One Angry Rant: "Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed"

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Zero Hedge is not a political blog. We take every opportunity to expose the hypocrisy and corruption on both sides of the aisle. Granted over the past 2 years we have seen quite a bit more of it from one side, but that has been primarily due to that one side being in control, and as always happens to whoever is in charge, screwing things up. For the most part, we try to be at least modestly picky about how we express ourselves now that politics and finance have become more intertwined than ever in history. The same can not be said about the following clip from Drinkingwithbob who appears to have said "basta" to diplomacy, and delivers one of the more memorable rants against what everyone knows to be true but few are willing to say out loud. If nothing else, it is... cathartic.

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He speaks the truth, Obama has been a complete sham.

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Obama is making Carter look good.

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Obama makes Sarkozy look good.

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I wanna bang Sarkozy's wife.


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The thing is, she has a brain in that body, and her brain is full of commie horseshit, and that brain doesn't like you, in fact it despises you, pities you...   If that doesn't wilt your willie, then she is right.

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I'll bang her so long & hard she'll walk straighten up & fly right when finished.


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I didn't say I want to marry her.

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A little duct tape fixes everything.

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Gives new meaning to the term "flag as junk."

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It shows you the world we live in where such hotties like Carla Gilberta Bruni sleep in 1 bed with horse-face midgets like Sarkozy, theres nothing left to fight for, just let it all rollover to the next chapter of history

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get this guy a fucking cape....he is my new hero, hero, hero......

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He is no Kevin Rowland (walstreetpro2).  Kevin hasn't made a video in over a year (either TPTB got to him or he is in jail), but he was the best. One of my favorites:


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Great Stuff, better than what ZH had gave us on this one. My Angry Rant would not stand up against Ron Paul. We are the strongest nation. No. Not because we spend more money on Defense. Oh please, Russia and China could take us out before we even knew what hit us. My Angry complainded about handouts, Paul would say that Bush should not have Bailed Out Wall Steet. But, just like Bambi, Bush did not run our country. He did enable the enablers. The FED and Cheney ran it in the ground. And who got rich. The Cheney Cartel and the Bankster Cartel managed by the FED.

At least FEDbuster busted ZH on this one. A much better play on what most Americans feel.

  Or maybe ZH wasn't busted after review, "Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed".

Oh, and Mr Rant looks like he is ready to finish Sucking off his base. Why is his mouth always open. Insert what !?!

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Glad you enjoyed walstreetpro2, but he is no fan of Obama either.

The whores of D.C. have always had their pimps to slap them around and tell them what to do.  Obama, Bush it doesn't matter, the banksters rule.  Ron Paul is our best shot at survival, but as "the Donald" says about Paul "he can't win". 

I really think we are in the end game.  Something major (worldwide manufactured pandemic or WW3 w/nukes) will happen in the next year to change everything.  I hope we don't crash into a "Mad Max" world, but that is what we might get.

Best of walstreetpro2 is a must watch video, if you have bankster/politician rage:

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I'm not a Bambi fan either, I thought he had a chance to do right for the majority and our country. He has showed us he is no better. He caved to the elitist banksters. He is actually proud to assume responsibility for Bush's tax cuts and Bush's bailouts. How stupid can he be. Doesn't he realize that's what the other side wants. Most people hate the Banksters and the bailouts they are still getting through pomo. Here in is the problem with politics. It just don't matter anymore. It's all Bullshit to take focus off of our real problems. Did anybody notice that the Defense budget did not get cut. It actually increased again. Rome fell, so will we if we don't stop this charade thinking we rule the world.  We Are Japan Now.     

Wall Street elitist own the White House. My problem with the right winger nut cases has to do with how they are willing to let a bunch of idealist persuade them into thinking they have a better way. Bullshit like tax cuts create jobs. Corporations need more tax breaks because they pay too much. GE paid none, nice deception when Jack the Hack is defending GE. Didn't work for the past ten years. Actually we get taxed one way or the other. Up front or through the FED's devaluation program. Either way it is a tax. Ron Paul is right on this part. The savers and the poor eat rich man's lies and deceptions. But the dummies and sheeple who watch Fox do not get it. Never will and defend it. It being that if they are a right winger they too will be as rich as Lloyd Blankfien. Doing God's work. LOL

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Something interesting that some one else showed me from Google Trends on why "We Are Japan Now" as I like to say:  

If some think we are so mighty then why are we in 8th place on a scale of 1 to 10. 

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Ratigan (msnbc) and Beck (fox) are the only ones willing to take shots at the FED and banksters.  Beck will be gone from Fox soon (score one for TPTB) and Ratigan doesn't have the numbers to make a difference.  

