The Oracle Of Oppenheimer

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If CNBC is wondering whom to invite to its highly objective and oh so critical news dissemination service, they should take a long hard look at Oppenheimer's Brian Belski.

Feb. 28, 2010 (Bloomberg) -- “Rising oil prices simply do not have the shock value they once possessed” for U.S. consumers, according to Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer & Co.

After all, Belsky has an impeccable oracular record.

Nov. 8, 2007 (Bloomberg) -- The decline in technology stocks today is an "overreaction'' and investors should buy shares of technology companies because they are undervalued, Merrill Lynch& Co.'s U.S. sector strategist Brian Belski said.

We look forward to Belski's appearance on nanosecond Fast Money.

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it is just plain crazy†

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I'm sure he'd put a buy rating on sand at the beach.

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Just because the media has obviously direct to pay NO attention to gasoline rocketing up to an average of $3.30 does not mean theres no shock on the street! Amazing isnt it, in years past when gas went up, it was breathlessly reported by the media, and congress jumped in to demand investigations of oil companies, 'price fixers' nothing but crickets chirping. 

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I highly recommend this guy's advice, to wit:

The finish line, 2001:

* The Dow: 12,500

* The Nasdaq: 4,200

* The S&P 500: 1,675

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The guy's "title" says it all.

Chief Market Strategist = Sell-side Marketing Director

Without even looking at his pathetic track record, his credibility is already zero.

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How does a nit like that get a promotion from sector analyst to Chief Investment Strategist???  Say's something about the quality of Oppenheimer as a firm......would you have your money run by these nits????????????  Not I.

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Even I, the long suffering Cdad and ardent watcher of this slow motion broadcast network train wreck...can barely watch the Blow Horn [CNBC] anymore.  The network should simply sell ALL broadcast hours of the day to financial service their supposed news segments are simply booked solid with book pitching long shills of the industry anyway.

The utter lack of skepticism is even driving me nuts these days...which probably means that it is nearing time to go ahead and play whack-a-mole with Comcast shares...for their complete inaction in trying to restore some credibility to this broadcasting midget.  I recommend weekly monitoring of the Blow Horn's [CNBC] simply laughably bad ratings as good medicine for those, like me, who simply cannot look away.

Unbelievable where we are in this country...spoon fed this phony economic nonsense 24 hours a day.


Additional:  Just how Bob Pisani has not literally died of shame over his sell out...his selective ear, hedge fund rumor rebroadcasting efforts conducted well beyond me.  I feel like I am dying of shame for him. 

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To be fair, technology (as represented by the QQQQs) is up from Nov, 2007.


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Feb. 28, 2010 (Bloomberg) -- “Rising oil prices simply do not have the shock value they once possessed” for U.S. consumers, according to Brian Belski, chief investment strategist at Oppenheimer & Co



This is because people are skinnier now and don't want/need as much food as in the past.


Though, in another context . . .the unemployed don't have to drive to work.


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Instead of a Like button can we just have a button labeled 'this guys an idiot (too)'?. There are too many of them to comment all the time on the absolute stupidity of these people, but I would happily click a link to show my contempt. Or maybe multiple checkboxes, including one saying too rich and out of touch.  And one saying narrow minded enough to mistake his personal position for that of the general population.


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Same type of hubris from Barc. Can't wait their payroll guestimate this time. Last time it was something like 500-600k  and we got what, 36K...

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Oh Meridith, Oh Meridith

Wherefore art thou, Meridith?

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The guy is, to use a term created by Seinfeld, a Mimbo - male bimbo.

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A pairing of Belski and Birinyi could be the next Rowan and Martin. Or more appropriately, the sell-side version of the prestidigitating duo of Penn & Teller.

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Anyone recognized the correlation between US recessions and the number of Sun spots? Click here:

"Anzahl der Sonnenflecken (4-Monats-GD)" means: Number of Sun spots, running 4-month means. The complete article in German:

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i gotta tell ya i'm rather fond of the word 'oracular'

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shock value reaction to high oil prices indeed!!! i lived through the oil shocks of the 70's. we are still stuck in the same mess, depending on a critical resource from the most unstable part of the planet. where is the outrage? have the oil companies hijacked the national interest and replaced  it with their own? they probably buy guys like Brian Belski to say stupid things like “Rising oil prices simply do not have the shock value they once possessed”