Oil Jumps On Israel Violence Escalation: Tanks Enter Gaza, Kill At Least 3

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And just as oil was trending lower on the day, we receive our now daily news of Israel conflict escalation, as Reuters reports that tank fire has killed 3 Palestinians in Gaza, wounding another four including children. Bloomberg also chimes in:


The result is an immediate jump in oil as the market apparently, and contrary to our expectations, has to digest this latest piece of geopolitical news.

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So far H&S top is still intact. Target 86.30.


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Sorry 99er, youre high. Highest form of comedy today is people with their 'technical charts' in a market with confirmed total external manipulation.

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called this on Feb 20th...they will eventually lead the entire world into war for Israel's personal gains, NOT America's.  Get those PM's!



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At least they are over there and we are over here.


Unless they have some ICBMs, I don't see how any Middle Eastern country could launch a strike on mainland America other than a 9/11-type event.


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Iran has launched missiles from barges.  Do some reading on Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons, and analyze that with the missile launches and the oh-too-coincidental fact that many Iranian ballistic missile tests end in "failure" somewhere above 50 miles in altitude.  Want a good book to read on the subject:  "One Second After" or "Lights Out," both available on Amazon.  Read them in close proximity to a working toilet.

Libya has no such weapons, so I don't know why we're there other than oil.  I predict that this will not end well - Al Qaeda also wants Quackdaffy overthrown...and anytime that you agree with AQ, you better go back and re-examine your assumptions.

As for the situation with Israel, they are responding to heavy mortar attacks late last week from Gaza.  What the ruling faction in Gaza wants is perfectly clear - they already have complete control over Gaza, there are no Jews living there and no Israeli army presence.  Gee, what could they possibly want?

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From a fellow Texan, your thinking is SOOOOO wrong. Where did you get all that crap?

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If you do a bit of research, you'll discover that Hamas fired the mortars as retaliation after an IDF airstrike killed two Gazans, in Gaza, at a training camp.

And why would any Jews live in besieged hellhole Gaza? Israel's racist 'right to return' means they can just go and live in Israel, on our dime.

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This is nada.

The rest of the Arab, Persian world is too busy fighting each other.

But, WHEN the DAY is come, you are correct, The whole world goes to battle Israel, and they all are destroyed.

It's coming, no one knows JUST when.

As the events are unfolding around us of late, I would say we are SO close to that day, we would shite ourselves if we knew.

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Robo and company enlightened us yesterday and told us the market could go either way with their TA.  News i can use!!

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You are so spot on with the manipulation thing, most call options on USO are falling whereas USO is rising! Totally INSANE Crime Scene Wall Street!

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"technical analysis" as reported here consists of "bullets fly, price rises."  only been "going on for 8 years now" too--seems to back test perty good.  except of course when Alan Greenspan went all in on Bezerki-finance.  There was a quality buying opportunity then.  My question is "why is the only media talking Gaza is Zero Hedge"?  Of course "we could go all in on AT&T moving oil higher."

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I wouldn't be using TA to trade oil right now. Just an opinion..

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Looks more like a consolidation pennant from mid Feb, look for WTI to see 116.

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Spit balls and paper airplanes.  You can see why they would be so pissed off.

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Israel: The True Standard in Terror

X. Kurt OSis's picture

For the record, I'm junking everyone on this thread including myself. *JUNKED*

Creed's picture

I fucking hate religion.


so does God


religion is an invention of men, God has his own ways of doing things & it doesn't involve a 12 step method to perfection

X. Kurt OSis's picture

Spot on.

Just another cog in the system of thought control.  "Do X or go to hell."  To that I say, stick your fucking cross/star/crescent moon or whatever lucky charm you are shilling up your ass.

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I am Pagan. I am not inhibited by the Christian ethics.

Israel should take a page from Rome.

They made a desert, and called it peace -- Tacitus.

Kill them all. Problem solved.

See? It could be worse.

Mayer Amschel Rothschild's picture

atheism = religon as it also requires belief

Ironically, it seems religions that profess that there's is the only truth, that they're God's choosen people, that all others are damned, which inspire zeal and chauvinism are also the one's with the most staying power.  It's not in the nature of mobs to believe without ferver.  Limbic systems keep man primative.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Like Islam? Like Communism?

I have given up on religions that promise a free ride into heaven.

If heaven isn't earned, it is worthless.

X. Kurt OSis's picture

atheism = religon as it also requires belief

I disagree.  I'm an agnostic nihilist anarchist.  Belief requires conviction.  I can't even prove to myself that I exist.

Canucklehead's picture

That's funny.  I took you for a high maintenance mama's boy... No Dad in your past.

X. Kurt OSis's picture

Hey hoser!  I had a dad once... and leave my mother out of this.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

How did you dispose of the body, Norman?

asdasmos's picture

I think it is the lack of belief that sets it apart. Remember, the onus is on any religion (christinaity, islam, judaism & scientology) to prove that they are the 'one true' religion. This does not even take into account all the different sects in any one religion either.....


These arcaic belief systems do not have one shred of evidence. You think atheism is a belief system?

Ok then, our one true god: flying spaghetti monster. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flying_Spaghetti_Monster

X. Kurt OSis's picture

Kneel before Spaghetti Monster!!!