Really doesn't matter as the dollar continues it's slow fade to zero.  QE infinity=Zimbabwe Economics.  I have a Zimbabwe 10 trillion dollar note on my desk, but we won't see the US 10 trillion dollar note it's all electronic here.  No helicopter needed, just a titanium keyboard at the FED and a secure Internet connection to the TBTF banksters (the owners of the FED).  We are soooo fucked, and most people don't have a clue.

Politicians are irrelevant now, just someone for people to blame.

"When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation, since the hand that gives is above the hand that takes... Money has no motherland; financiers are without patriotism and without decency; their sole object is gain."
- Napoleon Bonaparte, 1815

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 Last night in Seattle Anti-Fascist attacked and vandalized a Chase Bank . They broke out windows and painted messages on the wall of which the Fascist controlled media would not publish. The Seattle Resistance the new heros of the Anti Fascist movement.

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what is average police response time in seattle?  i am sure they had to hurry.....

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I'd rather live under Sarkozy rule than the shit we got here! He thinks multicultural societies are a failed cause (look at the US)! He said "Burkas are not welcome in France" (eliminating real terrorists! The French get like 35 days of mandatory vacation as opposed to the week you might get here in the US.

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The elite U.S. Banking Cartel have homes, villas and vocation in France all the time. Something you will not here on MSM.

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He said "Burkas are not welcome in France" (eliminating real terrorists!

All burkas are allowed (and welcome) in France if you are a saoudi and you stay at the Plaza Athenee or the Ritz and you do your shopping at Hermes... 

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Does Obama make Bush look good?  lolllll that's kind of a stretch.  Dubya for sure has the epic political cartoon face, and the Will Ferrel impression.

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I'm a little bewildered by the analysis this video gives.  Obama is definitely a sham, but it's pretty much for the exact opposite reasons as this guy lists.

Far from being a socialist, he's actually helped explode the gap between the rich and everyone else in this country by extending the Bush tax cuts and slashing the estate tax.  He also made sure that the insurance industry was protected when they overhauled the health care industry. 

And far from being "weak" in military affairs, he's drastically escalated drone strikes, unilaterally declared new wars, and done everything in his power to support the existing power structures in the Middle East (recall that the CIA planned to install noted torturer Omar Suleimann in place of Mubarak.)  And I don't recall Obama ever going to Iran.

And, of course, the debt explosion is pretty much the result of a decade(s) long bubble that finally burst.

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Again, I'm confused by his analysis.  He rails against Obama's lack of change, then goes on to list a bunch of policies he claims Obama has enacted (socialism, seeking a new way forward in the ME and Iran) that would constitute actual change.

So yes, Obama is a sham, but not for the contradictory reasons given in this video.

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Yea so this guy probably would promote war with Iran, great he is the problem just like past, current, and highly likely, future presidents.  He probably the crazy guy promoting war while he watches WWF wrestling and enjoys Big Macs and Bud Light. 

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agree with two aqbove you, yes sham, yes I voted for him and was suckered, yes the things he is agains thim for were the things I voted for him. It kinda sounds like a loot of the more stupid right wing people I see, andry, but no idea why. Really has no clue about what is happeining

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Please, at least edit your posts before you call other people stupid.

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why the hell would you vote? 

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I've been following DWB for a while, (subscribed on youtube). I rarely repost or comment, but continue to subscribe because occaisionaly he posts a jewel that is spot on.

The guy basicly speaks as John Q, and because of that he's not too accurate most of the time in content. BUT... he's generally right on the subject. 

His previous subject (TRUMP) was very good, an not too far off.


He's a creative rant, entertaining most of the time, biased sure, accurate not always.

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This guy is an IDIOT!!.. F'n neo-con.. Come on people.. This must be Dick Cheney's long lost love child.. Not that he's capable of love... 

I hate Obama as much as the next guy but give me a brake.. Greatest country in the world bullshit.. good god..

Atoyota's picture

I've been following DWB for a while, (subscribed on youtube). I rarely repost or comment, but continue to subscribe because occaisionaly he posts a jewel that is spot on.

The guy basicly speaks as John Q, and because of that he's not too accurate most of the time in content. BUT... he's generally right on the subject. 

His previous subject (TRUMP) was very good, an not too far off.


He's a creative rant, entertaining most of the time, biased sure, accurate not always.

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Dont be confused: the bottom line is that this ranter is and foremost a US citizen and then duplicitous. Dont expect honest when you cant get it.

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Obama is Lil Bush Part Duex in Technicolor...

so a trillion oz.'s of Silver for you!

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Agree.  Obama has been a disaster --  particularly for progressives who want an end to a "captured" government, who want an end to grift-n-graft, who want BOTH fiscal and social responsibility, who want truly competive markets (not "free markets," which by nature reduce competition because of the drive toward maximizing profits = drive toward monopoly) where they best serve the general public,  who want a serious rational change to the health/care/insurance system, etc. -- people who actually give a rip about "the small people" and fairness.   Think about Bernie Sanders, William Black, Michael Hudson, Chris Hedges, etc. 

