One Minute Macro Update

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Whew.  For a minute there I thought Tyler forgot to set his alarm clock.

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I was going cold turkey. Preferable to a black swan I guess.

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It's very quiet this morning.  Everyone is sipping their coffee and patiently waiting to BTFD.

papaswamp's picture

Interesting since Gallup has consumer confidence going the other direction.

T Rex's picture

Gallup want's to destroy our great nation by not phoning primary dealers.

cossack55's picture

Oh, oh. EOTWAWKI time.  Ecb is going to use harsh language.

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Interesting that as the crucible of oil goes up in literal or soon to be literal flames and said oil is the life-blood of the American way, more than any other nation on earth... and connedsumer connedfidence is up.
Makes perfect sense in this time.
Laughable and pitiable...


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Don't put away your DOW 10,000 caps just yet.

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NFLX getting donkey punched by AMZN

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planning on staying short until we test reality of the 1300 level on the Spooz. our other market expectations for wednesday here: