One Minute Macro Update - A Notch Down for Spain

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Lots of down news. Mostly so. Spain and Portugal...

I think it's generally time for old coloniolists to take one on the chin.

Then the new bully on the block will take it from some david and go down for the count.


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OK, what's it gonna be this morning: crank /ES to UNCH or shank silver, because I don't think you fuckers can do both.

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I'm wondering why the precious metals are getting hammered. The euro is in trouble, so nobody invests there. The US can't pass a budget, so there's problems with investing in the USD. (Unless not having spending authority is seen as a positive- then the US can't spend itself into oblivion any longer.) So, what are people selling gold and silver for? Where will they be putting those proceeds?

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Baltic Dry Index is going through the roof! How come?

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Spain’s credit rating was lowered ....due to the country’s high interest expense of approximately €50B that has exceeded government projections of €20B

Only €30bn out then, a 'rounding error' of only 150% ...for fuks sake what a shambolic clown show the public sector is