Obama has been either a pawn of, or accomplice to, bigCorp, bigBanksters, and the military-industrial complex.  You choose.

AnAnonymous's picture

Obama  has been your typical US citizen president. People expecting a non typical  US citizen president were to be  disappointed.

Sure, the negro is a truly a US citizen, a flat observation that has angered a lot  in the US, as they would prefer to see this department the strict priviledge of white people.

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war is just a judgement call, war isnt always avoidable, but libya was and BO made a very bad call there the real question is just whether it is go time right now, or go time later...

It is really quite simple, the only thing BO cares about is reelection. Everything that he dos for the last... 7 or 8 months has been some sort of reelection strategy. This country will hold together with duct tape and bailing wire until the end of 2012 and the stupid masses who vote for him wont see it coming.

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He makes Jimmy look like Ahhnold.   Jimmy, I must add, legalized home brewing of beer October 14, 1978.  Does weed have a chance with Barry around?

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I'll just fix that for you:

The President of the United States is a puppet.

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if only he'd listen to his conscience

the bankers are a little bit like travelling gypsies

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The voters are also puppets. They are brainwashed by the socialist concentration camps that raise them. They are manipulated by the mass media through carefully crafted messages. They are deprived of basic knowledge of human action.

The elites are making a terrible mistake in my opinion, viz. cynicism. Wealth is not created when everyone is stealing from and aggressing against everyone else. Wealth is created through social cooperation and the division of labor, not through theft. When people are abused like beasts, they will yield beast-like performances.

Even if aggressing against others is acceptable to your ethics, it is still unwise to sacrifice the health of the economy for personal gain. Can you imagine how robust the world economy would be - how many medical advances like cyborg bodies and nanobot infusions we'd have - if only it weren't for so many short-sighted, destructive, selfish acts over decades and centuries? Your balance sheet includes not just your bank account, but also a valuation of the economic environment and world which you've subjected yourself to. The elites would choose to rule in an economic hell rather than serve in an economic heaven.

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Lots of people use sports as a metaphor for the economic utopia you describe. But there still has to be another team to work together against. no matter how big the teams are. In the NFL you got 11 players on the field with many more cheering from the sidelines.

This guy sounds to be from new england, and might be a sports fan because he is wearing a the cliche "property of" T-shirt. When the Red Sox won the world series, it was pretty sweet. but not the panacea sports fans expected. perhaps the cubs/obama will bring the sanguine afterglow to Chicago natives? Perhaps when people have an ounce of shiny gold in their pocket they can give up the whole "fiat is pure evil" stuff? Fiat is not evil. Neither are PMs but using either to take society to one extreme or the other is. 

Dr. Acula's picture

>there still has to be another team to work together against.

No. At the fundamental level of human action, each person acts to remove his own uneasiness.

>Fiat is not evil. Neither are PMs but using either to take society to one extreme or the other is. 

Yes, neither green confetti nor yellow rocks are evil. I think coercing someone to obtain said confetti under threats of violence (i.e. tax collection) is evil. But I'm not sure which individual acts you refer to by saying "take society to one extreme".


wisefool's picture

Oh heck yes. On ZH we throw around the Rothschild distilaton of evil "I care not who makes the laws as long as I control the money supply" which is how we got to keysianism. Now that we are there we have no choice but to ride it back to extreme social engineering through taxation. Hoping to flush out the reardon steel, and give everyone else a good smooth ride in the mean time.

PMs could be used to take society back to 100% fuedalism. We dropped the gold standard in the 1970s because we had already spent the last 400 years shipping it back to europe.

I've said it before here, and am not trying to be blashphemous, especially during holy week, but if we go back to gold/silver as a way to measure a man's work product, men will dig up other dead men and thier brides. That is the only easy gold we have left in the US.

wisefool's picture

Junk Meisters. Whats the story? what I said is not racist, xenophobic, fascist or socialist. I am not saying PMs should be outlawed or ridiculed as a store of value. I am just saying grave robbery is a crime that will be revisited with the "gift of the magi" story if it becomes official currency or backing for currency in the USA.

I am saying that the onerous tax code and its non-meritoriousness and out right unfairness (says Timmay! himself) is the evil at the end of the keynesian road, even beyond way too easy credit, beyond when even the printing press can solve the problem.

I might be wrong, but tell me why I am wrong. Don't junk dismiss anyones arguments here unless they are xenophobic,sexist, trollish, etc. Make contrary argument or move along. This is fight club. If it is a spelling grammar thing, there are entire message boards where people do nothing but correct each others spelling/grammar in a recursive fashion. Wild and weird echo chamber stuff!