An Odd Directive From The Chinese Ministry Of Truth: "Delete All Rumors Of Japan Elites Emigrating To Hainan Island"

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While we were scouring the latest directives disclosed by the Chinese Ministry of Truth, conveniently leaked on a weekly basis by the China Digital Times, we encountered this oddity:

State Council Information Office: Plans for Japanese to Immigrate to Hainan Island, China

April 2, 2011

From the Ninth Bureau of the State Council Information Office: All websites are asked to monitor interactive spaces and immediately delete rumors similar to the following: “Breaking news: Japanese elites discussing plan to emigrate to Hainan Island, China.”

Questions arise: why is China so focused on removing any trace of this rumor? Is it because it is false (probably not the smartest thing, as anyone disseminating it would merely discredit themselves)? Or, perhaps, because it is true?

Pushing the scales to the opinion that it could well be the latter is Bloomberg's report that following massive economic leaks well in advance of Chinese data release (most recently presented on Zero Hedge), "those responsible will
be punished

To wit:

China’s statistics bureau said it “condemns” leaks of economic data and those responsible will be punished, after the office released economic indicators that matched rumors circulating in the market and online yesterday.

“We believe any illegal behavior will be punished by law,” Sheng Laiyun, a spokesman for the department, told a briefing in Beijing today. “Those spreading state secrets on the Internet or other public information networks should be held accountable.”

China’s first-quarter growth figure and other monthly economic data including the inflation rate were leaked yesterday ahead of the official release. Phoenix Satellite Television Holdings Ltd. reported 10 economic indicators on its website yesterday morning, citing an unidentified source. Figures released later yesterday by China’s central bank and today by the National Bureau of Statistics matched 9 of the numbers. Hong Kong-based Phoenix Television, declined to comment.

“Key data are widely circulated in the Chinese bureaucracy prior to their release,” said Brian Jackson, an emerging markets strategist at Royal Bank of Canada in Hong Kong. “The recent accuracy of market rumors must raise concerns about the integrity of the process.”

Of course, we can only wish China the best of luck in this endeavor:

“It’s normal in China, there are always channels for this sort of information,” Jiang said in a phone interview today, “The short side and the futures market in Hong Kong are always a step ahead. This is a result of China’s power structure.”

It was the fifth time in six months that an accurate consumer price index number was circulated in the market and reported in the media before release. It’s become one of the most sought-after numbers because of China’s battle to curb inflation, which jumped to a 32-month high in March.

Early disclosure happens because too many government offices see data before they’re made public, He Keng, a former deputy head of the department and now a member of its consulting committee, said in an interview last month.

Which, naturally, explains the need to have a Ministry of Truth to impose harsh directives and censor any and all disclosure that are unpalatable to the government.

Incidentally, the other most recent directives are all somewhat amusing. They are presented below:

State Council Information Office: Reform of Monopolistic Industries

April 8, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: All websites are requested
to repost on both their front pages and headline news sections the
article, “Reform and Attack of Monopolistic Industries in the Twelfth
Five-Year Plan.”

State Council Information Office: SCIO Unveils iPad Platform

April 8, 2011-04-11

From the State Council Information Office: All websites are requested to post in a prominent position the article: “China State Council News and Information Office Formally Unveils iPad App to Better Introduce the World to China.”

State Council Information Office: The “Rights Maintenance” Peasant Zhou Decai

April 8, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: All websites are requested
to delete the posting “Proposal Offered to ‘Rights Protection’ (wei quan) Tobacco Workers Around the Country by China ‘Rights Protection’ Peasant Zhou Decai,” as well as all related information.

State Council Information Office: The School Motto “Esteem Morality”

April 7, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: All websites are requested
to prominently post the article “The School Motto ‘Honor Morality’ Has
Begun to Circulate Among Teachers and Students at Hebei Agricultural
University (Hebei Nongda).”

State Council Information Office: The Song Meat Pancake

April 2, 2011

From the State Council Information Office: All websites, particularly
those with video and audio channels, are to look for and delete the
song Meat Pancake (Rou bing) by Gamahe Danzeng.


And for those curious, here is an interesting tangent on just what Hainan Island is from Xinhua:

HAIKOU, April 10 (Xinhua) -- Hainan, an island
province in southern China, is planning to develop six uninhabited
islands this year, according to local official sources.

