Obama Says Turkey's "Ally" Status In Doubt Unless Country Changes Its Pro-Iran, Anti-Israel Stance

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Ever since the Gaza flotilla incident, in which several Turkish citizens were killed after a boat headed with supplies to the Palestine (with full politically correct details still being ironed out on who attacked whom and all that), was attacked, relations between Turkey and Israel have been horrendous, and deteriorating rapidly. Demonstrating just how seriously Israel is concerned with the Turkey (which also happens to be a NATO member, and in possession of lots of ultramodern things that go boom) relations hit, is today's first ever visit by Netanyahu to Athens, where he is scheduled to meet with Greek counterpart and country's opposition leader, to streamline Israel's relationship with Turkey's traditional antagonist, wisely driven by the principle of "the enemy of my enemy." (More on Netanyahu's historic visit via Haaretz). Yet where it is getting very dicey, is the just released report from the FT, which notes that "President Barack Obama has personally warned Turkey’s prime minister that unless Ankara shifts its position on Israel and Iran it stands little chance of obtaining the US weapons it wants to buy." And more: "One senior administration official said: “The president has said to Erdogan that some of the actions that Turkey has taken have caused questions to be raised on the Hill [Congress] . . . about whether we can have confidence in Turkey as an ally. That means that some of the requests Turkey has made of us, for example in providing some of the weaponry that it would like to fight the PKK, will be harder for us to move through Congress." It is unfortunate that the administration still believes intimidation is the best policy course when it comes to resolving latent (and soon to be bilaterally uranium-enriched) middle-east conflicts. Should this path of "negotiation" be insisted on, Obama may soon alienate a critical NATO-member and the country located at the most strategic location at the Europe-Middle East nexus. And this does not even account for the political unrest that is sure to develop should the country's 72 million disgruntled citizens decide the US (and its Middle East interests) are not their ally.

More from the FT:

Washington was deeply frustrated when Turkey voted against United Nations sanctions on Iran in June.

When the leaders met later that month at the G20 summit in Toronto, Mr Obama told Mr Erdogan that the Turks had failed to act as an ally in the UN vote. He also called on Ankara to cool its rhetoric about an Israeli raid that killed nine Turks on a flotilla bearing aid for Gaza.

While the two men have subsequently sought to co-operate over Iraq’s efforts to patch together a coalition government, the US makes clear its warning still stands.

They need to show that they take seriously American national security interests,” said the administration official, adding that Washington was looking at Turkish conduct and would then assess if there were “sufficient efforts that we can go forward with their request”.

US law requires the administration to notify Congress 15 days ahead of big arms sales to Nato allies such as Turkey. Although technically such sales can proceed – unless Congress passes legislation to stop them – resistance on Capitol Hill can push administrations to abandon politically unpopular sales.

Turkey has sought drones for several years. But its drive has taken on greater urgency both because of the continuing US withdrawal from Iraq and the tensions with Israel, which has provided Ankara with pilotless Heron aircraft.

Turkish officials characterise the military relationship with the US as very good but declined to comment on specific procurement requests. The administration has not notified Congress of any big arms sale to Turkey to date this year.

All in all, more news that should merely propel stocks to new record highs, now that global thermonuclear warfare and homo sapiens Extinction Level Events are firmly priced in.

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Turkey is clearly headed away from the guidance of Ataturk and toward sharia. They could give a shit what our fearless leader thinks.


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Yep it is all about Sharia...

Nothing to do with the tens of billions Turkey lost due to Gulf war 1 and 2.

Nothing to do with the two attempts by Israel to whack Erdogan.

Nothing to do with the US not backing Turkey's entry into the EU or WTO.

Nothing to do with with the US and Israel arming and training the Kurds so they can launch attacks on Turkish troops.

I could go on and on but the clueless will keep jabbering about Islam. The Turks will move into China's orbit and the US will lose a valuable ally who can actually pay for it's weapons unlike the #1 parasite in the Mideast

Turd Ferguson's picture

Just sayin.

Look, Ataturk knew that strict Islam was incompatible with Western democracy and capitalism. Its why he set up so many internal. procedural defenses against it.

Turkey has every right to be pissed off at the "west", particularly western Europe. If they think their future is with the Islamic Republics, then so be it.

Guillermo's picture

Turkey isn't part of the west. I do not care if muslims want to live in an explicitly muslim country. There is only a small, tiny, Hostile minority on this planet who take care to try and manipulate the whole world in their interest. I do not belong to it.

tmosley's picture

Politicians?  Or bankers?

stev3e's picture

Israel?  Zionist Jews?

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Some thoughts on the Master Race

Jews have owned the west for centuries. Christianity is nothing more than the worship of a Jew as God; what folly! No man, Jew or not, is God, and we are all sons of the creator. Christians are fucking morons.

Beyond religious influence, Jews control the economies of prominent western powers, obviously. Christians, members of the Jewish slave religion, aren't even allowed to lend money at interest! Dimwits!

Not all Jews are owners, but all the owners are Jews. Which western race dominates all others, and is thus the master of all others?

