One Minute Macro Update: April 13, 2011

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Obummer can "call" for cuts to entitlements all he wants...  If he actually touches them, he can say goodbye to 2012.

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I am sure that whatever cuts they announce will somehow lead to further increases somewhere else.  It's all smoke and mirrors from here on in...

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GE submit proposal to dismantle crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Fukking vultures. My apologies to vultures.

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US lacks credibility on debt, says IMF. Stringent austerity measures needed.

I'm not young, but not old, either. If someone told me the IMF would be lecturing the U.S. in such a manner when I was an eighteen year old, university bound high school senior, I would have told them to put the bong down.


'My...the times...they have changed.'

-- paraphrasing Bob Dylan

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Of course the big banking syndicate wants the U.S. to impose austerity measures (not because they're needed) but because they want to STEAL more, and use that money to save..err, attempt to save...their bankster asses.

What idiots want to save the banksters? ANYONE and ANY POLITICIAN that has a position where they go for cutting social security, medicare/medicaid.

That's a fact.  Though you might have to pull yourself out of bullshit some more to see it.  Don't be a bankster tool, fight for these needed, humane services.

Tell the banksters to fuck off.