceful. By the time edited and put on Fox News, it's so peaceful, it's numb, almost boring.

It always goes back to "Whats the kill number?"

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:02 | 1118563 10kby2k
10kby2k's picture

Shhhh!   Its a secret.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:01 | 1118566 LudwigVon
LudwigVon's picture

in exchange for sweet light as previously posted by TD

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:05 | 1118589 walküre
walküre's picture

Yes, and we're selling a few million new homes in the desert to Lybian investors.

They will feel right at home, only Vegas is closer than Dubai.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:27 | 1118699 Carl Spackler
Carl Spackler's picture

Obama has also signed a "finding" for Fannie and Freddie to buy up the Libyan mortgages, while simultaneously foreclosing on Israel.




Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:45 | 1119049 Drag Racer
Drag Racer's picture

and am I right in thinking the only oil facility to be attacked/damaged so far was owned by China???

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:04 | 1118573 tmosley
tmosley's picture

Tyler, you just can't keep a secret, can you?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:04 | 1118577 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

this is the guy who voted against iraq even after the UN approved 

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:09 | 1118601 earnyermoney
earnyermoney's picture

Nothing like mission creep. Pretty soon, we'll have American boots on the ground.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:10 | 1118608 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

well, I'm sure the obama media will ignore it - after all he is the first black president

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:44 | 1118793 LudwigVon
LudwigVon's picture

I was under the impression he was a Mulatto.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:15 | 1118644 DarkAgeAhead
DarkAgeAhead's picture

Why assume that we don't already?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:06 | 1118887 earnyermoney
earnyermoney's picture

I'm referring to regular troops not spec ops. We've probably had spec ops in the country coordindating the uprising.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:20 | 1119173 RECISION
RECISION's picture

Why not just facilitate the Rebels selling oil.

Then they can hire Xe for all the technical expertise they require.

American troops on the ground - without having "American" troops on the ground.



Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:17 | 1118649 kaiserhoff
kaiserhoff's picture

No, no, not boots on the ground.  Advisers in the police action, er, kinetic bull shit make it up as we go along, er, whatever.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:17 | 1118660 NOTW777
NOTW777's picture

chicago war strategy - rahm will direct spec ops

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:04 | 1118583 Debtless
Debtless's picture

It's certainly not a secret that someday we'll get ours coming to us.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:06 | 1118584 walküre
walküre's picture

The new reality.

Full disclosure on covert operations.

Goldman is the underwriter because SEC makes them do it.

You heard it here first.

Counting 6 days and $600,000,000 is not for small peons. This is the big league.

Money is on the table. Money is getting moved and managed. Funds get allocated. Do we have a hedge on the war in Lybia yet? If not, what the fuck is taking so long.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:06 | 1118586 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

I would bet anything that the alleged Al Qaeda plans on setting up a central bank based on the London Central Bank Model in Libya.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:25 | 1118701 Steaming_Wookie_Doo
Steaming_Wookie_Doo's picture

Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't there only 3 countries that didn't have banks from the Rothschild/Rockefeller orbits, i.e. Iran, N.Korea, Libya? Iraq already got Goldman-Sachs'd into compliance.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:37 | 1118751 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

+ Burma

+ China

I'm probably missing many.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:23 | 1118957 Max Hunter
Max Hunter's picture

I thought Indonesia rejected our money system and "loans"...

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 23:13 | 1120136 zerozulu
zerozulu's picture

Some parts of Indonesia they use Gold coins.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:39 | 1119022 clymer
clymer's picture

you can't be serious about China.. HSBC? RBS? UBS AG? The bank of China has more stakeholders than the FED

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:44 | 1119039 TruthInSunshine
TruthInSunshine's picture

They do business in China, but I doubt they run Chinese monetary policy.


Max - I think your right about Indonesia, too. There's no way Rothschildian Lizard Men & Jackals have cracked Indonesia.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:05 | 1118867 Cap Matifou
Cap Matifou's picture

Central bank is done deal now in Libya.

Wow That Was Fast! Libyan Rebels Have Already Established A New Central Bank Of Libya

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:06 | 1118587 slaughterer
slaughterer's picture

There goes some more taxpayer money again ... into Libyan rebellion armamentation. 

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:43 | 1119038 tmosley
tmosley's picture

And from there to al Qaeda.

Blowback, bitchez

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 23:12 | 1120128 zerozulu
zerozulu's picture

US tax payer will not pay for oil because the rebel will buy US bonds with the money paid for oil.

legal way of stealing oil or wealth from poor countries.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:09 | 1118591 bob_dabolina
bob_dabolina's picture

Someone get this guy a Nobel Peace Prize.

