The Only Stocks That Matter: Meet The HFT Darling Top 25

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As Institutional Investor points out, "forget the Dow 30 - the 25 companies listed here are the favorites of high frequency traders in the US." In other words, here is where you get the best beta bang for your buck (what is this eahlfa?) as computer tries to outsmart computer in just these 25 shares, where the bulk of the market volume is focused. Can you spell churn? And, not surprisingly, this is where the bulk of the liquidity rebates provided by the exchanges if focused. Soon this list will be 5, and soon thereafter: SKN (DarkPool: SKYNET, share price: infinity).

Source: Institutional Investor

h/t Paolo

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I'm sure BP is one of them, now.

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I wonder what percentage of those companies have a presence at the bilderbergs ??.............

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without a doubt ...all of them

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I gotta get one of these computers.

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Terrific Idea for Dell which seems to be struggling as of late. The Dell HFT 1000 Series. $99,999.95 plus monthly subscription cost of $19,999.95 and a minimum account of 1 Million dollars. That gets you 66 days a quarter of profitable trading where $1,000 a day is the minimum and $10,000 is the maximum. For more daily profits, the Dell HFT 2000 and Dell HFT Dedicated Deluxe will be coming out as soon as enough companies issue secondaries and have massive stock splits of 10,000-1. Dell Stands ready to help you achieve your dreams



How hard is it to learn?


You need to know how to fill out a form with your bank account numbers for your daily deposits. We certainly can't make our systems harder to run than the major banks.


Won't Goldman Sachs and the other HFT traders throw exception errors?


Actually, we can't name names but a few of the bigger HFT Traders will sell this as a Cloud service. You just need to step up and write a check and let Dell worry about the rest. ...and people thought iPads and iPhones were hot. Hah.



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Hmm.  And the biggest shareholder of Shittybank is who?  No doubt this blatant price manipulation is condoned by our fascist government.

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Why does a company with 877 trillion shares outstanding need a "liquidity provider"?

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now that is news we can use. thank you.

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So what's gonna happen in the coming month of the World Cup? Low volumes all around and therefore easier manipulation?


Some pumping and dumping of possibly Gold after revelations (not if you're an ardent follower of nations natural resources) that Afghanistan has plenty of mineral wealth? And chances to procure that wealth out of the ground whilst a war rages around the country is about 0% chance. But never let a good chance to suppress Gold/Silver/Mineral prices go to waste.


If Gold does fall, buy in when it starts to rebound in a few months time when reality starts to set in again.

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don't put it past JPM to mount a full bore attack against gold & silver this week given how much trouble they are in on their shorts.

that said, spain is hanging by a fingernail and my european friends are buying up whatever bullion they can find now. apparently the belgians are also getting restless. so demand out of europe is skyrocketing....

the european peasantry should be required to write JPM thank you notes for the opportunity to convert to bullion at bargain prices. the american peasantry should start marching in the streets screaming about JPM giving away what little is left in the US treasury to provide this opportunity.

and the CTFC...what a joke...they should resign, close their agency and give the budget back immediately.

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The only stock on the list that is also on the SEC list of the top ten broken stocks on May 6th, 2010 is Apple.

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I for one applaud this.  That churn on only 25 compainies can convince millions of baby boomers their 401k's are still worth something, thus keeping them passive is quite an achievement, no?



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LOL.  But Kid Dynamite says we are lucky that HFT gives us cheaper bid/ask spreads.  Nevermind that the entire price has been manipulated by phantom "buyers".  :D

centerline's picture

+1.  Just like food stamps.  Got to pacify the masses.  In this case, feed the big pension funds to keep a lid on civil unrest.  Kick the can.  Buy some time.

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FNM?  Is that a joke?

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Yes, one of the biggest jokes ever played on taxpayers.

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Well errrr, of course equities with lower prices are going to be traded more. $ volume is what counts, not shares traded. Also volume to shares issued ratio is important. Shares traded alone is meaningless.

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this is sort of a bad opening for the boyz today. only 5 pts on spx? what's happening? pixie dust control shut off?

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Who cares for Volume? Let's see the tables with appropriate turnover rankings.

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I've got a real problem with HFT on actual company stocks.  In my opinion, it defies the purpose of market generated capital.  However, in light of the fact that TPTB are perfectly happy playing with the market value of the underlying, they have created this monster.

I've got no problem with HFT on derivatives, so long as the playing field is level.  For example, /ES is the perfect vehicle for speculation, so long as frontrunning is not permitted, and we also get to see who all the players are.

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Here's an interesting article about HFT.  It's critical, but not biased in my view.  Good read about how it works.  Dated though, back to June 2.

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Why is AIG not on the list? It is at least as Citi as Shitty.

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That's what I was wondering, too. And where's Freddie?'s picture

Probably right but the conditions change over the past two years alternating some positioning (financials no doubt) but I guess it's about volume and what's trending at the moment. duh!

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check out the volume on all these stocks + spy today between 1.07 and 1.10 pm

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I'm surprised GS is not on the list!


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Can somebody make a index of those, especially for the last 1-2 years and compare it with DOW and S&P ;) that will be interesting to see.