One Heck of a Shinola

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Do you know "$hit from $hinola"?

Just  a short while ago I wrote a silly comment on George Washington's informative BP oil plume update. It related to this important lesson in life:

Then I read this recap of part of Obama's appearance on Jon Stewart's Daily Show:

Stewart suggested to Obama that one of the problems was that far from having change, he had brought into power many of the same old faces, such as his economics adviser, Larry Summers, who is about to leave the administration and has been heavily criticised over the lacklustre state of the economy. "In fairness, Larry did a heck of a job," Obama said. Stewart interjected: "You don't want to use that phrase, dude."  [See clip below]


I know you know what I am thinking, I don't even have to say it...I will show it to you instead:


Wiktionary: To know "shit from shinola"= To have the most basic level of intelligence or common sense.



Brownie is one heck of a Shinola!


We have toxic $hit hiding in the Gulf, we have toxic Shit hiding on Wall Street, we have toxic $hit for brains running a bankrupt banksta economy and no amount of $hinola is going to change that.  Guess what...


We have entered the $hinola Zone.



I don't know, perhaps it is foolhardy to give the President a "gimme" when it comes to the question of intelligence and common sense.






I have the greatest respect for the institutions of our government.

However, when it comes to the people appointed to these institutions, my respect does not come automatically. I see no reason to pull any punches with regard to their performance or the lack thereof. In fact I consider it our civic duty to take the gloves off!


See it for yourself.   Was the pun intended?

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[UPDATE: I am pleased to report that William K Black concurs with my view:

 "I passed up the obvious title: "Heckuva Job Larry!" That was the moment of President Obama's appearance on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart that set all Americans cringing. Yes, he really said that Summers "did a heckuva job." The candidate that was gifted the opportunity to run against the legacy of one of the worst presidents in U.S. history has, as president, used Bush as his role model to continue many disastrous policies. It was strangely fitting that he would channel Bush's infamous praise ("Heckuva job Brownie") for the FEMA chief who failed New Orleans so badly in the hurricane." 

 See his full post: Here ]