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Hair Cuts BITCHEZ!!!!

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it's gonna be a hair cut for everyone, though.

doubt it not.

heard a radio broadcast last friday the 14th. the host's name is rick
. his website is  he has been on the air for 11 yrs.
with useful news.
he hosted 3 other men on a telephone hookup. long story short they had
inside info of the planned collapse of the dollar, repeat, it will not
be a natural event  the euro would also collapse > sarkozy just left
d.c. after a meeting with obama  > hu jintao is visiting d.c. now and
berating the dollar's reserve status >  g 20 will meet this spring in
march, versailles, france to finalize the collapse  > new reserve
to be introduced between march and july 2011 > it was decided
in june 2009 to dump the dollar  > obama's personal rep. has been
traveling for the last year and 1/2 in negotiations with the usual
  as you can tell this will cause much chaos and mayhem around the
planet, will undoubtedly cause a great shock to the united states.
you could probably get a telephone interview with rick wiles, for
i will be doing my best to get this info out on some respectable
websites,to the hapless sheeple of america, maybe some will hearken.
thanks for your efforts.
rick's  # 561-792-6777 USA

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New item in your series of interest:

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I could explain why you are wrong but start here and work it back 4 decades...

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Seems a little early for that.   To do it would mean political suicide for Barry Soetoro.   It's too pre-emptive, people would never forgive much less understand the act and would view it as treason.    I mean the rascals that run things are traitors including a big red star along side President Soetoro's name, but this would just too over the top and not necessary at this time.   I know suicide is painless but it would guarantee a one term presidency and I don't think Barry's ego is ready for that.    I don't doubt the story, but the timing just doesn't make sense.   How about 2013,.... if they can get that far.....