One Minute Macro Update: Libyan Turmoil

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Sh, its a secret plan don't tell everybody:-)


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<<<   Markets positive this morning, recovering from last week’s leap in oil prices and continued Middle Eastern violence. >>>

What?  Aren't oil prices even higher today than on Friday.  Oh, I forgot.  Inflation is a good thing.  Rally on...


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Interesting piece in Asia Times Online today by Pepe Escobar, on how and why Gaddafi is getting support from Algeria and from Tuareg tribespeople from Chad, Niger, Mali, and Burkina Faso:

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Paid mercenaries from a variety of countries.

Addendum to my previous post : If you always want to be on the right side of history, you need to supply both sides.

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I'm sorry Mr. Durden but your update doesnt include a word about the NFL collective bargaining agreement discussions, where's the the news that matters?

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It is Tamoil, not Turmoil....

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Airmen sometimes write messages on bombs to be dropped.

What might be written on the first bombs dropped on Libya to establish a no fly zone? 

"This bomb is only meant to scare Saif and Muammar Quadaffi."

"Candygram. Candygram for Muammar Quadaffi."  

"Peace-seeking missile" 

"Me fly. You no fly."

"This is the way the Nobel Peace Prize winner rolls."

"500 pounds of diplomacy by other means."

"Sorry. Hillary made me do it."

"Negotiate this!"

"My first and final offer."

"No animals were harmed in the manufacture of this high explosive device."

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