An Open Letter To The Financial Media

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This post constitutes the best flaying since the centurion took the cat-o'-nine-tails to Jesus in "Passion of the Christ."

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Nice work Marla, dump 1 & 2

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Nice article 1-2 and Marla. Thanks for taking the time. It must have been a labor of love. Only the truth can set us free. Let's keep looking.

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One Word:  IMPRESSIVE !!!

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Truth seekers are often described as the charlatans of conspiracy. The Grand Wizards of Institutional Deceit use this definition to broadly undermine and marginalize those who disagree with the accepted dictum of power and big money.

Whether it's politics or business, there has always been a soft underbelly of deceit. Some of it is window dressing and narrow institutional promotion. But some of it is destructive to the people and its treasured expectations of honesty and transparency in ALL dealings with OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY.

There hasn't been a time in 8 decades when the public's trust in government and institutional candor has been lower than it is today. That status has been well earned .

ZH can expect more criticism and vague marginalization. So it is for the truthseekers......goes with the territory.

All ZHers should wear their badge of openess proudly and never give quarter to those who prefer operating in the destructive world of darkness and deceit.

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And now they're trying to take my life away
Forever young I cannot stay
On every corner, I can see them there
They don't know my name, they don't know my kind
They're after you with their promises
They're after you to sign your life away

                                                  The Alarm

I was glued to every word. Thanks Marla

At 1:26 it speaks volumes.

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An absolutely great letter Marla.

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Someone may have pointed this out already, but maybe run the editing comb through this one more time. I'd hate to see one of these schlubs ignoring such a well written piece because of a couple of tense errors.

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"Furthermore, Zero Intelligence is not an investment advisor, nor does it promote any securities. If we did, we would disclose it."

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Whatever it is you are worried we are long, we are long it.  In size.  (Also, I think you missed the play on words there.  "Disclosing" that you promote a stock is rather redundant, no?)

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I laughed, I cried. That was the best piece of writing I've seen in years.

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who cares.....tell me where I can find the porn piece :)

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I stopped watching MSM years ago, probably the same time I got sick of working for 'just a number' 'politically correct aka corrupt TBTF/TCTF' banksters in '95.  And I am sorry to say, I even see PBS too connected and too watered down now, although I enjoy it much much more.   Maybe PBS always was connected, I just did not feel the hypocrisy so much IN MY FACE as with MSM.  Excellent piece and I will be passing this along to every person I know.  Thank You!   

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MSM can entertain us. But when they profess to give us financial advice that is designed to get us to invest in bad stocks or at the wrong time to keep sponsors happy - it is virtally a ponzi scheme that they are promoting.

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I love this blog. In fact, I don't think I have missed a post in three months. I find that it covers some of the "insider" topics that CNBC and other "financial" sources fail to cover.

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by Dan Duncan (who's account awaits approval)

Zero Hedge has a certain "Little Rascals" quality to it. It's like you guys are up in your little tree house, writing "Manifestos" congratulating yourselves on the last little escapade.

And what is up with this defense of anonymity? It's so petulant. Here's Marla with Power Point Number 1: "Anonymous speech is not a crime." Are you kidding me? It's like I'm reading the rantings in the diary of a 12 year old. What's next Marla...

"Nuh uh."
"Yuh huh"
"I know you are but what am I?"

It truly is a black and white world you live in, when putting one's name next to one's work is... BAM! Narcissism. [Speaking of me a Financial Blogger and you're showing me a text book case of narcissism...straight down to the little Echoes that reside in the chamber of the comment bin.]

Thought Experiment: What if Tyler is really Dick Cheney, and its identity is revealed...what happens next? Does the Zero Hedge community rally behind the former V.P., showing their support by purchasing a bunch of groovy new "Zero Cheney" T-shirts....or....does the community go en masse to local fire departments, asking to have the filmy slime fire hosed off their bodies? [Yeah, yeah, I know it's not particularly relevant...but it is telling nonetheless. Content is content after who cares who writes it!]

And I get the whole thing about Old Media being a dead business model...but what, exactly is the business model of New Media? Is it taken straight from George Strait, "And just give(n) it away..."?

Are donations and cheap Adsense revenue from going to be enough to keep Our Gang of Little Rascals satisfied after two years of writing at this pace? Read the bloggers who've been around for the past couple of years: Most of them are burned out. The only ones with any staying power are the Krugman/Delong types who write 2 or 3 sentences a day. And the others...hell most of them are simply Cut-N-Pasters...or they still slog away in order to leverage a book deal.

