Obama Will Not Release Dead Osama Pics

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And another part of the White House story on bin Laden changes once again, which after promising repeatedly through Panetta to release pictures of a dead bin Laden, has instead decided not to reveal the death pics. We wonder how the administration for which this whole affair is rapidly shifting from a rally around the flag affair to one of losing credibility will then explain the following statement by Leon Panetta: "I don't think there was any question that ultimately a photograph would
be presented to the public. We got bin Laden and I think we have to
reveal to the rest of the world the fact that we were able to get him
and kill him

In the meantime, BBC provides the following info on what would have been seen:

Gruesome details of photographs showing Osama bin Laden's corpse have been revealed by US officials.

The pictures of the Qaeda leader reportedly show an open gun shot wound to his head, part of the skull missing and visible brain matter.

One of bin Laden's eyes is reportedly open in the images, while the other is "completely gone".

It comes as the White House and the CIA appear to be at loggerheads over whether to release the graphic pictures.

Senior figures in US President Barack Obama's administration are locked in talks about the publication of a post-mortem photos.

It is believed the President has concerns that producing the most identifiable picture of the terrorist chief could provoke a backlash.

He fears doing so may prompt a similar response to that seen after images of Saddam Hussein's dead sons were published in 2003.

And what was that response: validation of a potential lie, because as we all know the administration never lies? We can't wait for the conspiracy crew to go to town on this one.

It is about time for Donald Trump to demand if not the death cetificate, then at least the death pic, and make the farce complete.