One Minute Macro Update: Bated Breath for Labor Data

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and....who cares...all the "data" are lies same as the belief that the fiat money you are making / losing is actually worth something...

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Just keep QE going....some of us ARE drinking the fiat Kool-Aid to get PM loot!!



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"Baited" breath.

Not "bated"

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Exactly...who cares?  Answer:  criminal syndicate Wall Street bankers that, instead of going bust and not being here today to wildly bid up equities based on Ponzified stupidity and lies, are amongst us and supposedly leading the way to prosperity.

Enter Ben Bernanke, the great criminal bailout king, and the incompetent Obama administration and its Marxist job accounting regime, and you have pure bliss...despite the fact that the Middle East is in flames and about to rise up against the US and it oil needs, Tokyo being one wind shift away from complete Armageddon, the US Federal government perches one political tizzy fit away from default, European banks already in Bond Haircut City...all while the absolutely zerocred MSM joyfully prepares for just enough of a fake jobs number [that will NOT be large enough to even account for population growth] to raise stock prices that, based on volume, only one mentally retarded algorithm in the room next to where Duncan Niederauer takes his afternoon dump is still buying because it is too dumb to turn itself off.

So...let's rumba baby...and make a little Netflix nanosecond trade and call it GDP!

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Expect talk about raising interest rates and ending QE.  Commodities and hard assets get pushed back -20% (or more) going into June.  Then -- suprise!!! QE3.

Back up the truck and BTFD...

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3 months 14 days and counting down (+ or - 4 days)

Feeding Pearls to pigs is expensive and the pigs are never thankful.

As an explanation - the books close in the places that matter on 31 June. 14 days before they will know the damage from March and they will capitulate, in that the print can never cover the facts they see baked in.

Just a hunch but a calculated one