"The islands are to be developed as tourist sites," said Zhao
Zhongshe, head of the Department of Ocean and Fisheries of Hainan
Province, stressing that no real estate projects will be developed on
the islands.

An island census carried out in the 1980s showed that China had more
than 6,500 uninhabited islands, or 93.8 percent of the total number of
islands. The results of an ongoing island census will be released this

From 2003 to 2005, a frenzy of island development swept China's
coastal areas, but was later called off by the central government over
conservation concerns.

On March 1 last year China promulgated the "Law on Island
Protection", which allows for the development of uninhabited islands
with the approval of provincial governments or the State Council.

Under the law, new development projects on uninhabited islands will be subject to strict environmental impact assessments.

However, such development has stirred controversy among those concerned about the difficulty of protecting the islands.

According to Duan Deyu, vice director of the Ocean and Fisheries
Bureau of the tourist city of Sanya in Hainan Province, divers destroyed
and stole the coral, and tourists spoiled the vegetation of scenic

"We had inspections, but it was hard to control since there are so many tourists," Duan said.

"The uninhabited islands are scattered around and protecting them could be even harder," he added.

An unnamed official in charge of the development of the Wuzhizhou
Island, one of six islands set for development, warned of economic risks
for investors.

"Enough money and a thorough plan are necessary to build service facilities," he said.

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FunkyMonkeyBoy's picture

They getting ready to fire up HAARP again on Japan's ass? I think Japan could only take one more blow before it's lying on the canvas looking up.

SheepDog-One's picture

Or lying in the new deep trench the earthquake opened up just off the east shore.

dark pools of soros's picture

any new super monsters crawl outta there?

redpill's picture

Can anyone explain why they don't build nuclear power plants in lead-lined pits underground so they can be easily flooded or entombed in the event of a meltdown, with a PICA-X heat shield below the reactor ensuring the melted core doesn't escape?

Matte_Black's picture

Just a guess, but I believe the answer to be that they simply do not want to spend the money and/or suffer the questions that would be asked as to why such a thing is necessary after all their assurances that nuke reactors are just a warm version of cuddly teddy bear.

Remember also that these goddamned things are uninsurable outside of .gov underwriting. No sane private insurer would ever underwrite a nuke reactor at a premium that would allow for a profit margin. Just for starters the actuarial table for a policy like that would have to be extended for about a thousand years into the future. Let's see, the premium would be in the trillions possibly?

redpill's picture

You're probably right in that it comes down to cost, with false promises and assurances about how safe the plants are to get da gubmint on board.  But one has to wonder whether it is expensive compared to what the cost of Fukushima will ultimately be.  Perhaps Chernobyl could have been explained away as backward Russians using a dangerous design with inadequate safety mechanisms.  But Fukushima, this is a GE-designed reactor run by the most technologically advanced country on the planet.  

Even if one is of the opinion that the world is too dependent upon nuclear power to live without it, how can something absolutely foolproof not be demanded at this point?

It's no wonder Saudi Arabia is shitting bricks about the Bushehr plant:

Matte_Black's picture

Yes, brother, you are absolutely right. Your idea is so beautifully obvious that it surprised me. +100

And, really the cost to impliment a lead-lined, waterproof pit type of installation seems almost nonexistent next the cost Japan is facing at Fukushima. I'm thinking every number we've heard said in the same sentence as the word 'recovery' is laughably low. Fukushima hasn't been priced in at all.

$250B? lulz...

ElvisDog's picture

How in the Hell do you know what PICA is? Are you in the Space biz?

redpill's picture

No, just a curious investor waiting for SpaceX to go public, my friend :)

Stay tuned for 4th quarter next year.

Dooud's picture

Actually PICA won't work In this situation, Man. Ablative is the key concept here in a heat shield designed for atmospheric re-entry, the heat is carried away from the shield by ablation as the vehicle passes through the atmosphere at very high speed. In a static situation, the heat would build up. It is also likely that materials of this type will degrade prematurely due to high radiation environment (especially x-ray and energetic neutron bombardment). I still like the lead lined pit though, far out!

redpill's picture

Bummer about the PICA, then.  Unless they could keep it cooled from below, with recirculating liquid nitrogen or something of the like.  It's always amazing to me they only think about building elaborate emergency cooling systems after the damn thing is already melting.  Why aren't they incorporated into the original design?  Too expensive next to the value of every human life within 100 miles?