Since we're all into fictional characters how about this as a depiction of Zero Hedge's little spat with CNBC:

Marla, dons her black leather jacket and channels her inner Arthur Fonzirelli, while water skiing behind a boat driven by Tyler who's pretending to be Pinky Tuscadero....and in the wake is a large dorsal fin and Marla Jumps!

And on cue, the Zero Hedge Community, like the players in a low rent version of Westside Story conducted in a warehouse with too much echo---sings the refrain of:

"Gasbag Gasparino. CNBC Sucks!"

Freaking Lame...

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You're right.  They should quit now because two years from now they might be burned out. 


PS  TD, if you're Dick Cheney I'm going to punch you so hard when you wake up your clothes are going to be out of style


PPS  Marla, I'll be the Alfalfa to your Delilah anytime

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Hmmm? If Tyler were Dick Cheney ......... Note to self: Don't go hunting with Tyler.

Dan -

Please don't bring up the issue of "cut and paste". I'm wondering how many people who have consented to "interviews" on the business channels, shook their head in wonderment after seeing the finished result and saying to themselves "That sounded stupid. Did I really say that?"

It would be like going into a lion's cage holding a big porthouse steak as a weapon. 

Did Washington immediately face off the British on the battlefield when he was totally outgunned? No. He sniped at them from well-hidden positions in the trees until he built up a formidable army.  Eventually the British gave up because they didn't know how to win against an enemy that didn't fight by their rules.

The first battle has been won. The enemy is out of the bars (er... barracks) and on to the field to engage the militia.




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So, just to be clear.  Your account was created a whole 25 minutes ago.  I've approved it.  Not sure what the point of your "who's account awaits approval" was except perhaps to imply (incorrectly) that we are somehow censoring you.  The rest of your reply seems to follow a similar tone.  That's sort of unfortunate.  Anyhow, welcome aboard!

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Hey Dan!

Email me your account name and I'll see what happened to your reg.  (I bet you used yahoo, didn't you!  Probably sitting in my spam inbox).

In future, drop me an email if you have technical problems.

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I look at this and feel very sad I never went to school. I bet it says a bunch of intelligent, honest fuck-you's to the asshats on TV who think everyone is like me.

Wish me luck; I have to get through CAPTCHA now.

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People are starting to see the media hologram for what it is.

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There is only one thing you can do with the Dead, listen to them.

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Hear, Hear, very well said.

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One of the difference's between ZH and the nbc'c is ZH doesn't have to pay for accolades!

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I suspect that, ten years from now, when they are compiling the fall of Big Media and the rise of Media, that this particular post will be required reading.

This is one of the most cogent, hard-hitting pieces of pure journalistic brilliance that I've ever had the privilege of reading in any medium. Thanks for writing it.

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Wow!  Made me start reading another set of essays again  by anonymous authors.

The "Federalist Papers". 

Nah! What did they ever accomplish?

Look out. Somethings' happening in America-- and I'm liking it.

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Newspapers and TV are part of the entertainment industry - their product is the attention of their audience. The few genuine journalists - the likes of Fisk, Hersh, Taibbi and Morgenstern - are far better suited to new media and get more distribution in that space than they do in their publications of origin. (Taibbi's latest Goldman piece got viewed more times than were sold copies of Rolling Stone).

As for pseudonymity - I am somewhat conflicted. Obviously it is entirely necessary if you're doing something subversive (e.g., participating in assassination markets) but for my only-mildly-subversive blatherings I always append my real name, or a means by which it can be found.

I think it's best to partition into at least two separate entities - "Citizen X" who goes about his business and only occasionally tilts at TPTB, and "RadicalY" who contributes directly to trying to kill off the parasitic subspecies that lives by extortion from the polity. This latter activity requires pseudonymity since it is to be achieved by killing enough of their Sardaukar - the black-suited child-killers who will shoot their fellow man just because there's a silly law against drugs, for example - to provide a significant disincentive for the other Sardaukar to continue in their role.

Degrade the operational effectiveness of the state's armed drone-thugs, and the parasites who live in palaces will have no means of continuing their extortion. As Jim Bell suggested in "Assassination Politics" - a piece that attracted the lidded gaze of the parasite class, and Bell has been in prison since 1996 despite never having harmed anybody or stolen anything.