It made me want to shit in my own mouth when I read what some of the other people out there did and were turned down to this piece of shit.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:10 | 1118617 Racer
Racer's picture

The nobbled piece prix

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:09 | 1118596 PulauHantu29
PulauHantu29's picture

No problema. The Bernank is already printing $10-$15 Billion a day for the stock market.....$100 Billion or more per months for Iraq and Afghanistan Wars....just needs to crank it up a bit more..maybe mane it an even $600 Billion of new USD per month.

Spreading democracy is almost as expensive as spreading Christianity was in the Spanish expansion days. We now have politicans instead of monks and priests.


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:33 | 1118646 cossack55
cossack55's picture


Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:44 | 1119036 Jendrzejczyk
Jendrzejczyk's picture

1 unjunk from me.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:06 | 1118597 dbTX
dbTX's picture

This is going to get totally out of control

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:14 | 1118641 Cognitive Dissonance
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Red October?

Or March Madness?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:08 | 1118599 carbonmutant
carbonmutant's picture

When both of your brothers are fighting which side do you choose?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:36 | 1118738 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

I choose Dancing with the Stars and analyzing the NFL problem.  Then I will turn on CNBC and beat off to Ms. Merrydeath.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:10 | 1118600 Bill D. Cat
Bill D. Cat's picture

Link ?


... never mind , up on  Drudge 

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:13 | 1118623 earnyermoney
earnyermoney's picture

and the Hillary prediction is to the right. See RAN Squawk 03-30 15:48

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:09 | 1118604 rumblefish
rumblefish's picture

is it really a secret then?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:08 | 1118611 Johnny Lawrence
Johnny Lawrence's picture

This makes me sick.

Obama also just gave a speech about ways to reduce oil prices.  How about just telling Bernanke to stop printing backless currency?

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:39 | 1118756 Dr. Richard Head
Dr. Richard Head's picture

Because....those greedy speculators and the middle east riots.  That is why oil is up.  This has nothing to do with creating 200 year's worth of money supply in just two years. 

Say it with me...speculators, terrorists, OPEC, Osama Bin Laden.  Everything is ok.  Go shopping now and buy some stocks.  Everything will be fine.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:10 | 1118612 Racer
Racer's picture

US sells its soul for oil... again

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:13 | 1119138 DaveyJones
DaveyJones's picture

doesn't matter what religion we claim, we worship oil

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 23:02 | 1120110 zerozulu
zerozulu's picture

Being a US citizen I am not proud to say that US is a morally bankrupt country.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:11 | 1118613 gkm
gkm's picture

The US reenactment of Rome wouldn't be complete without such generousity.  Just another brick for the Appian Way.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:13 | 1118627 X. Kurt OSis
X. Kurt OSis's picture

Been saying this all along.  They are already there.  The alphabet soup of US spec ops has been there all along.  The fact that the administration is leaking this probably means these guys are going from 'observe and report' to 'fuck shit up' (which is our specialty) so we better make it look like someone up high actually authorized the fucking up of the shit. 

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 17:10 | 1118891 InconvenientCou...
InconvenientCounterParty's picture

well put.

The order was prolly back-dated to preceed the UN res.

The U.S. is the superhero of protecting it's oversized imperial ass.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 18:29 | 1119215 Arkadaba
Arkadaba's picture

And it was telegraphed by the MSM. Yesterday tuned into CNN for a few minutes. There were three policy wonks/journalists discussing that the rebels ran into problems when trying to take Sirte because of local support for Q.

The discussion was very much centered round how the coalition could not just bomb the shit out of the city (I'm paraphrasing - they didn't say shit) because the thrust of the UN mandate was protecting civilians. (And they at least have to pretend to adhere to it.)

The discussion turned turned into an "oh me, oh my, what we will do".

Telegraphed loud and clear what was coming next.

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:13 | 1118628 papaswamp
papaswamp's picture

Tornado Warning Bitchez!!! Batten down the hatchez and secure the wenchez and rum!

Wed, 03/30/2011 - 16:13 | 1118629 RobotTrader
RobotTrader's picture

Looks to me like the U.S. Military is going to invade the entire region and convert it to a luxury tourist destination.

It is the only reason I could think of to explain the sudden and explosive move in Oxford Industries today.

Looks like there is about to be a run on Tommy Bahama shirts.....

Probably the next Lululemon...

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