The One Chart Von Bernankestein Will Never Admit To Seeing

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Charting Austrian Money Supply, the Fed's outright security holdings, and commodity prices. Any questions?

(no snow was abused as a strawman excuse for the Fed's mandate of "price stability" in the making of this chart)

Courtesy of Sean Corrigan


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As a further note, I think if you have a room of guys and a woman doesn't find any of them particularly attractive, they'll be drawn to the richest and most powerful.

The key is sparking attraction... and you need neither power nor money (or looks, for that matter) to do it.

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I hear you; I was generalizing.

Interesting studies with monkeys; the females of the alpha male(s) will sneak off and cheat with the males at the bottom of the pecking order. 

You can be a good man with no power or money and attract a Woman, but only one who has come to value who you are.

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Have you ever noticed that it's when you're not attempting to pull a woman, you always pull a woman?

It's not life being perverse - it's the nature of what you're like when you're not trying to pull.

This guy has a lot of useful insights:

I don't agree with everything he says - and he's a bit stiff and mannered - but he's 85% on the money as regards attracting women. I'd always been reasonably succesful attracting women, but had never sat down and worked out what worked, and what didn't. Someone signed me up for his email newsletters and, at first, I thought, WTF, I don't need this. But when I read some of his stuff, then reflected on my own experience, a lot of things clicked into place.

Obviously, he's peddling his course materials. But if you sign up for the free newsletter, it contains a lot of value, gratis.

Of course, if you can already walk into a random bar, and have a 90% chance of walking out with an attractive woman, you won't need this help :-)

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Agree on all 4 counts, the first a by-product of 2 and 3, and sometimes 4. I would add insight, knowledge, wisdom, compassion, freedom of thought.

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or, in your case, a fleshlight.

slewie the pi-rat's picture



and b4 we get to hear's the new boss, same as the old boss, to whom we "should" pay the child s'port, or we go inta DEBTOR'z PRISON, YouTube - The WHO We're not gonna take it

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I'm with Chesterfield.

"Sex: the pleasure is momentary, the position ridiculous, and the expense damnable.”

Yo, slewie, ya got ma budz man?

slewie the pi-rat's picture


yo, 6: i enbie'd that re-mark m'self, enVoyishly, 0'curse.  let's rrrroooolll:YouTube - Roly Poly ~ Doug Clark and The Hot Nuts

sHOlom, BigDuke.  slewie out.


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Until we stop measuring success by "profit" we will continue to suffer the illusion that wealth is a number.

flacon's picture

What does it PROFIT a man if he gains the whole world, yet looses his own soul?

MayIMommaDogFace2theBananaPatch's picture

...and the spelling bee, too.

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As the years rack up, I'm finding everyting is getting a bit loose, myself.

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Tom T Hall sums it up nicely:

Faster horses, younger women, older whiskey & more money.

Zero Govt's picture

he missed out Viagra, probably after his time

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You won't get economic empowerment with the gold standard either.  Too few own too much of the noble metal and also the means of production. We see what Blythe is doing now. Do you think anything would change ?  Nope. We need revolution.

Double down's picture

Know what you get at, but IMO gold is just a standard, a control against insanity.  That is revolution enough. 

quadcap's picture

You're half right, half wrong.  A gold standard is necessary for a free society, but it is not sufficient.  We need to get rid of the war makers as well, the "leaders" (kings, generals, presidents, etc.) that indebt us (to the banksters) to pay for their schemes of conquest.

The tricky part is how to get rid of the king without having the commies take over.


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Market-determined (ie, hard) money is only half the story. The other half is disallowing fractional-reserve banking.

If a banking licence entitles its bearer to lend out multiples of deposits, thereby inflating the money supply, by definition the money is no longer specie-backed.

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The same thing happened towards the end of the depression era during the war years, when inflation was rampant at the same time as chronically low interest rates.

snowball777's picture

There was something beneficial at the end of that particular rainbow though.

Will the world be flattened on the US' behalf to allow growing out of it again?

FranSix's picture

I would like to believe we are basically at the same crossroads, where we are 11 years into a world depression where the war is being fought with the apparatus of the corporate-controlled state. In 1942 inflation was so much of a concern, that wage and price controls were federal policy.

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See? 2+2 *does* equal pink!  : )

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 Yes, but the equation can be simplified into:


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no snow was abused as a strawman excuse in the making of this chart)

However, it appears that several cats were badly scalded.

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Comments from the famed economist, Bon Scott, regarding the above chart.

