Oil and Dispersants are Changing the Gulf Ecosystem

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Oil and dispersants are changing the Gulf ecosystem, as shown by the following recent stories:

  • Deep sea isopod bathynomus are replacing red crabs:

  • Government testers remove shrimp shells and veins before testing, but locals eat 'em with shells on and veins in — 193 ppm oil found in veins of fresh shrimp

And in yet another incident of the government attempting to censor stories showing that all is not well in the Gulf, NOAA’s lead public affairs officer “demanded” website “withdraw its story” on Gulf

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Is this the ultimate environmental disaster? No way.  Nature has produced even worse catastrophes -- especially during the last ice age. About 8,000 years ago, the Black Sea was wiped out by a natural disaster far greater than today's oil spill. As related in The Penguin Atlas of Ancient History, the vast ice sheets over northern Europe locked up so much water that sea level was below the level of the Dardanelles. Consequently, the Black Sea was the largest fresh water lake on earth. According to the Penguin Atlas: "As the sea level rose above the Bosporan shelf, salt water diffused into the Black Sea and killed the fresh-water life it contained. The decomposed remains of this ice-age population still poison the lower levels of the stagnant Black Sea which is devoid of life below 250 feet."


The tragedy of so much oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico is undeniable. But we must not forget the political game that is also afoot, and the strategic implications: from this day forth, America will not drill for oil under the water; meanwhile, others will profit by doing so. Even more important, capitalism will take the blame, the oil companies will be punished, and America's overall position will be weakened. Therefore, the event is not simply an environmental catastrophe. It is simultaneously a political event which is being exploited by existing political factions, countries and interests. The pathology of the West is not that it has allowed a spill to occur. The pathology is found in the self-lacerating tendencies of a civilization that feels so much guilt. One might ask: Who has put this guilt upon us? What is their motive?  



The tedious fool who turns every untoward event into an occasion for blaming others is excelled only by those masochistic fools who blame everything on themselves. "Hit me, beat me.  Make me pay at the pump." This is where it stands today, and how it will be played.





People here in America look around and wonder why the environmentalists are so strong, why business is under assault and rural property rights are no longer secure. They wonder why so many are teaching Marxist propaganda in schools and universities. Some of us cannot understand why our political leaders keep insisting on further military cutbacks as they continue to do business with the gangsters in Beijing and Moscow.


The short answer is: We've been subverted, infiltrated, duped and manipulated by communists and leftists. We have been too busy shopping and having fun to notice their "long march" through our institutions. We have been too absorbed in our careers and personal satisfactions. And now our country has its own hidden (or not so hidden) communist structures. As Russia and China prepare new missiles against us, our own state system allows itself to be unthinkingly nudged toward self-dissolution.


The danger is real, despite all the ridicule that comes to mind about "communists under every bush." Have you talked to your daughter's social studies teacher? Have you any idea where all this political correctness ultimately comes from?


Do you really think that an enemy of more than four decades simply ran up the white flag because he couldn't "pay the bills"?


Of course, that's what you want to believe to keep your peace of mind. But this peace of mind is for fools. Give it up and get with the facts and testimony. The superficial reports on Russia, Chechnya, Eastern Europe and the collapse of communism are laced with falsehood and distortion. Such reports do not convey a real understanding of events.



French journalist Anne Nivat's book on the Chechin war has recently been translated into English. It deserves to be widely read, though few will understand its importance. Nivat disguised herself as a Chechin refugee and watched events close up. Many of the Chechins she interviewed felt the war was a Kremlin puppet show. "I'm ashamed for Western Europe, where you live in a world of lies," an elderly Chechin told Navat. "We are all victims, manipulated by the politicians in Moscow."


The same could be said for America.



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Thanks for the updates GW.

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Dwarves, elves, pixies or faeries?


palmereldritch's picture

The Orcs at BP find them delicious.

GoinFawr's picture

Ohhh, 'Hobbits', of course.

palmereldritch's picture

Very addictive.  A tough hobbit to break

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From what I hear the new Republican House is responsible and George Bush also had a hand it it. Obama had a communications problem and was not involved.

tony bonn's picture

further proof that the liar in chief from kenya is an evil sociopathic murderous monster covering up for the bankster elite....you should have seen the pompous arrogant assholes from bp on frontline dismissing reporters from their corporate headquarters after their irresponsible frat boy ceo was changed yet again....

i have not bought a drop of bp gasoline since this monstrosity occurred....fuck bp and fuck obama

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Don't worry be happy everyone!

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Well the plot thickens. Looks like the man who calls himself Jon Stewart is the brother of the man who is the chief operating officer for the new york stock exchange. Imagine that. this is the same guy who last week in Washington was calling for a new dialogue between left and right. Yeh right. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree does it?



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i'm - your - dinner - Luke.....

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Now now let's look at the bright side. Due to the enormous amounts of oil the fish are absorbing we will need to use less cooking oil for our friday night fish fry. Also according to the epa's website corexit tastes like cajun rub. Win win!

High Plains Drifter's picture

Tell you what slick. Since you think you are funny, why not go down there and talk that shit to some of those Frenchmen and see what happens to your silly ass.

