Obama Releases Long-Form Birth Certificate, Will Address Nation At 9.45 AM

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And so hopefully the whole birth certificate meme can be put behind us, Trump's attention grab campaign will finally end, and people like Ron Paul will have a chance to actually run for president. Full statement from the president to come at 9:45am.

And PDF:

Birth Certificate Long Form 2

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We can haz STFU now, bitchez?

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back to the topic at hand: how the Fed's money cartel is destroying our nation.

o wait a minute, that was never on the agenda.

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Enough people hanging out in the Chase and Goldman lobbies could put it back on the agenda? Wisconsin-stylee?

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Dude. I tried several times to get an invasion of the squid. I got replies from two fbi domains and one real person.

We may have our differences but are you motherfuckers ready to.....ahem....protest peacefully? Get a facebook page started or a twitter thingy and i am ready.

I volunteer with ten others to man the battering ram because this wont be a surprise. The rest of you walk in peacefully, sit down, and start singing hippy songs. Wear quality tie dye.

Or our asian hedgers will pose as a delivery boy then unlock the back door. Robottrader i am sure could pose as the pimply faced dominos pizza guy.

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I even promised to bail out the first 20 or so willing to join me. Dont you know a good deal when you see it?

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All this proves is that, given 2+ years to come up with a decent-looking forgery, he finally has bothered to do so.

If it takes you that long to perform a minor act of corruption, well, that's pretty sad.

Remember the good old days when we had competent crooks in the White House? Sigh.

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The likes of Trump et al, the other alien abductees, will still claim it's a fake and want proof it's real.  Wait for it... They simply can't take yes for an answer.  

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3 years of fighting it's release, then just "oh, I see it's becoming a distraction, so here you go.." sounds awefully like "the forge is in, publish"..

Of course it's going to be scrutinized.  Quit acting like it's below the gov't to actually lie... 

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quit acting like this means jack shit

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Any way to carbon date the paper it was printed on ?

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It was printed on recycled 100 dollar bills circa 2008 - 2011.

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Something very strange here. Yesterday, April 26, the Hawaiian governor said all birth certificates are sealed records and will remain so, while the White House said birth issues are a "distraction".

Then today the White House releases what purports to be an archived digital image of the certificate--with a stamp on the lower front that says "April 25, 2011".

Explanation, please.

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I can't speak to the rest, but it's common for a certified copies of public records to be stamped with the date of the release.  Same with land records, for instance.

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The Certificate of Live Birth, the short form, is prepared by the government, is the legal document required for proof of birth, and is the document controlled by the government.  It would be this document that the Governor said was a sealed record.  The long form is prepared by the hospital, is not considered legal proof of live birth, and I believe it is not controlled by the government.  It would not have been affected by the Governer's decree.

If you need to prove when you were born, the short-form certificate of live birth is required, the long form won't do.  Obama released the short-form Certificate of Live Birth during his presidential campaign.

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Full college transcripts please Obama.

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"Whatcho talkin' about Willis?"

After all, we know George "Dunce Cap" Bush got "Legacy C's" at Yale, don't we...

"Whatcho hidin' Barry?"

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Within 10 nanoseconds after the longform certificate is released, it will be declared a forgery by the birther movement.

Almost no one can 'prove' when and where they were born as we are all incompetent infants at birth.  For that matter, it could be hard for many people to prove when and where they were married, after a comparable number of years, since records of such things are easily lost.

If all one has to do is say a document that is old, on microfiche, or some other indirect retention system, is forged, then such matters cannot ever be proven to the satisfaction of those who have a vested interest in contesting the claim.

Mark my words, the birther movement is only going to be energized by whatever comes next. It is a mistake for President Obama to buy into their frenzy. I wish he would not do that.

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Maybe Obama has thought it through and realized he can split the birthers even more from the mainstream. How many Republicans are birthers? Anybody know?

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A bizarre junk, indeed. Must be birthers lurking. If so, watch this video. Its about reason and evidence, and proving negative assertions.

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Yes.  I think you're right.

A new twist in the Rope a Dope strategy.

This will keep them quite busy for a while and make them look nuttier.

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Dope a' Rope Strategy
Does that mean after punching themselves out and losing the "Rumble in the Jungle"...

Tea Partiers and Republicans will go on to make a fortune selling George Foreman grills??

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Actually the whole birther issue was born from one of Hillary's supporters, Philip Berg definitely not a Repub

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Why would you junk this? Are you "birthers" still harping on this? Short of building a time machine and going back to witness Obama's birth in person, there is just no way to convince you guys huh? Such a non-issue really. It comes down to the fundamental limits on our ability to really know anything with 100% certainty. You have to go with the preponderance of the evidence at hand and make an informed decision. Of course if you blindly adhere to any belief, there is not much that the rest of us can do to convince you otherwise. 

There are so many LEGITIMATE criticisms that can be made of Obama, why is it necessary to cling to BS conspiratorial nonsense? A distraction for the ignorant masses. Can we focus on the issues that actually matter now?

The best part is that even if McCain had won in 2008, do you think he would have really done anything differently? McCain is at least as much of a shill as Obama. It was a rigged lose-lose game to begin with (as all presidential elections fundamentally are these days). I am glad that some of you out there are smart enough to comprehend this point. 

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It is a mistake for President Obama to buy into their frenzy. I wish he would not do that.


For him, maybe. But I thanked him for doing so. Just read the comments section and it is pure laughter.

So many on this site can not come to terms that their Negro president is a natural born US citizen. And they speak lenghtfully about cognitive disonance. So many good specimens of US citizenism.


There is not discontinuity between the US elite and their base as shown once again by this comments section. The base is disgruntled for many reasons, one is they wish they were elite.

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No, the birthers will never be satisfied, there will always be some deeper conspiracy. This will only make them more determined. Back to the drawing board, pull on the tin foil thinking caps.

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Look at a recent post as to what a real birth certificate looks like from that era.

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No, this will only encourage the morons (see below) who pull "reality" out of the asses daily from their underground internet bunkers. 

The is about having a "negro" president in America. 

No amount of "proof" can change the "minds" of the mentally ill.

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When all else fails, scream "RACIST!"

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I never knew Obama had so many supporters lurking on ZH until I read this thread. Hey Obamunists, your president is a douche, with or without the paperwork.

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I think the supporters are supporters of logic, not necessarily supporters of Obama.

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Right, play race card = get nice with some logic.

Sarc tag needed?

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No, this will only encourage the morons (see below) who pull "reality" out of the asses daily from their underground internet bunkers. 


Morons? I dont know? US citizens for sure. And there are many, many regulars to this site investigating truth. Truth and US citizens. Like matter and anti-matter.


"The negro was a natural born US citizen." Good title. Truthers, truthers...

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There is an example Hawaii birth cert here:




It looks exactly the same. I guess 3 years is enough time to do a decent photoshop job ;)

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'Cert of live birth' again this is not a 'long form birth certificate Tyler.

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No need to debate the issue anymore. This is clear proof his father was not a US citizen at his birth or ever and that he does not qualify as a natural born Citizen. You gotta love this stuff.

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One is a natural-born citizen if one is born in the United States.  It does not matter where one's parents were born or what citizenship they possess.  The Constitution only requires the President to be natural born, not the President's parents.

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I didn't know DocX had diversified.  

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Will I care?

(Answers on a postcard to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue)

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That looks photo-somethinged. Copied? Shopped?

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I bought a copy of the same one off eBay for $6 American.

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You paid too much.  I got one for 3 bucks.