Observations In Progress On The Fed Data Dump (In Which We Learn That Merrill Pledged Up To 77% Of A Fed Loan With Equity Collateral)

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As we are going through the excel sheets from the Fed dump, we will share our key findings. Keep in mind this is very raw data and will need far more processing before conclusions can be derived.

  • One of the biggest stunners: Bank of America pledged as much as 77.2% of a loan from the PDCF with equity collateral! So much for the Fed taking fiduciary precaution with what crap it lends taxpayer money against. This is a topic we first (very disgusted) discussed first over a year ago.
  • Probably the most interesting data is the disclosure of the Fed purchases of MBS securities from the Primary Dealers as for the first time ever we get information on the actual transaction prices paid by Brian Sack. We will refine the data far more soon with transaction basis granularity, but for now here are the Primary Dealers from which the Fed purchased hundreds of billions of MBS from:
  • Goldman Sachs (GS) borrowed 84 times (50 for just the dometic operations) from Fed's dealer facility (PDCF) from Sept. 15 to Nov. 26, 2008 for amounts ranging from USD 100mln to USD 18bln
  • Bank of America borrowed 118 times from the PDCF from Sept 18 2008 to May 2009, in amount ranging from $375 million to $11 billion. A graphic visualization of BofA borrowings on PDCF below:
  • Looking at the TALF data, we see that the biggest borrower by subscription is Calpers, with a total of about $5.4 billion
  • More curiously, now disgraced and embroiled in an insider trading scandal hedge fund FrontPoint seems to have been a very active borrower on the TALF facility, having received $4.136 billion on subscription, the bulk of it going to a FrontPoint Michigan Strategic Partnership Investment entity, which has borrowed $2.6 billion
  • Foreign central bank borrowings
    • ECB - 271 borrowings for gross rolling total of just over $8 trillion.
    • SNB - 114 borrowings, for a gross rolling total of $465 billion

    • BOE - 81 borrowings for a gross rolling total of $918 billion

  • Borrowings by the Bank of America Complex (BofA, Countrywide Financial, which yes, was a Primary Dealer for a while, and Merrill Lynch). The combined entity see its borrowings peak on September 26, 2008 for a total of $40.2 billion
  • Selected non-financial domestic companies being bailed out by the Fed courtesy of borrowings on the Commercial Paper Funding Facility


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unwashedmass's picture

Interestingly, the NYT's first look at the data names all those who got cash EXCEPT JPM and GS....

the godlike exemption rules. the peasantry must not know how much they have confiscated from us, i guess.

Jim in MN's picture

Speaking of those who have not having no need to know....WikiLeaks is gone according to AP.


Gone as in...no longer on the Web.  Maybe a temp glitch?  Or something serious.




unwashedmass's picture


hey...it had to go down before the BAC data showed up...

Richard Weed's picture

Hey... I am one of the few that thinks The Bernank has actually done a good job in providing liquidity against collateral at a time on meltdown.


To all ye who criticise, just remember that the alternative would have been disasterous (worldwide)... and it would have taken more than a decade to fully recover.

But what do I know... I am just a Dick Weed.

Auric Goldfinger's picture

How is the latter not going to occur despite the former? 

Seems The Bernank is just a hell of a can-kicker. 

CrashisOptimistic's picture

You do realize, I hope, that you're both right.

What too often goes on here on ZH is a failure to recognize that "default and reset" means deficits go to zero instantaneously.  That means all funding for disabled adults, all sorts of disabilities, funding for this, funding for that, all gets zeroed.  Instantly. There will be no lenders for any deficit.  In other words, instantly, no doubt, no question, your choice kills people.

The contrary choice, to extend and pretend, to kick the can down the road and make it maybe (no, I understand, probably, likely, almost certain) worse later, is a choice that everyone well intentioned will always make.  They will always play for a miracle.  They will always wait and delay and hope and wait for a miracle.  

No one well intentioned will EVER choose to kill people within a week when the certainly is less than 100% that more would die in a few years.


nmewn's picture

How does a lack of deficit funding kill someone?

Outwardly, your premise assumes the rest of us would step over people starving in the streets.