Transcription of his remarks to be found here:

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Very nice. Short and to the point.

slewie the pi-rat's picture


when batmanke sez he will "withdraw the liquidity @ the appropriate time,"  he is really selling the congolese a suzy creamcheese.  he started "planning" the "sale" of these ass-ettes in '09, and told us to look forward to the ides of the march hair in 2010, but just screamed thru gotham w/ the retro's fired, instead.

if printing, QE, monetization, murdering children, Benocide, or whatever werksforusjerkz is inflatuairy, hmmm, i wonder what "selling the ass-ettes" would cause? he promises to do so, at the appropriate time. 

a)  is this just smoke?  probably, and the congostatins know it.   BUTT:

b)  s'pose he actually waxed poletic and actually launched those MBS's into the "economy", just in case we started to wake up to and mebbe stop being mini lionisticalcyanista'z by proxy? 

strap-onz of mass destruction, indeedydoooya...



Oh regional Indian's picture

Slewie, I think we havea mutual admi(nist)ration society going now.

Folks, please pay attention to SthePiR.

He is sharper than a box full of brand new discount nails from Home Despot. Hiding in what only looks like street speak.


Everybodys All American's picture

IMF calling for the end of dollar supremacy. Who in there right mind would allow the idiot in charge of the Fed to continue? Only someone who believes the United States has too much global influence.

buzzsaw99's picture

IMF calling for the end of dollar supremacy...

Don't kid yourself. This is what some within the administration want as well.

BigJim's picture

According to the CNN article I read (yeah, yeah, I know)

they're also talking about pricing (ie, paying for) oil in currencies other than the USD.

The US will veto on those grounds alone.

Rusty Shorts's picture

The Earth Charter - everything is going as planned.

Bringin It's picture

Only someone who believes the United States has too much global influence.


Agreeed.  US global influence trending lower ... and lower ... and lower.

MolotovCockhead's picture

A day will come when USA start selling nuke weapons to Iran and North Korea, then US global influence will rise again.

slewie the pi-rat's picture


awesum! the no. gonnorheanz al-red-y habdem by prozy.  her's a fun, kinkylinky for all you shitforbrainedmotherfukinassholioz who romantiZe about armed conflict.  the films of these chinese infanrty assaults are in the archives of the US miltary academy. west pt. un-freaking believable!  Over 40 yrs. ago, Robert Crumb did a fabulous comic about the chinese sending a missle into the US, loaded w/ people... probably just his head exploding.  again. 

The Korean War: The Chinese Intervention

as i recall, the "cover story" for replacing DuggieDoggMac was b/c he "wanted to nuke"  chicomz so we could win the dance contest.  something about his/our men, perhaps, like in japan.  nope, let's just draw the line and all go home and be MadMen. 

so we had another dance contest.  vietnam.  and since the US MILITARY was not permitted to win there, either, we lost.  so kissinger stroked the deal with mao so we could get presidential muPpet mccain home, alive.  operatic, indeed.  you know who had henry the K on the leash?

right!  nelson ALDRICH rockefeller.  but, their family is highly respookted in nyc because of the center, the fun skating, and the awesum chri$tma$ tree, right there at Radio City.  one thing about the NY gov and VP under nixon, he died in the saddle!

moving right along to iran:  slewie wonders if anyone who believes iran has been unable to, somehow, get its pawz on a nuke 0' three, is smoking better shit than he is. 

hayleecomet's picture

(i'll have what he's having...)

bigargon's picture

The IMF controling a one world currency is pretty damn scary. IMF are bunch of evil bastards.

lynnybee's picture

those fuckers .......... i'm sure ROBERT RUBIN is involved in this somewhere !    I won't rest / I can't rest until he's behind bars .

SteveNYC's picture

A very noble purpose LynnyBee.


DoChenRollingBearing's picture

lynnybee, you have LOTS of fans who have not come out!

YES!!!  There are lots of rats who have NOT been caught! 

JW n FL's picture

lots of rats yet to be shot and / or hung for the publics viewing pleasure.

add, tar and feathered... and / or any other painful death as would be pleasing to the broader populace once they have been educated.

Julia's picture

Williambanzai7's Bernanke Crime Family: Rubin=The Scrotum. It's in his Zazzle Store...

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Relax.  Karma.  His karma will come back,  don't muddy your's.  It will not last.

slewie the pi-rat's picture


i've read a lot of moronic whipsock crap here, but it is hard to imagine a bigger fukstik taking the race, today.  unless there's a Daily Double.  why don't you just hop on yer magic toad and hopalong to somewhere else you fuking assface?