Mayer Amschel Rothschild's picture

That's funny: are you contending atheists can prove the non-existance of God?!?!?!

I repeat: atheists BELIEVE there is no God.  And that's cool, to each their own.  But, please don't BS us with that tired attitude that an atheist is much smarter for his BELIEF than followers of 1500+ year old religions.  They all suck, including atheism.  Of course, my beliefs only sucks a little less than everyone elses.

BigJim's picture

Atheism isn't a religion, any more than not collecting stamps is a hobby.

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"If God were alive today, he'd be an athiest."

- Kurt Vonnegut (RIP)

DosZap's picture

+1, Spot on, HE certainly does.

Don't worry though, it will all come out in the wash, HIS.

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Let the joo-hatred come out!

Max Hunter's picture

And let the Israeli Firsters come out and propagate their treasonous alliance with a country (race/religion) that has murdered their way into forming and growing a country with the aid of conditioned westerners..

USS Liberty..  Look it up.. Israel is not an ally..

Creed's picture

USS Liberty..  Look it up.. Israel is not an ally..


Britain, Japan & Germany all fought the USA and killed many of our men, women & children; some in a not so sporting way


And yet we became friends with them, helped them rebuild, and compliment each others lives to this day- despite the best efforts of people like Obama and his ilk.


Israel is a JEWel amongst a sea of dusty forboding dictatorial countries whose only wealth stems from a substance they did not create and whose fate after it runs out will be to return to the nomad ways of their forefathers fighting each his own brother.







PS- Mossad, if you're out there reading...I wouldn't at all mind a paycheck. I know I'm doing it for free right now but that can stop, I mean this wading through retards is work you know. Seriously.


Max Hunter's picture

Israel is a JEWel amongst a sea of dusty forboding dictatorial countries

Ha... What a bullshit statement..

Our history books are full of wars against Britain, Germany, Japan etc.  No mention of the USS Liberty.. Let's get that info into our required curriculum and let the people decide how serious the crime was.

So now people with an objective view of our Foreign Policy is a retard.. Nice touch... Probably not going to work here though..  Plenty of blogs for your condition reinforcement to benefit Israeli crimes, this, however, is not one of them.

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Geez, dude, are you still whining about the Maine, too?

That should give us cause to attack Spain again.

Max Hunter's picture

Are you serious?.. That's your reply?  I don't know which is worse, the irrelevance of the statement or the fact that you felt it was worthy of posting.. What a moron..

Rodent Freikorps's picture

Shouldn't you hating on the Germans for the Lusitania?

Creed's picture



you see, I took some college classes in the 90's and happened to sit through a live presentation by a Liberty crewmember in a history class, so your assertion of lack of teaching is false; and this a liberal college to boot


oh yeah...I was taking the class for fun, because I wanted to be there


uh...you said I was full of shit but then you didn't back up your statement/


Israel has a thriving multifaceted economy with elected leadership and the surrounding Arab states have what again? Oil wells, torture chambers? Oh yeah, and Saudi men in shorts and short sleeved shirts while women are in full veil in 100+ degree weather/ if I was a Saudi woman it would be no pie for them!

Max Hunter's picture

your assertion of lack of teaching is false;

No it is NOT!..Not by a long shot.. It is not required history like our general knowledge of military confrontations.  I've never seen anything like that offered in the few different colleges I went to nor did I learn about it in High School.. Nice try though, looks good on paper..

And you are full of shit.. Israel is a trouble spot and relies heavily on U.S. and western propaganda to cover and justify their crimes against Arabs.. I wouldn't give a squirt of piss for anything that comes out of Israel. Not to mention, most of their inventions lend themselves to spying and controlling information.. Go figure..

Triggernometry's picture

BINGO!! Good to see others know their history.

Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967, stole enriched uranium from NUMEC facility in the 70's(according to FBI report), spied on us in the 80's(Pollard still in jail), and sold our technology to China in the 90's.

Israel is no ally to me or my country; don't piss on my shoe...

As I posted on a thread the other day:

"The longer Israel pisses on the Palestinians and international law, the closer it gets to posthumously awarding Hitler vindication. Hitler was wrong, no human being should suffer what the Jews did, which is why Jews, above all others, should know better."

Creed's picture

 and sold our technology to China in the 90's.


So did Clinton and his criminal gang, what's your point?


Start your housecleaning at home.

Abitdodgie's picture

If people don't like us talking the truth about those  murdering Nazi Jews then go to another post junkers ,cos it not going to stop us from telling the truth.

TomJoad's picture


I don't know why you got junked (The word "Israel" in the thread title most likely <rolleyes>) I had the exact same thought. What sort of "Projectiles?" Pelota?

Fired by what? Slingshot? Xistera? Mortars?

pendragon's picture

good old israel...subtle as an anvil

RobotTrader's picture

What is amazing is how the retail stock index is totally immune to oil shocks and all the other multiple catastrophes heaped upon the market the last 2 months.

Nothing is more safe, more secure, than investing in a sector that depends upon Joe and Jane Sixpack going out shopping.

Bears better start knocking this thing back, otherwise, we could see another leg up.

SheepDog-One's picture

Its 'amazing'? I suppose so, if youve been in a cave for the last 3 years and the first thing you saw was your stupid cherry picked chart.