But anyway rock on, Dude.

Widowmaker's picture

Because you can't sell insurance against it.  No leverage.

Hephasteus's picture

Because that would be responsible. It's easier to make commercials that just say your responsible because then you get sleep with desperate chics who want the job in the commercial. Nobody wants to screw a lead lined underground pit. Well shit. I forgot this is japan. Throw in robotic tenticles and you're plan would be not only accepted it would become taboo to reject it.

jonjon831983's picture

Lead has a pretty low melting point, figure if there was some thick lead lining it would degrade quickly?

redpill's picture

The lead could be a few feet into the walls and below the floor, it's just there to stop the radiation obviously, so it doesn't need to be the innermost layer.  Could even be contained by ceramic radiator-type structure so that if it does melt it stays in position.  But again, obviously that would cost too much money.   Unless of course you compare it to hopelessly irradiating a 100km area around the plant for foreseeable human history.  Then it's sort of a bargain if you ask me.

Global Hunter's picture

I am trying to get my wife to go out to see the Bill Hicks documentary tonight its showing here in Toronto.  A little off topic I know but he was well ahead of the curve.

whoopsing's picture

Thank's for the link Monkeyboy

goldfish1's picture

"You are free to do what we tell you."

Whizbang's picture

haarp simulates effects of solar storms on the worlds emf. Don't know how that would cause quakes...

redpill's picture

Assumably the theory is that it can reflect low frequencies off the atmosphere and generate enough localized disturbance to trigger a seismic event.  I'm no physicist, but it doesn't sound very plausible.

Whizbang's picture

Considering the fact that earthquakes originate miles below the earths crust, I would say that you're right.

robobbob's picture

its an ongoing tin foil hat conspiracy joke.

basis. by converging radio waves reflected off of the ionosphere on to a target area over a period of time will induce heating in the target. It can be used to heat areas of the atmosphere to influence weather, or the energy can penetrate the earth causing heat and stress buildup resulting in earthquakes.

The conspiracy takes several seperately proven facts and ties them together into an unproven and doubtful way. Its always good for a laugh. Whenever anything strange happens,  weather anomalies, earthquakes, everyone always blames HAARP.

Hephasteus's picture

I think how it works is like this. It's an ionizing energy. The upper atmosphere is populated entirely by the most extremely ionizing substances. Probably why they call it an ionophere. Anyway ionization affects the electrical force. The electrical force is a like a true field effect force from physics theory. In that it's a force that exists everywhere without any localization. Though we only experience it in some degree of combination with electromagnetics. My theory is that the electrical force without the magnetic force would exist everywhere in equal porportions. Magnetism as we understand it exists in a very localized fashion. Distance squared is how it drops off in electromagneticsm. But magnetic forces from magnetism drop off at distance cubed rate. But we still only experience a narrow confinement of these 2 forces. In other words in complete absense of magnetism electrical forces would never drop off and never experience any sort of voltage differential. A purely magentic force would be so confined without being spread out and unconfined by the electrical force that it would exist nowhere with pure and total potential difference between anything surrounding it. There of course would be no voltage associated with a pure magnetic force.

Anyway these two forces the electrical force and the magenetic force both affect each other. And distance just is totally irrelevant under the right cicrumstances. So by affecting the ionosphere you affect the way magnetic forces between the sun and the earth operate. Ionize the upper atmosphere and you force open normally somewhat predictable magnetic 'portals' between the sun and the earth. This affects the magnetic core of the earth and causes earth quakes. But there has to be massive propensity there anyway. It's not like you can cause an earthquake thats not along the normal force and pressure granular boundries of the crust.

This affect causes a strange phenomenon I call 400kvolts everywhere. What's the voltage difference between the ionosphere and the core of the earth. 400k volts. What's the voltage differnece between I0 and jupiter. Why it's 400k volts. What's the voltage difference between Uranus and two of it's moons that travel very close to each other on an orbital path. Why it's 400kvolts. What happens when those two moons get close to each other. Why a really giant freaking 400kvolt lightening strike between the two. What would happen if you put an atmosphere on the moon. Why you'd create the 400k volt phenomenon and instead of the moon causing tidal forces it would also work like a gaint capacitor that charges up just shocks the shit out of the earth every once and while.

magpie's picture

because they really plan to go to Taiwan.