How did government get to be the first and best choice for charity work?

And is this a good thing given their malfeasance?

By the looks of it they won't be doing it much longer.

NotApplicable's picture

This is almost as dramatic as when one wrestler comes up behind another with a folding chair. The crowd screams out warning after warning with increasing tensity, but the second wrestler is unaware of not only the first wrestler, but of the crowd as well.

Then, the second wrestler makes his move, and the crowd is crushed, along with their hero, lying crumpled next to the ring.

Meanwhile, questions arise in the crowd. Is our hero dead? Can he get up? If he does, will he stage a miraculous comeback?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode...

Problem Is's picture

The Soul Man Rocky Johnson, aka "Empty Suit" Holder, is on it...

BTW: Pat Patterson was a blonde albino lookin' MoFo like Assange...

MachoMan's picture


In Fed We Trust's picture

8 trillon dollars to to foriegn banks.

Thats the killer.  Was wondering how the fed was funneling the wealth.


When America defaults own its debt, the FED is there holding receipts for all the foreclosed homes, and gov. buildings and airports. 

Hands them over to the foriegn banks who have a 8 trillion dollar demand on the FED.

And as seen on the Drudge today, the US to bail out Europe.



MachoMan's picture

Errrr, if we loaned them money, wouldn't the FED have an 8 trillion dollar demand on the foreign banks?

And the funnel is simple, money goes from my pocket into a government sponsored entity that gives it via bonus and/or salary to an individual who then converts it from the ether into a real asset.  Once the bad bank, FED, dies, its mortgages and other assets (assets?) will be sold to the principal actors for pennies on the dollar given they will be the only ones with liquidity and/or credit availability. 

Jim in MN's picture

It didn't work out so hot in 'Million Dollar Baby'......

Eally Ucked's picture

Why you don't just fuck off and find your data trove at FED. Are you a masochist?

TeamAmerica's picture

Big ditto on that.   What's up with talking facts 'n shit?

FISD's picture

Yank me...

Crank me...

but don't Berank me!

Hansel's picture

After reading through the spreadsheets, I've concluded the overarching theme is that the Fed prints money and manipulates markets everyday.

B9K9's picture

National. Security.

Our very existence is completely dependent on our military ability to "encourage" others to accept our virtual paper in exchange for very, very real things like oil, food, minerals, mfg goods, etc.

It's a tough quandary, because to this slave, it's pretty cool to have a nice house, cheap gas and fun, plentiful vacations. Freedom would entail physical exertion (walking, biking, farming), disturbed sleep (12 on 12 off security details), and not a little hunger.


Worker Bee's picture

I guess the only question is do we get there sooner rather than later? Peak oil is upon us and it seems to me that if they do pull off a recovery,then we inch closer to "walking,biking and farming" that much sooner. ,Maybe this malaise is a blessing in disguise?

downrodeo's picture

That is the view I've tried to hold. I'm not trying play down the pain we'll have to endure. Life is probably going to get a lot more difficult for everybody. It seems to be what we need though. True freedom is something we have to work for, and work to maintain. We've gotten too lazy as a society.

flacorps's picture

People make too big a deal of peak oil. It's not like uranium and thorium and fusion and solar and coal and green slime and natural gas, etc. don't exist.


What happened after peak whales?

Canaduh's picture

It's not so much the energy supply that oil represents that is worrisome. It is the thousands of chemicals, plastics and other products that we depend on to support our standard of living that can ONLY be made out of oil that is worrisome. Without oil based products, 99% of modern technologies would be impossible to manufacture.

Jasper M's picture

Polymers never used more than 3% of total oil consumption. And if it ets scarce, eventually, it will get economical to recycle them. 

Slightly more worrisome is agricultural consumption. I once had an ag major describe modern farming as the art of using land to turn petrochemicals into food.

Jasper M's picture

Polymers never used more than 3% of total oil consumption. And if it ets scarce, eventually, it will get economical to recycle them. 

Slightly more worrisome is agricultural consumption. I once had an ag major describe modern farming as the art of using land to turn petrochemicals into food.