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The Gulf of Mexico provides an enormous amount of the seafood consumed on this planet, and is the cradle for many species of sea life. This poison will most certainly alter life there for generations to come. Humans ar the only species on earth that destroy their own habitat. What a freaking shame.

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GW, The 100,000 psi was not but 11,000 psi. The undersea volcano did not implode. There were no other leaks. You are killing you rep as much as Simmons did his.

Are you staying on this for comedic effect?? Have you calculated the oil spill volume vs the atlancic ocean volume?? Journalism majors without math skills are like a woman trying to push a wrench. Remember the female astronaut who tried it?? Yes, it must be comedic effect.

mkkby's picture

AssHole - you TURN a wrench. You don't push it. You are that woman. Moron.

George Washington's picture

I never talked about an undersea volcano.  I think you have me mixed up with one of the other posters that you are trying to herd.

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thanks, George.

   Since the media has claimed the problem over/well capped/mission accomplished, it's amazing how little coverage/awareness this massive ecological disaster is getting.

   The Gulf Stream is Dead! Wouldn't want to be living in Northern Europe for the next few decades. 

   Please keep the updates coming.

High Plains Drifter's picture


this woman has been talking about this situation since day one.

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GW, the oil spill was bad for the Gulf, but not near the degree to which you purport.

Every major spill brings out the doomsayers, like yourself, that claim the end of the world is upon us. And then, a decade later, hardly a trace of the spill can be found.

There are probably more surfactants flushed down the Mississippi River in one year that sprayed on the oil spill.

Maybe someday they'll name the irrational fear of hydrocarbons after you.


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Hard to imagine someone calling themselves "physicist" can be so ignorant of the downstream effects of poisons on an environment- many which will not show up for ten or twenty years. Moron or shill? Hard to say...

GW, thank you for your continuing efforts. By the way, the LA Times has the dying coral front and center today. 

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He's been a member for 4 weeks.  Probably a retread of a prior perp. 

palmereldritch's picture

I got junk!  Augie? Is that you?

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a decade here..., a decade there..., pretty soon you're talking about a lot of time.

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I live near the coast. I am upwind of most of this. I have not seen the black rain yet. I knew there was something funny going on with this well blow out from day one. I also knew that when they supposedly capped that well, it was not over and may never be over because the bastards kept dumping corexit in the area. It was almost as if someone was attempting to kill the gulf. They may have succeeded. With the death of the gulf, goes the fishing industry in Louisiana. A way of life is now destroyed. With the death of the Gulf, comes the death of the southern United States. Stay tuned on all of this. Of course most people are attempting to ignore this. I am afraid the gulf of Mexico is finished and may be that way for a very long time.

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"It was almost as if someone was attempting to kill the gulf. They may have succeeded."

Is the intent to kill the gulf?  Or is it possible that the real goal is to thin the population living around the gulf as this article suggests:


"This coastal area from Texas to Florida has the highest, or most dense population of targets of elimination by the US Govt., and corporations. These are the populations living on welfare(in this area dominated by African Americans), and the older population living on Social Security(mainly Florida). These people are going to start dropping like flies over the next few years, and greatly reduce the burden to government coffers."

The article links to another article that points out some 'interesting' events that happened just before the BP oil spill:


Evidently there are some unexplained health issues in areas around the gulf - flesh-eating bacteria and dissolving essophaguses:





I'm glad that you are staying on top of this issue GW - I got burned out researching the 9/11 conspiracy - trying to educate the American sheeple about what is really going on in the world is a thankless and tiring task ...

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Well I have not said much about this  nor have  I talked about it much since there is so much other stuff going on now. But I have been fully aware of and have kept up with what is going on down there. Our little fat buddy in Austin says that BP is owned by the Queen of England. This is a bald faced lie and another in a long line of lies spewed by this fat boy who calles himself the leader of the patriot movement which of course he is not. Anyone with half a brain knows full well that the Queen of England is merely a figurehead for the stupid masses. The real power is the moneyed power in the City of London which is a city within a city. BP is owned by the Rothschild interest. Does that name ring a bell?  Also one must study the United Nations agenda 21 and their long term plans concerning the coasts of the United States and population reductions because in the final determinations, only a certain amount of mud people , aka , slaves, will be needed to do the mundane functions in the thousand year reign of god's chosen people. harde har har har.

AssFire's picture

Yes, and there are kinds of giant lizards, insects etc. created from radioactivity in early sci-fi films. Maybe you had better write a script with GW and get to Hollywood..certainly there will be lots of uneducated green environmentalists to join your cause.

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Mothra fought for good but was misunderstood

imapopulistnow's picture

George, didn't I see you at Times Square last night?  Yes, that was you shouting "The world is ending!!!"

WineSorbet's picture

I'm sorry GW, but did you not notice that the dow was up over 200 points the other day?  That's ALL that matters.

barkingbill's picture

he who thinks like that will get their just rewards. trust me. a hard hammer will fall. 

cbxer55's picture

I think he was being facetious?

Seemed like it to me anyhow.