Obama's Advice To Those Complaining About Surging Gas Prices: Suck It In And Cope

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Clash for Clunkers part Deux......The Return of The Tricycle

*this message has been brought to you by the makers of Hush Puppies, official Crocs footwear, and Takashi from Revenge of the Nerds

--> NERDS!

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Let them eat cake...

-Marie Antoinette


Let them ride bike...

-Barry Soetoro

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Really. Let's Bomb,Bomb,Bomb Iran.  And more tax cuts.  The U.S. is now Japan. We are a Fucked nation. We are done. Period. Don't you get it.

Who the Fuck really cares about anybody running elections. More noise for the mindless.

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"With president-elect Barack Obama soon to be sworn in as the nation’s leader, a new presidential limousine was in call for and once again General Motors was assigned the task of building it. Nicknamed ‘The Beast’, the limo is based on a number of GM platforms and shares components with several different....

All of this comes at a heavy weight penalty, with top speed rated at 60mph (96km/h) and fuel-economy expected to be about 8mpg."

I guess we know where the "8 miles per gallon" number came from! 

One fucking golf outing, sightseeing trip in Air Force One uses more fuel than I will use in my entire lifetime you arrogant cocksucker, fuck you.

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“The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it comes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism - ownership of government by an individual, by a group,”  ~FDR

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nice research fedbuster (hope it's true).  however imo he and his ilk don't think the problem is theirs because they "can afford it" and are "doing god's work".  low gas mileage is a real sin only when coupled with inability to pay without complaint.  

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He hasn't paid for a dime worth of gas for that tank he rides in.  If we only knew what it cost to shuttle these assholes around for their fundraisers, sightseeing trips, nights on the town, etc.... I do everything I legally can to avoid paying a dime to these parasites, but watching them destroy the Country is becoming intolerable.

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Mindless indeed !! Not unlike thier overlords in seats of power . But not mindless . There is a mindest of self destruction behavior from both . And both too blind too see , and too deaf to hear.  

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Then hope Ron Paul destroys the Republican party.

If the Republicans can't do any better than that tool, it's time to go out of business.

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No...Let them eat iPad 2's.  I am shocked...I say SHOCKED that the the proletariat "is getting restless".

This is the change they signed on to.....now they don't even have HOPE!!

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Re: "the peasantry is getting restless"

Hej Tyler... the word is "restive"... as in "the peasantry is getting restive"... they might also be "restless", but that might be just a minor case of insomnia.


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More like "Let them eat shit."

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Hi, butthurt faggot name changing loser.

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Hey stool lips let me guess. Muammar Gaddafi would look like a male model if he stood next to you .

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[hint: try a little less bigotry and a little more analysis and maybe individuals like me won't interrupt your comfy little echo chamber quite so often]

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... er ... dude, no commentary on your content, but, well, you're talking to yourself.  don'tcha' know - Ned

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tmoseley's a presumed god at ZH because he's a two hundred post a day gold doomer using same tired death by a thousand blows redundancy.

Challenge him once and the retorts are immediately puerile, sexual, anal. That's his programmed comeback. He totally bore the crap out of readers, ruins the threads, destroys the otherwise spirited dialogue. He even has a poodle here nights named Col Cooper to offer even more offensive homophobic childish slime as if one inverted mind weren't enough.

moseley was thrown off seeking alpha and ronpaulforum.com for the same activity. Tens of thousands of posts, the vast majority of which are just chlidish sexual insults and retorts to common sense challenges.

In short he contributes as much to this blog as the third ball on a short possum in a circle jerk.

A real fight club would have long ago booted him for the thousands and thousands and thousands of insults and followed by a run for safety with chickenshit grinding slander rather than reasoned argument but hey, he predictably rah rahs gold a hundred times a day here so he stays here behind mommy's apron.

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tmoseley's a presumed god at ZH....

Yeah whatever. Instead of responding to personalities - post something of interest. The fact that you haven't speaks volumes.

Edit: Same for that Maniac guy.


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Unlike you I'm not interested in sniggering with 10th graders over fart jokes. 

Likely that's why you're here. 

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Yup.  Butthurt.  Did I strike a nerve when I insulted one of your other sock puppets?


