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WB7: I liked the "Emrgency scrren of Default" meant for TV.

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You forgot the Larry Fine cut.  (alias Porcupine)

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Lol, too funny! Thanks for the laughs, WB.

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William:  you are obviously too young.  The fave of the 50's was the "DA" or duck's ass; quite appropriate for all of the political and financial scumbags.

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gOOd oNE BanZi. I Look FORwArD to ThE CLassIc BERnank HairCUt>

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I ALWAYS look for your stuff when I come to ZH and always forward it on to everyone. Keep up the great work!!

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Great stuff!!!  Should have had one that was scalped with the scalp on a Ampedstatus pole.

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Just a little off the top ;-)

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it's still gonna cost you at least 600 billion!



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At least SD, unfortunately.

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i just woke up to this. some of your best. thanks.

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7:00 PM  Junk Bond Time

Time for AnArchY - Greece is the word

Thanks WB7!

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"I am an antichrist..."

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Naircut asymptotic cueball.

Got nubs ?

Get down ! 


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I hope you can do one on lying. Here's my take on this.

Imagine there is an island that has two clans of Trolls, Liars and Truthfuls. There is an explorer named Silas. One day Silas met three trolls. He enquired as to which clans they belonged.  "All of us are Liars," said the first. "No, only two of us are Liars," amended the second. "That's not true either," corrected the third. To which clan does each of the three belong?

This sort of analysis could be a way determining which of our politicians or public figures like Geitner and Bernanke or Obamahead are telling the truth.

For instance, other day I also suggested that you could get the truth by asking Obamahead the following question, "What would you tell somebody else, if he were to ask you the following question? [Insert question here]" On the assumption that he must always lie, this would be a way weasling out the truth.



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"When my love swears that she is made of truth,

I do believe her though I know she lies..."

Shakespeare sonnet 138.

Speaking of which, I haven't seen Velobabe for a while. She usually follows you around like a pilot fish.

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WB 7, great work as always. You might find more inspiration here on the ESF headed by Timmy G. You will be surprised just how much power that little weiner has:

After you see the vids, you will know how the puzzle all fits together on all the entities in the news. Enjoy & keep shining the spotlight on these people!

"Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light."

— Groucho Marx

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+1 for the Groucho reference.

I shot a banker in my pajamas the other day, how he got in my pajamas I'll never know ;-) 

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Jean-Clown Dechet - a pillock of strength, no matter what the 'cut.

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WTF? No White Wall?



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Vancouver just lost to Boston and the pissed off fans are burning cars.  Canadians are such a bunch of losers.  Its like hockey is all that matters.

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hey... perhaps there is a solution how to get the american sheeple outraged and into the streets. cancel dancing with the stars.

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The Vancouver fans had no class, booing the Commish when he complimented their team. I guess their methadone was wearing thin.  Go B's!

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afganistan produces methadone?

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Canukistan produces methadone.

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Well...... what else is more important?

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.............I'm still thinking, there's gotta be somthing.

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oh and don't think I haven't tried shaving my nuts before

cause I have

I just used a normal razor and stretched them as flat as possible ;)

it was a huge mistake though

when it grows back holy shit man

not fun

needless to say I only tried that ONCE

and don't forget to put on cologne when you are done.

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So my first post is a reaction to this.

Good one, but once the iching goes away the wife loves it, or should I say she should.



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Thanks, WB7.

Could Justin really do worse?

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I thought the Donald wasn't running for Prez. Oh well, you just never can trust those political types to mean what they say. Oh wait, that's Angela Merkel cross dressing!  Good one Banzai.

Great take on Bondholder Haircuts, Banzai, though I favor shaving their scalps.





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LOL!  You almost deserved to get junked for that.  ;-)

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As always, Thank You--brilliant, especially 'The Facon'.  +10