One Minute Macro Update

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    so i wake up and was about to east some mini wheats
    i happen to stumble upon a box i bought a few months back .....
    it was 18 oz
    the NEW box i just bought for same price was 15.8 oz
    thats a 10% increase in price!  F U Big Ben.......

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a box of Golden McNuggets has also increased from $240 to $1,400 per 1 Oz pack since 2000 as well.... and Silver Surfer Sugar-Puffs are even more inflationary!!!!

...we know Benny the Bean wants 2% inflation but what's his target on wage growth to keep up with his suicide socialism central planning for the economy???



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they are also now 500% more crunchy than ever before

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A one, a two and a one two three.


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It's not 'core' inflation.  Now go get your shine box!

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This why you absolutely cannot be SHORT stocks - when the presses are on overdrive, the replacement value can only be HIGHER.

BTFD until policy changes - the last populace to revolt against the inflationary spiral is in the U.S. of A. - when that starts, policy will shift.


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The Baltic Dry never made it to triple digits then...

... it looks like it is painted the same as all the other 'markets' (aka FED controlled barometers).

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I don't read the reports so I wonder what it means when there is "growth in retail and manufacturing". Are these numbers total sales or net profit? I run a small business. I have to raise prices because my costs are rising. This translates into increased sales, but unless I end up with more money in my pocket I wouldn't call it growth. And even if I did end up with more money in my pocket, if it didn't outpace the inflation rate I'm behind not ahead.

Inflation is not growth, even though some profit from it more than others.

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current estimates for 2012 unemployment reach 7.5 to 8.0%


you misplaced decimal point

should read 75-80%

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