Oil Jumps By Most In A Week As Efficient Markets Recall MENA Still Exists

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What about the other commodities that were up 4,5, and 6 percent

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I want to thank you all at Zero Hedge, even the contrarians(from our perspective) for everything. I need to make preparations on  the home front in earnest that will consume much of my time. There's really not much more of a difference I can make at this point, as the die is cast. I will try to check in every day and post pertinent information when I can.

I received a strange sign I'm still trying to analyze. I'm not superstitious but I do believe there is an esoteric power in play. A nickel coin flew out of my pocket while pulling out a piece of paper and landed in a very special empty cup on my coffee table. The image on the back of the coin was the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Please don't think too much of it, but ponder the amazing achievement we have accomplished together in our history.

Thanks Again,





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For all unknowing or those who have cheap virus protection, beware...imageshack is full of viruses especially Trojan types.

thanks Michael my protection quarienteed 10 including two Trojans.

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"when Paris finally reveals the undisputed military beast it has always been, against an air force consisting of 20 or so Mig-21s with one million air hours of service each"

No so, France has been selling attack fighters to Lybia since 1999, and other assorted goodies.  Tyler, you just had this info on ZH a few days ago.

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Meanwhile, back in CNBC land...Larry Kudlow achieves a new low (and you thought that was impossible right?)...

To quote him speaking about the Japan earthquake: "“The human toll here,” he declared, “looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that.” (Skip ahead to 0:35 on the video.)


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Wow what a freaking turd! We should drop him off in the middle of the mess with a safety deposit box full of his stock certificates and see if he feels the same way after sleeping outside with nothing to eat but his stupid paper.

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I had the same idea.

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Outrageous comment by Larry Kudlow: grateful that human toll is worse than economic tollWe should air drop this scum straight into the exploding nuclear plant.  This slip of tongue (truth) reflects the sick mentality of the financial elite of this country (and the world) who values casino chips much more than human life. They are the Evil Empire within our borders. 


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I see Larry over there, but in white face powder, red lipstick, and a black bun wig, wearing a Geisha outfit.  Go Larry! Be free! Live out your dreams!

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He just did you a favor, revealing how the wealthy and influencial actually think about their fellow humans.

But having watched two years of financial meltdown and out-and-out daylight robbery, it should come as little surprise this is how they view the world.

That is why they must be eaten along with their spawn.

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All that said, we can't wait for Joe LaVorgna, Thomas Lee and Ron Insana to tell everyone just how great the positive impact to US GDP will be as a result of having to rebuild a flattened Libya.

LMAO!! So, so true....

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Rising prices are now mainstream.. I heard a Wegman's radio spot highlighting rising food prices and using it in their pitch, promising to keep prices stable on a few items for the next year.

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Sorry if off-topic, but at least there's a bit of good news:

New Power Line Installed At Fukushima Daiichi Plant: Govt




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I only hope they have some working equipment to power.

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I doubt it. The first thing they did when this all started was move in gen. sets

I don't think it was just an issue of the 'plug would not fit'. jeez, cut the cord and braze the damn wires to the buss bars if that was the case. Oh thats right, there is a silver shortage and nobody had any silver solder...

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Good point. One can only hope they've been gathering up the materials and equipment they need to restore cooling operations over the past few days.

Hell, even if they've been doing exactly that, live flesh and blood is going to have to get up close with this thing to get it connected and running.

Bad scene all the way around.

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Optimist.  The US Military just announced the immediate evacuation of all dependents from Japan.  Women and children first!!

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Personally, I was glad to see that happen. I've had the feeling we were getting rick-rolled by the Japan gov since this started.

I have no doubt at all that this thing is worse than they've been saying - magnitudes of order worse.

But forward progress is still forward progress.

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headline made me laugh so hard :) thanks

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If even half of Americans with a commute of less than 15 miles decided to bike to work instead of drive, gas, oil, and healthcare spending in this country would plummet.

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Healthcare...big stretch, brother.  You know bike riding can cause health problems, too.

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I tried biking to work one time on Lubbock roads.


No shoulder, no bike lanes off campus.  Just a bunch of pissed off commuters that have to slow down to avoid hitting you.

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sure. like testicular cancer. cuts off bloodflow to balls etc. just ask lance


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I had some testicular jokes to make here but frankly even thinking about anything bad happening to my balls prevented me from continuing.  Some things you just don't joke about.

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Lance got cancer from PEDs.

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Right.  Like loss of fat.  Improved heart function.  You see many fatties in Denmark and the Netherlands?

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The Danes can't afford food and the Lowlanders can't pull their fingers out of the dikes long enough to eat.

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As a member of "bikes on dikes", I appreciate their efforts...

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Just wait until big oil comes up with their new propaganda: bicycle riding causes testicular cancer in men and promotes rectovaginal fistula in women.

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Oh much better -

so an Irishman, a Mexican and a rectovaginal fistula walk into a bar...

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rectovaginal_fistula - OMG. In layman's terms the taint is all f***ed up. For god sake, do not google search images...(shudder)

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I just laughed so hard, I think a little pee came out.

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Yes, it can.. getting hit by a car.

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Same thing happens driving.  To the tune of 40,000 deaths a year.

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That oil chart looks like the definition of STRAIGHT LINE APPRECIATION!

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Dollar new low  Oil higher...... stocks   up.....why      who knows....   


What is a burrito at Chiptole have to cost to cover inflation $15.00

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Gaddafi states attack on Benghazi imminent.

French gov. states attack on Libyan army within hours of UN resolution.

src:Al Jazeera


looks like its all coming together as planned. attack Gaddafi from the air to piss him off enough for him to do something stupid like a terrorist attack on something to give us an excuse to put boots on the ground...

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Well I picked a hell of a week to get back on my meds.  So long as I don't run out of beer I might make it through.


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To #1068165: If even 10 per cent of ZH contributors decided to sleep instead of write.... and so on.


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Oil will be the new de facto currency.

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It already is the standard for the dollar...  I'm not sure what else it's supposed to appreciate into...  unless you've managed to develop some process whereby a barrel of oil can be compacted into the size of a coin and is not hazardous to humans...

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Just got back from checking APMEX.  They are down to less than 100,000 oz in bars, and have only 10 100oz bars available (excluding numismatic crap, of which there is a little bit).

Seems like someone is BT crappy little D.

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Meanwhile, Tulving is sold out of everything silver smaller than 100 oz bars, with the exception of 2011 Eagles graded MS70, and monster boxes of Maple Leafs (that won't ship until Apr. 4th).

So I'm guessing that the demand from the little guys has finally percolated up through the supply chain to Tulving.

Looking at Jason Hommel's site shows he has some inventory (even SE), but I'd guess it's because his premiums are from 3.6% (junk silver) to 13.7% (SE). Tulving is still selling junk below at a $.70 discount to spot for 40% silver ($.15 discount to spot for 90% silver), if you can afford his minimum size of $1000 face value.

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That was my idea too:


g  47511 of 47558  at  3/13/2011 2:49:25 PM  by theXman    |   delete


Outrageous comment by Larry Kudlow: grateful that human toll is worse than economic toll We should air drop this scum straight into the exploding nuclear plant.    This slip of tongue (truth) reflects the sick mentality of the financial elite of this country (and the world) who values casino chips much more than human life. They are the Evil Empire within our borders. 


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Evil always wins, always has, always will. Even when you think the good guys won for a change, if you look behind the curtain you find out the good guys were funded by the same guys as the bad guys.

The odds are good for evil.