Also, I was "thrown out" of neither site.  I just stopped posting there, because ZH is a much better outlet for anything and everything I like to talk about.  

long juan silver's picture

You like to talk about things like this blindingly interesting wrap up of your action packed spring afternoon:


Seeking Alpha - ( Tmosley )

I have noticed that wheat is incredibly undervalued as well. I sometimes buy supplies for my mother's bakery, and I have been surprised at the persistently low price of flour, only ~6.50 for a 25 pound bag.

tmosley's picture

What are you even trying to say here?

God, so worthless.  So incoherent.  So INCOMPETENT.

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Jew say it like it's a bad thing..

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Please stop posting here. No one cares what you think. Take your personal vendetta somewhere else. 

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It's nice to have comrades, even if they are a bit eccentric.

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Dr. Kevin MacDonald has done a wonderful job explaining exactly why your kind so quickly comes to the defense of the 'historically oppressed minority groups'.


It's just a short jump from identifying and polarizing one group, to identifying and polarizing your group.




Maniac Researcher's picture

Your comment makes little sense. That and I've already pointed out elsewhere that your cognitive reasoning skills are dubious at best, Holodomor.

Here's a thought: why should anyone care what bigoted assholes say to defend their narrow worldviews?

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Your writing style is way beyond the pale, very sharpe, quite slicing, and makes me think Max von Sydow's Joubert.

I guess the answer to the question is we need care only as long as b/a's occupy the primary stage, for how long, and the effect of the influence delivered across the common denominator.

I always ask what I don't know; what is a Holodomor?

Sheriff Douchenik from AZ's picture

Maniac Researcher is making the case that being a 'bigoted asshole' is probably a pretty cool way to be. I would argue that the narrow worldview is mostly occupied by Maniac's ilk.

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He's actually making the opposite point but you'll defend the worst sociopaths and hypocrites as long as they are bullish on gold right?

jeff montanye's picture

no.  they have to be bullish on silver too.

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Excellent.  You shouldn't care.  You should leave.  Yet you stay.  

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Libertarian telling someone what to do LOL'....... No freedom of speech ???? Two Faced Bitch showing his white stripe down his yella back. Punk ass bitch.




NWA - One Less Bitch


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Once again, our delivery driving friend here shows his total lack of understanding of libertarianism.  Or anything else for that matter.

Maniac Researcher's picture


I can't type the name Holodomor without imagining some mutated character in a bad sci-fi movie. Makes me chuckle every time.

Holodomor2012's picture

I know.  You revel in the real genocides throughout history.

long juan silver's picture

Meanwhile you essentially called him a homosexual presuming he would take it as an insult. Hypocrite.

Maniac Researcher's picture

Learn to read. And learn the definition of hypocrite - start by looking the mirror.

Do you really think anyone buys your support of the ZH mission to "get the word to the masses about financial corruption" while you are sitting there defending jew hating morons like Holodomor? The only ones who are convinced are other racist idiots like you.

Again, Tyler -- you are making this waay too easy letting these foolish nazi fetishists piss all over your playground. I can only assume you condone their stupidity.


long juan silver's picture

Whoa dude, I'm defending and supporting YOU !! Read slower and relax OK. I'm with ya brother because you're in the right.

Maniac Researcher's picture

...sorry about that, LJS. Your usage of the word "you" in that last post was unclear. Also the Hitler and icecream comment was meant for Holodomor.

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You guys are hilariously dim-witted.

long juan silver's picture

stunning comeback from the sociopathic chemistry teacher.

Tell us more about mama's bakery supplies

tmosley's picture

My mother is a baker is the best argument you can come up with?  Well, it's certainly better than the rather stupid mischaracterization of the manager of a multimillion dollar laboratory as a chemistry teacher, which is also a fine profession (as I owe my career to three "chemistry teachers" who encouraged me to pursue this path).


Maniac Researcher's picture

Right. My misreading of an indefinite pronoun on a single post *totally* invalidates the discussion we are having about your defence of ZH and its problematic relationship to its racist cheerleaders and/or the ironic correlation between hard-core libertarianism and the banksters you lambaste. Sure.

Juan, I don't know where you're even going with this chemistry teacher business. If that's what tmosley does, good for him.

tmosley's picture

A. I wasn't invalidating anything with that post.  B. you aren't having any form of a discussion, you are just lashing out at everyone around you like a hysterical. C. very few here are racist. D. there is ZERO correlation between banksters and libertarians (you are just making shit up).

You get an F.