OK... the above is a sample of what you can write from your own IP under your own name: so long as your life is properly partitioned, there will be absolutely no provable link between CitizenX and RadicalY, and if the State sends its goons to look at your 'puter, they will leave thinking you were just blowing smoke (I hate that term since I'm a non-smoker). RadicalY runs off an encrypted USB key and everything he does is encrypted before it enters the internets tubes.



(ZH/ZI ID still not processed, sadly)

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I wouldn't worry too much about writing your opinion on anything. You can't get in trouble for that. Announcing intent to do something bad might be asking for a visit, but hey, I hear they are friendly.

If you want to drive them crazy, just type stuff like "Flea bomb the white house at the end of the street."

(Hi guys!)

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Thanks for registering.  Email me (marla @ zero hedge . com) and I will see what happened with your reg.  :)

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Who has the dirt on this CNBC anchor and a taxi cab trist? What's the story, dying to know...

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The reality is that many of us are now receiving real insight from some key blogs / websites.  Sites such as CR and Naked Cap. kept me sane in 2007 when it was convincing that the jig was up.  The sad truth, MSM, is that many of us now FIRST look beyond your reporting in search of what is really occurring.  Most seem trained to listen to whoever Washington / Wall Street puts up despite a record suggesting incompetence and/or crime.  How long this lasts remains to be seen.


Perhaps this era will be referred to the age of BS where the pitch, the scripted persona, the club backing forms the basis for leadership.  We all are ultimately responsible for pissing away the benefits provided by those that preceded us.  With good fortune, we will recognize the errors in our way and go back to true substance and substance of character.

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word up

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Excellent letter. We can hope that "they" take the time to read same.

Although I have my doubts as their minds are small. A waste of human flesh. I stopped

listening to the news and reading newspapers back around 1975. I

felt it was garbage then and it just continues to get more worthless.

All I ever wanted was facts...not their opinions. It's just a show. Useless

"breathers" in that camp, I feel. Waste of my time. I might add that

with regard to trading, my experience over the years has been to

"fade" whatever they have to say. Even back then, one learned that

"they" are not out to help you....but to fleece you. Are not the anchors

nothing more than "prostitutes" for the back office content. They get paid to lie...some may not

realize they are lying, but others do know. What kind of moral

character is that? Yes, they are dying. They did it to themselves. Good!!! This

country would probably be a better place without them. Have a great weekend everyone!!

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"This problem is intended to determine if you are a machine- or not sufficiently intelligent (or determined) to participate at Zero Hedge."

Wooooooo Hooooooooo! I made it. The only problem is that if I made it, then so did the rest of you. That's scary. I'm leaving as I will never join a group that would have me as a member.

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I doubt half of you pricks that don't like the "finacial news" don't even invest any of your own money. If you did, I'd highly doubt there'd be all this hate. Also, how can you say that Fox is worse than CNN? It's the same shit. Oh, wait. Ya'll are ignorant democrats, that's why. If you guys want change, parodies and trying to start "blog wars" isn't how you should go about it. Maybe you're just adding to the problems. Hello? Jackasses!

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anon 14416,


What is this "finacial news" of which you write?  Any relation to:

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sorry for the rage. i just learned that guys have two testicles.

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Anonymous speech is more than not being a crime, it is a fundamental right.

CNBC supporters can post here anonymously. Use your rights ! If you don't do, that's your problem.

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Black Swan Radio with an I Ching quote (wilhelm/baynes translation)?


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Great job gang, 5/5.  Made me think of Common Sense.  Instead of declaring independence from a foreign power, you have proclaimed your independence from the MSM and their perceived control of what news "is."

You guys are at the tip of the spear in the r3VOLution.  They are fighting you now not knowing you have already won the game.  Keep up the great work.


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Just can't resist:


"Internet killed the video star,

Internet killed the video star."



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Marla reminds me somehow of this 'reporter', kicking ass.

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Nice shot across the bow!  Hell yeah. 


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Here Here !! Power to the people !!

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anonymity means, with multiple personalities, i don't have to pick one.

ok, anonymous will stop posting here now. what got me started was the self-righteous indignation of the letter.

anonymous out.

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You’re the Suckers!!  I’m all in.  Screw fundamentals, thirty-five percent run up in 10 days, who cares, I'm playing the "GRID LOCK TRADE" per CNGE's advise… See YOU at the BANK! 

Got to run.  Obama is speaking AGAIN – I never miss.  “Remember Race is NOT the issue” … got it. 

Pills please! 

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Regarding anonimity and related matters:


There are no secrets in Wall Street, especially with the advent of the Internet.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about coming from security folks:


On The Internet, There Are No Secrets