Hitler was quite correct about the Jewish problem; if I were in his position, and were thus condemned to a life as an inferior race, I would pull a ginger Cartman, too. Apologies for the anachronism.

Tangents aside, Jews cannot truly claim the title of global master race, because of the existence of my race.

We have established hegemonies for millennia, and despite each contraction and collapse of empire, our race grows in number and advances greatly during the subsequent rebirth.

Of course, all other races participate in hegemony, but all have fallen under the Jews in the shadow of globalization. Yet, the Jews rule with a tiny minority, and we are one, contiguous race; the most populous race on the planet.

The cause for this phenomena on our end is quite apparent; historically, whenever we conquered an area, we would kill off all the men and utilize the women as vehicles for delivering children; children who would then be considered full Han Chinese. This method for social dominance is in stark contrast to the west's:


This is the only reason Obama can claim to be a nigger. A cracker woman carried him for 9 months, and a cracker family raised him.

The upcoming catastrophic competition between east and west will have tragic consequences, but accomplish little of value for the average and racially inferior.

The west will diminish in size slightly, but Jews will continue to rule. The east will expand in its natural territory: the remainder of the Corean Peninsula and the monkey princess islanders.

It already owns the majority of the southwestern Pacific Islands and Indochina via Jewish style economic domineering, and India is but another herbivore; its fate in the belly of a carnivore has already been predetermined.

And so, World War III won't determine the meaning of "master race," but we, the human species, will have advanced ever so slightly towards procuring a definition and thus being Terran, undoubtedly with a minority ruling race and majority slave race, finally able to project power and our male destructive tendencies outwards in space, towards intelligent creatures with even more differences to hate.

And with such antipathy and competition, technology and advancement shall be driven forth for both sides, until one is destroyed and the other proclaimed the superior; the spiral of time grows greater and more destructive with each pass. The apocalyptic doomsday cult which worships a beaknosed master is more than likely correct, in the long run.

Anyways, a mere present day quantitative analysis can already predict the result of the human racial competition. There aren't enough intelligent Jews (intellect is indeed a rare thing, even amongst a relatively cerebral race such as the Jews) to rule the world.

In conclusion, lol @ you, goyim. You really think Zionists are the only ones who wish to hold the world in the palm of their hands? Moron.

Trundle's picture

Yeah, if only those Muslims from Al Qaeda hadn't attacked us on 911 for our freedoms!


caconhma's picture

The 9/11  was the inside job. None of the alleged hijackers flew any jet before, never were in any flight-simulator since they never passed a written test. 

Remember the World Trade Center bldg #7. It was a 47-story building that went down on 9/11 like buildings #1 & 2 but without any plane hitting it. It was blown away as the other two were.

midtowng's picture

What a great idea! Let's alienate one of the last islamic democracies in the world because they won't toe the line.


Mad Max's picture

While we're at it, I propose that we say "F you" to our closest ally of the last 100 years and one of the last remaining countries that sort of likes us.  And wait, there's more!  Let's piss off our biggest trading partner and lender by accusing them of financial racketeering that's at least 1/100th as bad as what we've been doing!

I don't see how any of this could possibly go wrong!!!

Cistercian's picture

 You are incredibly prescient...the future is bright, as bright as the sun.

   As bright as the sun a few feet away.....10 million degrees worth.

 War seems more imminent everyday, and this time it will be thermonuclear.


e1618978's picture

The Kurds are better and more useful allies to us than the Turks are.  And screw the Turks, they have not been our allies since they tried to extort money from us during the 2nd Iraq  war.  I'm that they lost money on that war, they deserved to.

Mitchman's picture

I agree with you.  And they're sitting on a lot of that Iraqi oil.

akuacumen's picture

US foreign policy has shorter memory than a career pot head and is cheaper than your average crack whore. Seriously, the US allies/enemies change so quickly it is hard to keep track sometimes. 

The US as a whole should look back to the first G.W. ... Washington and go back to the policy of non-intervention for a while. Perhaps, the world will be a better place once again. How many of the recent and current conflicts are a result of misguided US intervention at some point in the past? The US defense budget is worse than a coke habit cutting it by just a bit could go a long way to help cleanup the gulf, teach American kids geography and evolution etc.

Yes, it is unfortunate Erdo?an's actions and policies to dismantle the republic are successful. But keep in mind that he was democratically elected just like Bush and Obama ... and he remains popular unlike Bush and Obama. It is hard to maintain balance between secular and Islamic nature of the country. Especially in Turkey where people aren't just separated by secular/religious lines but there is also vast disparity in education and income levels between the populace. A few in Nisantasi should demonstrate to anyone just how conflicted the country is.

I hope the US doesn't dismantle yet another secular Islamic state ... Iran, Iraq ... Turkey next?

DaveyJones's picture

"US foreign policy has shorter memory than a career pot head and is cheaper than your average crack whore"

very nice

OldTrooper's picture

The US as a whole should look back to the first G.W. ... Washington and go back to the policy of non-intervention for a while.