Popo's picture

I live in Bangkok.  My neighborhood is suddenly *filled* with Japanese families that have just moved here.  This is a major, major trend.

SME MOFO's picture

on sukhumvit?  full time move with trucks etc. or pre-furnished serviced apartments? kids and old people with them? PETS?

chumbawamba's picture

No doubt, you moved their for the cheap cost of living and stayed for the child prostitutes.

I am Chumbawamba.

SheepDog-One's picture

Delete all truthiness from all news, media peasants, same as economic news no truth shall get out or we expend 1 bullet.

Problem Is's picture

Obummer operative... fascist Czar... and all around Harvard-Douche...
Cass Sunstein has <JUNKED> you...

umop episdn's picture

It's getting harder and harder to keep the proclamations from the Chinese Ministry of Truth separated from those from the QSA Ministry of Truth. "Meat Pancake" will work for this week, tho!

tmosley's picture

Wow, China confirmed the rumor before we even heard it.

cossack55's picture

They're gettin' almost as efficient as the krauts. WTF?

slaughterer's picture

Why hasn't this been deleted yet?  Are you watching porn there in China?

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

I wrote about this in the article below.

Japan will soon be deserted.  One of the world's busiest and most important hubs is only just downwind from one of the worst nuclear disasters ever.  It will be a ghost town.  Massive deflation will hit the Japanese industry.  The trickle of people moving now will turn into a rush of tens of millions.  Many will never visit their homeland of Japan again.


Herman Strandschnecke's picture

'The trickle of people moving now will turn into a rush of tens of millions.  Many will never visit their homeland of Japan again.'

Thanks Mr Lennon Hendrix. - A very moving story.

Mr Lennon Hendrix's picture

You are welcome, Herman. 

Such a lonely planet we live in nowadays.  Ideals have become isolated, entertainment  fairs better than nurishment.  Hopefully people wake up and know that we are who we have been waiting for, so to join hands and sing the banksters back to hell.

Herman Strandschnecke's picture

It would be more lonely without the internet and truth news.

americanspirit's picture

It is really funny watching the Chinese government trying to play whack-a-mole with internet rumors. They are going to have to so some serious firing squad action in public for rumors to abate - it's just too much fun to make them up and spread them.

Have you heard the latest? The Japanese are all moving to Tibet at the invitation of the Dalai Lama.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

It's a headfake to keep the pressure off of Vancouver BC.

jonjon831983's picture

Interesting... Vancouver property prices have continued rising in comparison to the rest of Canada which have mostly slowed or stagnated.

TruthInSunshine's picture

I'm no conspiracy theorist, but anyone who denies that a major radiological (and out of control) event is taking place on a relatively small mass of land (and island), and that those living there with resources aren't either bugging out or preparing to do so...

...let me be diplomatic...



Yes. Naive is the adjective that I shall choose to use. They are naive.

You know, it's not like Japan's leadership hasn't already hatched plans to literally move the capital of Japan to a different part of their territory, or anything like that. Naaaaaaw.

And this won't significantly adversely impact Japanese or Global Economic Activity.


Herman Strandschnecke's picture

Well I wouldn't stay there if I had the wherewithal and public service tax income to leave.

FIAT_FixItAgainTony's picture

agreed truth, always appreciate your truthful take in the sunshine.  and to think obummera actually said "sunshine is the greatest disinfectant" before his sock-puppet appointment by the alleged democratic majority!

the island is f'd and so are the rest of us.  it's certainly not just the land either.  the air, the ocean water and now crops around the world are affected.

this was the biggest f up ever that we got to witness.

plus there are still more reactors to f up!  especially in Japan while earthquakes continue.


hedgeless_horseman's picture

this was the biggest f up ever that we got to witness.

Probably not.

On a long enough timeline
the survival rate for
everyone drops to zero.

AldousHuxley's picture

Becareful, turning Zero Hedge into Wikileaks will get ZH members accused of rape and giving opportunity for central banks to shut the site down for treason.