John_Coltrane's picture

The entire chemical industry can be based upon coal as demonstrated by Germany in WWII and South Africa today.  Coal is just one big macromolecule(polymer) which can be broken down catalytically to yield all the major industrial organics.  In olden days, the organic  by-products of carbon steel production were the major basis of the chemical industry especially dyes and aromatics.  It would make a lot of sense to return to this approach since no coal is "burned" in this process.

Hansel's picture

"it's pretty cool to have a nice house, cheap gas and fun, plentiful vacations"

I imagine it is pretty cool to have those things.

B9K9's picture

The banality of evil.

The only thing separating us from the German citizens forced to view the death camps is proximity.

They plead ignorance to something that was occurring within walking distances from their villages & homes.

In our case, our lifestyles are being supported by slaves located thousands of miles away in overseas factories.

Yet, with the 'Net and other media channels, who among us can deny that every facet of the lifestyles we currently enjoy are based on exploitation?

Culpability has nothing to do with income.

Bartanist's picture

Yes, it is a quandry. I have mentioned this before, but I once read a book called "Hitler's Beneficiaries" which outlined how well the German people had it as Germany rolled through Europe collecting the wealth of other countries, instilling their own management and destroying their currencies.

The people really had very little clue that they were doing anything wrong because it was sold so well to them... by der Fuhrer.

I am personally considering taking a choice that many people cannot make, which is creating a simple and unemcumbered life for myself, and making a conscieous effort to enter the third stage of life.

faustian bargain's picture

Think of it this way. The longer we go on with our bubble economy, the further back--in historical equivalent terms--we'll have to turn the clock on our standard of living when the real crash happens. So we have the potential to leapfrog the pastoral scene you describe and jump right into another Dark Ages.

There's your "hmmm".

wiskeyrunner's picture

You are correct, but here is the real secret. They tell there friends before they do it. More or less theft made to look like monetary policy.

redpill's picture

I wish someone would lend me a few billion for nothing so I could pretend to be smarter than everyone else like these assholes.

Bartanist's picture

They are a product of the same conditioning system ... until they were selected to be geniuses.

Robslob's picture

Unfortunately "taking the red pill" has me down 24% shorting this turd of a market...on the flip side the government gets less of my IRA to confiscate on every pump...there, take that Fed!

tmosley's picture

You must have taken the magenta pill that makes you think the market is still functional.  An easy mistake to make, and I made it myself at back in spring of 09.

The red pill makes you realize that gold, silver, and commodities are the only things that are going to preserve/enhance your wealth in this environment.

Robslob's picture

Thank you for that tmosely...only have some silver coinage and about 20 rolls of 1941 - 1956 war dimes I kept as a child.

Clearly gold is my missing link...

unwashedmass's picture


apmex.com...they will take care of you.

SheepDog-One's picture

True tmosley, its hard not to get swept up in the totaly nonsense stock market hype we're fed daily and keep on track realizing the markets are dead. Only thing that means anything at all is commodities, supplies you yourself own and how much of it.

mule65's picture

Lets not forget the DJIA is capable of dropping 1,000 points in 15 minutes.

NotApplicable's picture

Don't you mean milliseconds?

unwashedmass's picture


i wouldn't be surprised to see a flash crash today. there's a stock i trade regularly -- DDR -- and they have been taking it up on 100 shares bids.....

no joke. there's nothing underneath the thing now

Jason T's picture

it's the shit like that that baffles me as to wtf is going on in todays markets.

Red Neck Repugnicant's picture

When you choose to live in a dirt hole, it's difficult to see anything other than worms and mud.

wiskeyrunner's picture

What about gold, there is gold, silver and diamonds in dirt.

Thanatos's picture

There's OIL in that dirt hole...

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

So is the the "Red Neck's" head.

hedgeless_horseman's picture

When you choose to live in a dirt hole, it's difficult to see anything other than worms and mud.

Is that anyway to talk about your wife?  Sure, she needs a shower, but I don't recall seeing any worms.

homersimpson's picture

Spoken like Obama's finest voters. Obviously he recruits the dumb ones... Otherwise how'd so many fall for the "Hope/Change" crap?

Seasmoke's picture

i cant find any Goldman Sachs "bank" branches ????