My sentiments exactly.

And if anyone is wondering what akaucumen is talking about, here's a link:


ToNYC's picture

Please revise the term #1 parasite. It might offend supporters of the #1 tool in the area to keep the pot boiling as the crude oil gang divides and conquers into the 21st Century. It is always about the money.


The horrible, terrible Osama bin Subcontractor and his horrible, terrible Islamo fascists attacked us because they hate our Freedom Fries. 'nuff said.

Roy Bush's picture

It has nothing to do with Ataturk, Sharia, etc.  Throw the focus on the US who is clearly trying to pick a fight/war with whomever it can.  Before this economic downturn is over there is going to be a good sized war so the ZOG can grow the economy again.  My opinion is that it's going to be a war against Islam.  


TrulyStupid's picture

Except for Saudi Arabia, our absolute monarchist budiies, and of course Pakistan, who are still our friends (at least this weekI think). The Gulf States don't really count of course, they still accept our money and deal in our arms.

Anywqay I got this memo late, I was preparing to invade Iran and must now change my travel plans.

Mitchman's picture

I agree with you.  And it's interesting to see that all of the posters here who bleed for a Palestinian homeland can't seem to extend the same privilige to the Kurds, who have occupied the land that Turkey is contesting as long as the Palestinians have been in the ME and whom the Turks have historically brutally repressed.  Let's remember who also committed genocide suring the 20th century.

Mitchman's picture

Very interesting.  Thanks.

sushi's picture

History is interesting stuff. You assume you are widely read and then uncover a totally new element of history. Thanks.

israhole's picture

Hot off the press:

"USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney (right) was on vacation in Southern California with his wife of 30 years, Lisa, when a well-dressed man with an Israeli accent, started up a conversation in a motel lounge. Evidently, this mysterious stranger knew exactly who he was talking to and also the entire business about the Liberty (and appeared to be taping the encounter). He even gloated to Phil about what Israel did to the American sailors that day (the bloody Israelis killed 34)!"

Continue reading here: http://incogman.net

newstreet's picture

Here we go, 300 comments to follow.

knukles's picture

Right.  300 or 300K about ME politics.  But what gets me is the Rosana Rosana Danna White House Middle East Foreign Policy Promulgations.  Weren't just a tidge ago that we were pissing on Israel and sidling up to the Persian and Arab nations.  Now, be gosh and be gollye, its all a-changed.  No wonder the offshore Op-Ed pages are openly wondering about WTF's going on here. 

trav7777's picture

People should really watch RT and AJ for a different perspective.

A commentator on RT last night called Obama "firmly controlled" by elite banking interests.  Called for elimination of money creation by banks and return to nationalized currencies.

You would NEVER hear anyone get away with saying that on US TV.  Our MSM is totally irrelevant now.

Bringin It's picture

I agree.  RT is great.  Not too long ago, the Guardian had an article announcing the rise of RT and labelling it gov. propoganda.  WTF?  Maybe it is, but what is western MSM, including the Guardian if not PTB/gov. propaganda?


tamboo's picture

alex jones is a joo zioshill blowhard, won't say word

one against jews/israel. try whatreallyhappened

or realzionist news if you want news from  jews

that will speak out on that subject.




Bringin It's picture

I don't know - tamboo.  I just looked at his site and he has this prominently displayed -

Neocon Bolton Renews Call for Israel to Bomb Iran


However, I have seen many posts in the blogosphere say that if you post on his site(s) that he has a Jewish wife, your post is immeadiately deleted.

RabidLemming's picture

Rosana Rosana Danna White House Middle East Foreign Policy Promulgations

you are my new hero.

and I agree that the power elite will push the Anglo-American war machine into an economy boosting conflict. the very sad thing about it is the only thing it will accomplish is generational population control.

ToNYC's picture

When you are getting done; sometimes they are pulling it out, sometimes they are sticking it in again.

lizzy36's picture

A strange game.

The ONLY winning move is NOT to play.

How about a nice game of chess?

Widowmaker's picture

I hope this is not about money..

Create the itch to sell the scrach sorta' thing.

Mad Max's picture

No.  I want to play Global Thermonuclear War.

John McCloy's picture

  As expected. We all knew they were about to be shown the exit on NATO and that is why there was no need to defend an attack on a "NATO" vessel by Israel.

Guillermo's picture

The United States is not a sovereign nation.

Bringin It's picture

Not anymore.  Sad but true.

Max Hunter's picture

So if you are not an ally of Israel you are not an ally of U.S. I'll bet the Turks didn't see that coming.

I suspect it has been long known the inevitability of Turkey's stance against the West and its consequence.

Clancy's picture

Oh balls I'm an enemy of my own country.

Moonrajah's picture

Are you sure it's yours?

OldTrooper's picture

I'll bet the Turks didn't see that coming.

They probably thought that a written, signed and ratified treaty meant something.

You'd think they'd know better - having butted heads with the Byzantines for several hundred years.

Übermensch's picture

Shut-up Barry Soetoro.