One Minute Macro Summary - Overestimating Support

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World is almost falling apart and ES is down a half percent. Crazy.

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it'e even more crazy if you bear in mind that ES closed +9 on Friday (only market up btw).

I even expect ES to close in green today. I stopped try understand the US market rationally. 


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That was absolutely staggering...

How much would it go up if we had a nuclear war?

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so true...

we always talk about black swan events....



I even start to think that when they would tell us on television that a asteroid the size of America would hit earth in the next few days that the markets would still go up...


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Not seeing much in way of details of new Euro plan, but SovX is 10 tighter, greek bonds are 10 tighter and CDS is 85 tighter.  Seems like its pausing here to wait for details, but a big move tighter for the PIIGS.  Worth watching.

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the aussie market has responded--negatively.  clearly "we have a Japanese meltdown" going on.  has the American financial system already melted down and is this "the Divine Wind"?  it is a great question and i believe get's to the heart of Zero Hedge itself.  so many geo political events moving simulataneously--clearly if you've simply "thrown risk to the wind" again Wall Street--well, what business does one have even having wealth if all one knows is how to destroy it?

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The downplaying of radiation impact by MSM is irresponsible and shocking

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Just plug in that AC adapter in you ass and you'll be able to watch television for free!


ps: they'll need to pay a tax on the amount of "radiation/free energy" their glands contain.



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Today's close in N225 is NOT the lowest point in two years. Makes me question the rest of this garbage macro update.

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India NSE up 1.6% monday..What are they thinking? All ingredients to rebuild will go from India ? Suckers and scavengers.

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Anyone want to bet GM and Ford start trying to pump their crappy business and stocks with PR after PR this week from the Japan crisis? They will make all kinds of wild claims of how well their sales are now that Toyota and Honda will probably take a hit.

American companies love to use other countries' misfortunes to try to boost their scams.

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A failure to reach a compromise on cuts or even another stopgap bill by then would close nonessential government services.

If the services are non-essential then why start them back up again?

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Two months maybe?

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Wow. These people actually want surging prices MEANWHILE a natural catastrophe is unfolding ? Can you say murderers ?